Judas Iskariot: Immediate Future

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I want you to listen really carefully to what I have to say. It is so, my dear friends, that you are facing a decision, a decision that applies to your immediate future. You can either take a big step into the bright future that you are inevitably on your way to, or you can take a detour there. Which choice you make depends on how well you are in your own heart. I am not saying that everyone needs to be, but that a large part of the population should be in their heart, for the ship to take a leap forward on a great wave of compassion and love.

How much love is in your hearts? It is enough and will be left over even to those who least deserve it, according to your way of seeing and understanding the situation. Love needs to flow on the planet today, as well as hope and faith, the trust and belief in yourself and the higher energy of wisdom and love that surrounds you. Listen inwards and follow the advice you get there, it is more important today than it has ever been in your previous lives. It is now that you need to understand which direction you are going, and it is even more important to follow that advice today than it has been before. N have your free will, dear Earthlings, use that will wisely now. Use your common sense and do everything to make you feel as good as possible. You need your strength now and you need your common sense. What does your common sense tell you to do? What is the logic of what you are doing right now? Does it make sense, or does your soul whisper to you that there is a better way to relate to this situation, or that it is better to do this in a different way. Dare to take this step that the soul shows you to go. It is for your and your fellow human beings’ sake that the soul often shows with all its hand today, the soul is eager and wants to show the path that leads to the light the fastest. The light that now shines with a clearer flame over the Earth and urges you to take it into your hearts and let the spark turn into a fire that fills you with hope, faith and love.

It is important that you hear your inner voice now, many of you can hear it clearly. Let go of fear and find the courage to follow the path that your soul whispers to you to go. This cannot be repeated often enough, because it is so important that you listen to yourself now. Mother Earth needs everyone’s clear consciousness and reason today. She needs all your love. She needs all the compassion that can be achieved between her kingdoms today. Mother Earth protects all living things that exist and have existed on Earth now and since time immemorial. Mother Earth is the love that surrounds you together with Father God, the source of all that is.

You have many who now help you to move forward to the light that lives within you. The treasure is within you, dear Earthlings, find it and your happiness is made. It will only give you joy and love. There is a well to pour out of which never ends. Listen inward and follow your own guide and you will walk the nearest road to a never-ending well of freedom and love.

May happiness and love stand by you.

Much love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg