Great Divine Director: Welcome to a Brand New Day

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomDear ones, we join you, again, on a brand new day for humanity and for your little planet, Earth. Do you feel any different? Does anything that you see look different? Probably not, unless you are open to the awareness that something has changed. That something is someone ~ you!

You have changed, although your physical senses have not quite communicated that knowledge to your mind in a comprehensive fashion as yet. It will, when it figures out that the old ways of perceiving the world around you no longer are valid. It must and will adjust and begin to see the new world which you have now entered with new eyes, eyes that are enhanced with inner vision and wisdom of your soul and monad.

You are now entering or re-entering the world from which you emerged as spirit, as an ephemeral being of “mind” stuff and entered a fetus at or just before birth. What has been true or believed to be true in the physical world is now in the processing of morphing before your senses.

And it is not so true that the physical world has changed; it is that you are now able to expand your perception (or will be soon!) beyond what was able to enter into your awareness through your limited physical senses.

No longer will you be limited to five senses (hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell), but these senses will be enhanced and enlarged to what has been considered psychic senses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and intuition). You will no longer be dependent on those avenues of the five senses to perceive and judge what is going on around you.

You will begin to “wake” up to the fact that your physical senses have been limiting, rather severely, your perception of what is really all around you, now. You are in the process of expanding, of becoming more of what you truly are, an extension or part of creation. You will soon discover that you are not limited to existing within the interior of your skin; that you are not and never have been limited to a single body.

You are part and portion of Source that has taken on an individualized awareness so you might experience God as being God, so that you might experience All That Is as being first separate and now unified with your awareness.

Source is always changing and expanding, and as such, desires to experience those portions of itself by temporarily feeling separate from it. Such an experience is now ending and the cycle of return to an awareness of wholeness is beginning.

If our words confuse your mind, feel them in your heart. You have never truly been separate from Source and from each other; it was only a temporary state of feeling separation so you might know for Source what it feels like. Now that it has experienced the state of separation, Source desires to flow with the cycles and move into unity.

Within this Universe, all is now in motion to begin that dance of unity, with the web of love, to re-unite and flow together. The cycle is vast and this Universe is but one among many. You have much “time” to experience new worlds, but first you must open to a new way of experiencing your own individualized awareness of the world around you. First you must open to each other, as brothers and sisters with one and another, and with all life that surrounds you within your environment.

We know that with the opening of your new senses and a renewed sense of connection that you, as a people, as humanity, will begin to understand that you are truly connected to your planet. You will intuitively understand with your heart and finally, understand with your mind, that you are dependent on your mother, the Earth, for your sustenance as a foundation of your physical existence.

You are also dependent on each other, as human beings, for company, support and community as you move forward and reclaim your precious mother and begin to clean up and repair the damage that has been done to her in your moments of collective delusion.

Did you think that you could escape to some other beautiful world when you have nearly destroyed this one? No. You need to understand that each of you has a responsibility to work with the planet, to find ways, new ways to renew and allow healing to be accomplished. With the gifts that will be unfolding within each of you, we know that you will discover new and even old ways of being that are much more healthy for your own bodies and that of the earth.

You will re-discover and use technology that has been long suppressed by those who did not wish to work with the remainder of humanity, with those who deemed themselves somehow special and different. You are all special, but you are all members of the human race and inhabitants of a precious water world of unparalleled beauty, which will once more take her place as a living jewel of the Universe in which you all are a part.

There is much healing to be done between disparate brothers and sisters, but soon enough you will find that you can no longer use the games of polarity and duality; you will come together, you must come together as one people, one being and part of the universe and creation that surrounds you.

Know that as your awareness, inner and outer, expand, that you will truly sense and begin to understand and “see” the connections that already exist between each of your physical bodies. You are not separate beings; you have never been separate beings, but have long lived in a state of thinking that you are separate.

Your thoughts have been mirrored back to you through your feelings of being separate, open to being hurt and harmed by “others”. There are no others that exist separate from your own individualized awareness. That awareness will be undergoing a huge expansion until there is an understanding, intuitive and cognitive, of the reality of your unity and connection to each other and all life.

Much change lies before you in this new world into which you now find yourself. Your friends and neighbors, perhaps those who you once saw as enemies may all appear to be unaware of the changes going on within, but we tell you that they are. There is an appearance of chaos in the world because this inner awareness is coming forward within the thoughts and consciousness of all humanity.

Foundations, laws, institutions and ways of being once thought to be unchanging and immutable are now being discovered as being rigid, unforgiving and unable to adapt to suit the changing world. As the minds and hearts of humanity expand, these institutions will change or disappear. New ways of being and living will come forward; all will be in a state of flux for some time as you go forward into a brave new world of unity and love.

It is up to each of you to open to the new energies that are all around you. Plants and animals are instinctively a part of these energies; they never left the world of nature, of connection, love and light. There will be changes in the appearance of your world as it adjusts to the expansion of your energies and awareness for your consciousness is a vital part of this world.

It is your thoughts that give form to what you see and experience around yourself. Change your thoughts and the perceptions of those thoughts and you will change your world. You are capable of far more than you currently believe. You are more than you currently believe; in time your perception will expand to incorporate greater expansion of awareness as you move beyond reliance upon the limitations that have been formerly your experience in the lower three dimensional plane.

Now, as you move into the fourth dimension and beyond, your senses will naturally expand and your experience will change. Be willing to open to those changes and to trust in the process.

Listen within to your guides, to your heart. Reason with your mind, but do not seek to limit yourself to what you have known before. You will be able to expand your knowledge by tapping into the vastness of Divine Mind. As you learn to trust, you will be able to know what you need to know when you need to know it because there will be no more limitations existing in this new world unlike your limited beliefs and conditioning from the old world.

There will be a period of adjustment that is necessary before you are able to navigate confidently through this great new world, but we know you find much to discover, much to amuse and delight your senses and much to share with each other.

Go with our love. We are ever in your heart of hearts, within the eternal Now.

Thank you,

Great Divine Director!

**Channel: Eliza Ayres

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