The Choice, Waking Up

holding hands love eraoflightdotcomI had an interesting conversation this morning and during this conversation what came up, is how much people’s lives have been and are being affected in some form or another, since the Global Lock-downs.

It has indeed affected everyone, whether they are aware of it or not and if you are totally honest with yourself, you are simply not the same person you were three months ago, never mind a year ago!

All of this has woken up souls in the highest degrees and to me the choice now presented is to buy into the suffering and pain of the Old Earth, or to truly allow yourself to be transfigured and lifted beyond the Old into the New Earth and thus new embodiment.

Yet the process of the New Embodiment indeed is not something which is occurring overnight.

I went through intense energetic changes and upgrades again in the last week and I am being told this will continue and that I need to take out more time to rest and allow my physical body to catch up. During this time, especially on Saturday, when I was called to do immensely powerful Energy work with the Crystal Pyramids and Crystal Pyramids grids and the spinal column of the Earth and indeed, the spiraling energy.

During this process I was shown so much as I downloaded so much information, and I am so excited about what is coming, as I am being shown.

Such potent energy is now being released with the New Earth establishing itself now, and with its energetic changes, we are being lifted beyond anything known before.

Anyone who tries to cling onto the old in whatever form and way will find life will become even more challenging. Especially when steeped in fear.

There needs to be a deep and total break with the old life and thus the old ways, for all is disintegrating, for it is meant to disintegrate.

I was told a long time ago, that many souls will exit the planet during this time, mostly because their soul contracts are fulfilled, or because they choose to do so.

Many souls will go through the transfiguration, and indeed step fully into their new light bodies and much higher frequency life and existence. Some souls will indeed go through the transfiguration and then choose to leave the planet and step into the fullness of their mastery elsewhere.

Indeed, there are so many hidden blessings, and the greatest of these blessings, is indeed the blessing to fully embrace the Divinity within oneself.

Souls can now attain mastery in the highest degrees, without needing go through the death process and indeed can be transfigured into the New Life.

What a time to be alive and on planet earth!

This does not mean that one will not be challenged, nor that is will just be an easy ride – it simply means that one will start operating from a much higher frequency band, and thus not allow oneself to be pulled back into the quagmire of the Old world. The worst is indeed fear in any form or expression thereof.

The New is here and rising prominently to the fore and indeed – it is time to shed the old garments of the Old Earth, and to dress in the New Garment of Glory, as the New Golden Age unfolds in all its splendor, harmony and unity.
All is indeed being transfigured.

What a gift!

What a sublime gift!

Judith Kusel