Solar Consciousness Integration

sunny outcomes eraoflightdotcomWe are immersed in a passage in which we are receiving a massive influx from our Solar Consciousness. Frequencies that are able to enter into our current planetary timeline as the result of the rehabilitation of the Christos or Solar Consciousness, that started a few years ago, and that is allowing us to enter into the process of solar synthesis. A process that begin by understanding that within this infinite Solar Consciousness there is no polarization, and therefore what many of us are embodying at the moment, is both the sophianic-feminine essence and the Christ-masculine one, For both are held within these frequencies, for all lives in unity and it is only within our human plane that we separate what in truth originates from the same Source.

When we put the emphasis into only one aspect of Creation, then we continue fomenting polarization. At the moment, many, especially by physically reuniting in specific planetary stargate locations, such as Egypt, Stonehenge, Uluru, to set just some examples of the many locations where group souls are gathering for the purpose of brining more planetary healing, are doing a wonderful task anchoring the sophianic female and the Christos codes, as it is about bringing synthesis, restoration, into ourselves and the Planet.

This is a process that begin by clearing egoic layers, healing all distortions, delusions and other human programs, whether self-created or imposed, and begin the endless process of self-unification, for this is something that will not cease, until we reunite, as One, again.

To be able to carry on with this inner work, first we need to become fully aware, and what is more important, detached from the 3D tactics, and the massive manipulation intent that is currently taking place in our Planet, with lower purposes. As you know, there is a war over consciousness, since eons ago, with the aim of controlling us, so they can continue feeding of our power.

This is why it is so important to go within and recognize human illusion, and the fear programs that are being inserted upon all of us, to be able to detect the truth that resides behind the many lies, which is the planetary expansion in consciousness that is actually taking place.

An expansion that in an astrological level, we are also seeing, as Jupiter in Pisces confirms us since tomorrow May 13th that we are indeed heading into a more compassionate state of being. This is a time for us to dive deep into spirituality, into all life’s mysteries and into anything that we desire to deepen, finding the truth and what will help us in regaining more wisdom and clarity. A time to continue embodying higher levels of compassion, for those who are choosing differently, and for everyone who, in their unique way is trying to evolve, the best they can.

A time for soul reunions, for soul groups coming together to co-create on Earth, what they, on a soul level, pre-planned, before their incarnation. It is indeed, depending where we all are, a time of profound recognition, with ourselves, with others who too walk close to us in this journey, and to above all, in any way we choose, to continue acting as love conduits.

Serving humanity is mainly done through the conscious choice of beginning our own self-healing process, for if not we could not totally free ourselves of all that cannot coexist anymore with our choice. After this inital step, we first serve by being who we are and acting with integrity and compassion, at all times.

There is no need to move into a specific location, if this is not your direct guidance. There is no need of complicated rituals or pushing yourself to be and do more. With being yourself is enough, for you are equally valuable, Divine and precious than any other being who have chosen a different mission.

All missions are equal, for as long as all of them are made within Divine Love is all it takes for you to be a New Earth’s seeder, anchoring a more illumined way of living that begins by yourself. That is all it takes to be a consciousness’ seeder, as we all are extensions of God Source, and there is nothing or anyone more special within Creation.

Thanks to all who are reuniting, anchoring and hence building a new harmonic timeline, for it is by your daily and conscious effort that we are finally moving into a new harmonic space.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba