Mira of the Pleiades: Your Achievements

Thank you for letting me talk to you master. Because of your great deeds in the Universe, much will go faster with the preparations regarding the revelations to the people. It has already started with some channeling from different creatures from many star systems and the people are quite ready for more revelations. In addition, it will be a distraction that takes away the focus on Covid and the vaccinations.

As you know, we work a lot in the Alliance on Earth and in the Universe to fight the dark, which thankfully has decreased significantly since your last achievement against the planet of the dark. It was necessary. It stood against Earth and their planet and it became their downfall, but these dark planets still rule many planets in other galaxies and the Universe. There are millions of creatures fighting for their planets and not being eliminated by the dark ones. You masters are appointed to help with this work together with the galaxies and other lightworkers, make these dark with their terrible methods disappear for good. We have high hopes for this with your knowledge of these dark from previous experiences in battle, we will win this war. The light, the love that you light workers send to these creatures is also an effective weapon. They do not survive in the light and its effects.

We are so incredibly dependent on you and all the other lightworkers in your amazing work for our Lord, but also for the galaxies in their war against the dark. Your light to all of us in the Universe is crucial to how we will cope with this massive war. We depend on your strong light, love and compassion that the dark can not understand. They perish instead.

We really want to thank the people and above all you lightworkers for your fantastic patience, courage and love for bringing the truth to all of us in the Universe and also on Earth. Without you people, light workers, we would not be able to do as well and quickly as everything is going now. We love you and we love to work with all of humanity because you are our brothers and sisters.

Mira from the High Council of the Pleiades,

Many thanks. In loving service. I am.

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Inger Noren