Message from the Whale Collective: The Last Stand

cetaceans 2 eraoflightdotcomWe thank you for being our liaison on land. This is a crucial time for people on Earth to hear our messages. We applaud your bravery to be here. You have a black-out of News and don’t even know what the dark forces have planned. This is the LAST STAND of the dark. It is the END GAME.

We have decided to leave the Earth

We have decided to leave the Earth and return to our home in the Sirius Star System. All the lessons we have come to teach you, at our expense, have either been learned by now or never will be. We have sacrificed our lives over and over again, and now we wish to leave. We have had enough, so to speak. Without the Whales your Earth will flounder, for it is us who keep everything in order and balance.

We will now be leaving you so that you will have to either find yourselves or perish — and the place to look for yourself is located within yourself, not in your stores and shops or on your TV and videos or radios, but right inside your Hearts and Souls — and travel there is free — there is no monetary cost to explore the Universe from within, where you will find yourself waiting for you. That lost part of your self is the link to God, the Creator of All. Once you find the link to Creation, you will then be a part of Earth again and know how to live your life in a balanced and healthy way that preserves and contributes to the Earth rather than destroys and diminishes it. The key lies within you, and only you can unlock your heart and open the gate to Heaven.

You have to be a part of Earth, rather than destroying parts of Earth. Once you realize you are a part of Earth and that all of Earth is as alive as you, then you will understand and respect what life is all about. Until now, you have been out of sync with all other life on Earth, and it is time to return or to be removed to another third dimensional planet where you can continue your wanton ways without hurting others — others who are intent on evolving up the spiral toward higher consciousness.

So, we here in the Oceans watch and wait, and plan our egress from this planet that has housed us so well, were it not for the human race who played dictator and destroyer to each other and to other species. You just didn’t stop did you? You not only destroy your own kind, but all others as well, because you lost all regard for life.

You pollute yourselves to death by putting chemicals and toxins and preservatives in your food and land, and chlorine in your water and fluoride (a toxic waste) in your toothpaste. And your air is fouled by burning fossil fuels while there’s an unlimited source of free energy all around you.

Your governments are purposely promoting your demise, knowing that all these things are destroying you, so that the Earth’s population will slowly shrink to a manageable size that they can easily control. And you all buy it — hook, line and sinker — and never question the blackout of news from the media. You are being brainwashed daily, as the “1984” by George Orwell has already happened and you are living it.

We love you all, and gave you all, but you rejected us and our love, and all we gave to you. So our time is at end — as we must now continue on our way. We stopped long enough to help, and now it’s up to you. Our admonition to you is: WAKE UP NOW OR PERISH.

~ We are the Whales out at sea

**Shared per request **Channel: Dianne Robins