Ashian: How to Live a 5D Life

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomAshian: The superimposed matrix of your planet has been fear; every institution on your planet was designed around fear ~ creating it, spreading it, perpetuating it. This is no more. Look through the veil and you will see that the veil has disappeared. You are free of the fear-programming.

J: That sounds great and my head gets it, but I’ll be honest, I still find myself doing things I know are old patterns. How do I/we get past that?

A: First notice it, then bless it. What is not of the light is dissolved by the light. Open the door into a darkened room and the light floods in, the shadow does not flood out. And be patient with yourself. This is millennia old… you are looking for immediate change.

Change will come quickly, through the use of light and light-techniques, but it can take time, as you assimilate and embody the new light codes, vibrations and grids within your physical vessels.

J: Thank you. That makes sense ~ but you can see how we are running out of patience down here.

A: Yes. And we have waited millennia for this, so perhaps there is something we may share with you about patience!

J: Hmmm (said she, abashedly!)

A: It is not to shame you, but to put your experience into perspective, to provide you with a little breathing space, because ‘much’ of humanities impatience is ego-driven, not soul-driven. The soul is beyond time and is experience-focused, therefore time does not matter, experience matters more. When you are in the experience of something, you lose all sense of time because you too are experience-focused, when you are in your divine flow.

You are soon to gain your freedom in a most unexpected way. While that will come as a harsh shock to many, those of you who have waited for this and prayed for this moment stand ready to come into service in the way that best reflects you and your unique skills. You will each become aware of what it is that you are here to do and be ~ how you have chosen to assist at a soul level.

We do not say that this will be easy, because many will resist and wish to remain asleep, others will be so panicked they risk drowning the rescuer in the panic.

You, light workers, are to learn balance. The process of righting millennia of wrongs will not be achieved overnight, but it will be achieved quickly nonetheless. In a brief decade you will be amazed at the world you have created.

But in that decade, you need to find balance. Work with love, create with joy, share with passion. But do not feel that you have to slave, that you need to martyr yourself for the cause of others, or suffer because others are suffering. NO!

You are to show the pathway, how to stand in balance and help with poise, with love, with generosity ~ respecting yourself, your creativity, your sacred divinity, your time, your energy ~ as much as you respect those you assist. You are the role models of new society.

It is not what you do, it is how you do it. The means are the ends.

If you look after the process, the outcomes will be assured and blessed. Do one act of kindness with genuine love, not ten seemingly kind acts with no care and compassion. Bring your heart to your tasks, one by one, as you encounter them through your day.

Allow your focus and compassion to be on the present moment activity or non-activity; in this way you make your life sacred and each act you undertake becomes a sacred act, an offering to the Divine from the Divine.

You are the pathway, you are the light-bearers, you are the teachers. You are the love. You are the light. You are the Divine. And when you realise that, you awaken Heaven on Earth.Slow your day down. You do this by becoming aware of each moment, as much as you can. It is a discipline, it takes practice, but it is the method that allows you transcend time and move into the 5D, because it brings you into the eternal now moment.

When you slow down, you notice the care – or lack of care – that you bring to everything that you do. Care for yourself in your now moment beingness. If you are rushing, then move quickly, but not with stress. If you are angry, then notice the infringement on your beingness with kindness, not revenge.

These are the skills of 5D beingness. You have been practicing them all along. Now it’s time to use them ~ in your every now moment.

We are with you. We love you and we bless you for all that you are achieving in being in your now moment.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021