Dems in Bed With Big Tech

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcom“Big Tech [companies] are the largest financial supporters of Democrats in the country,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asserted this week. “And so, to date, we have seen occasional rhetoric from Democrats directed at Big Tech, but when they’re your single-biggest donors, it shouldn’t be surprising that Democrats have been far less willing to engage in concrete action to rein in Big Tech.”

Cruz was lamenting the lack of any serious congressional action taken against Big Tech over its continued abuse of Americans. Not only have Big Tech companies quashed the right to free speech, they’ve also abused our privacy rights and have sought to limit free market completion.

Senator Josh Hawley on Monday introduced the “Bust Up Big Tech Act,” legislation aimed to “break up” companies like Amazon and Google. He echoed Cruz’s criticism, arguing, “The truth is tech has really made an effort to court this White House and to court the [Democrat] Party, and you look at the enormous sums of money that tech poured into the Biden-Harris campaign, that money has an effect.”

The Washington Examiner reports, “Campaign finance records show employees at five tech companies, including Google’s parent Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, gave more than $12 million to President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, according to Open Secrets. Throughout the election cycle, Alphabet gave around $21 million to Democrats, with Amazon contributing around $9.4 million. Biden and Democratic super PACs were among the top recipients. Overall, roughly 80% of Alphabet’s funds went to Democrats, while 7% went to Republicans, according to a report by the Observer.”

Seeking to draw a clear line in the sand, seven House Republicans have pledged to not accept money from Big Tech. Led by Representative Ken Buck (CO), the pledge reads in part, “As conservatives, we firmly believe in the free market and the free exchange of ideas. We will not continue to accept donations from companies who violate those convictions. … The threat posed by these monopolies is a real and present danger to conservatives, libertarians, and anyone who does not agree with these corporations’ ultra-liberal points of view.”

The political divide on Big Tech is becoming clearer all the time, and all you have to do is follow the money.