Global Sisterhood: Full Moon in Scorpio, Death and Rebirth

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomWhen we look at our beautiful Earth, we experience seasons, cycles, and an interconnected web of intelligent signals communicating with one another. We see through nature the constant process of death and rebirth, shedding and renewal.

In the west, the word “death” has a negative reputation because it is seen as an ending; however, in many parts of the world, it is celebrated because only with death can newness emerge.

It could be said that our collective subconscious fear of death has influenced western values – causing us to hold onto things unnecessarily long, making us afraid of change, and having difficulty letting go with the natural timing of things – and and has potentially been part of the reason we live in disharmony with nature and each other.

A life well-lived is full of micro-deaths or transformations that get us closer to the truth of who we are.

And really, the power of the Earth and the feminine essence is about constant transformation and evolution.

In order to transform, we must know when it is time to let something go, or die, in order to be reborn..

In this great moment of global change, women are rising up to be new archetypes of leaders, and this is why the Global Sisterhood Movement exists.

We are here to support one another in de-conditioning outdated worldviews and patterns, so we can express ourselves fully as an embodied stewards of our earth and humanity.

It is time that we look to Mother Earth herself for inspiration on how to live interconnected, whole, harmonious in our variety.

It’s time to move away from “sameness” and into respect and reverence for our diversity.

While many of us are faced with fear and uncertainty in these changing times on Earth, our resistance to allowing ourselves to die to be reborn can cause more suffering.

If we learn to detach, let go, and train ourselves to be more comfortable in the “in-between phase” we can release what is no longer serving us and surrender to the intelligence of life to help something else be reborn in its place.

This is challenging and triggering because the beliefs, habits, and ways of looking at ourselves and the world are deeply imprinted within our psyches.

It is also challenging because letting go usually means acknowledging things that are hard or uncomfortable.

All of our beliefs were created for good reason. Our brilliant minds and bodies created a whole framework for which to see ourselves and the world to protect us.

Yet, as we know… there comes a time when we must let go of some of the old protective mechanisms and step into a new dimension of ourselves.

  • Ask yourself…
  • What in your life isn’t satisfying you?
  • What feels stuck?
  • What beliefs or habits are you holding on to that are keeping you from transforming?
  • What is ready to die?

If you suffer from a low sense of self-worth, you may take it upon yourself to think that you have been doing something wrong because certain things in your life aren’t working.

But we are here to tell you that you’ve been doing something RIGHT.

As we grow and evolve, we are able to uncover another layer of the pain we are shedding in our lives so that we can reach greater heights of joy, pleasure, fulfillment, and liberation.

Even though it can be tempting when doing deep shadow work, to judge ourselves…

This is not what we recommend.

You are worthy of compassion.

In fact, it’s essential that you offer it to yourself.

In this exploration of death and rebirth, we invite you to be gentle and sweet.

Treat yourself like the young person that you are inside.

Be loving and extend to yourself more than you ever have.

This is what ushers in the letting go (or death) of what is no longer serving, and what ushers in the rebirth.

With love,
Lauren Walsh, Shaina Conners & the Global Sisterhood Team