Archangel Michael: Week One Warrior Group Results

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomI am Archangel Michael, at your service.

This week’s efforts saw definite changes in energetic levels in the region in question: the Middle East. We focus on what is going on behind the scenes, and expect to see what is going on at your intellectual levels to change.

There was fighting this week in the Middle East between rival countries, however we expect that to change shortly. Amnesty is being sought and a mediator is stepping in to help broker peace in this region.

Our interest in this region is the portals and pockets of underground hideaways for many of the negative alliance and for this reason we will continue to ask you to focus your energies this coming week on this area as well.

It is a hot spot in earth’s geography, with its history being chaotic as well. It is not for no reason the Christ was born to this region, he sought to bring peace even back then, and it has been a trouble spot for as long a time as his history has been given to your people.

The Middle East is a pinnacle point in your world’s energetic systems and to claim it for the Light is our eventual goal. Its chakra point, at the pyramids in Egypt, is the fifth chakra, which aligns with the fifth dimension. To claim this for the Light and to reverse all negative energies being produced there will help those on earth immensely in their ascension.

Might I suggest to those meditating this week to radiate blue light from the throat chakra in the direction of the Middle East. This is energy most suitable for this area of the world, and would support it in the highest manner.

Thank you.

I remain,

Archangel Michael.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart