Benjamin Fulford Full Report: World Military and Intelligence Agencies to Remove Western Civilian Governments

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcom“A decision has been made at the highest echelons of power that the world is just not working,” and a wholesale revamp is needed, according to a senior European royal.  In particular, the ongoing “pandemic is entirely a drug-pushing effort” and means “all of the world’s civilian governments are suspected of engaging in genocide,” according to MI6, CIA, and other intelligence agencies.

To summarize, the world’s military and intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion that Western civilian governments have been hijacked by a satanic cult and need to be removed.

The process is being started off with the removal of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Mossad sources say.  “This particular character is a very difficult one and the only way to remove someone like him is to manage them out,” the Royal Family source said.  The implication is Netanyahu possesses plenty of blackmail insurance and needs to be given certain guarantees in exchange for relinquishing power.  In any case, even Rothschild family-owned propaganda outlets like AP are now reporting his removal.

After the removal of the de facto most senior sitting Khazarian Mafia leader, a campaign will take place over the summer to cleanse most civilian governments, multiple sources agree.  A separate MI6 source located in the Americas confirmed action on the ground saying:

“Something really big is taking place Now.  Senior Members of The Cabal are going down.  Gates is out of the system now.  He has disappeared.  Not a word was spoken about him.  Now it’s Fauci’s turn.  Then, guess who’s next, Matt Hancock, followed by Boris Johnson.  Humanity is waking up.”

These purges will prepare the ground for a complete revamp of post-World War II institutions including the UN and the BIS, the sources say.

“There has been a coalescence among the world’s intelligence agencies because we share a common enemy,” was how the head of MI6 (the real head not the public one) described the situation.  The CIA, which is a consortium run out of Switzerland, agrees, according to senior CIA sources.  These agencies have come to the conclusion that if urgent action is not taken “billions of people will die by the autumn,” the MI6 and CIA sources said.

As a part of this campaign of removal, MI6 has decided to publicly name the person who ordered the murder of Princess Diana Spencer.  This was Baron Robin Butler, a German DVD agent (Deutsches Verteidigungs Dients) who ran the British Civil service from 1988 to 1998, according to MI6.,_Baron_Butler_of_Brockwell

Queen Elizabeth was not involved and had him removed as soon as she found out he was responsible for the murder, MI6 says.  “Diana’s two sons should not be without their mother,” said Queen Elizabeth II.

Furthermore, MI6 says all Cabinet secretaries since WWII have been double agents including Simon Case.

the current cabinet secretary and his predecessor Mark Sedwill.

These men are “both DVD agents and traitors to the United Kingdom,” according to MI6.  These revelations have put Number 10 Downing Street “in a blind state of panic,” the sources said, noting their servers were down.

To summarize: The DVD has been on a massive killing spree ever since World War II that culminated in their seizing of power in the U.S. in the coup d’etat that followed 9.11.  The execution of George Bush Sr. helped put an end to it but the battle is not over yet.  As long as we see the fake Biden presidency show and pandemic pushed in the media, we have to keep fighting.  We are dealing with a cult that has run large parts of humanity literally for thousands of years and they do not plan to go quietly into the night.

The rabbit hole runs very deep.  Basically though, the world’s military and intelligence agencies have finally realized that a cult of Sabbatean Frankist Jews really is trying to kill most of the global population.

They realized the ongoing “pandemic” was “another 9.11 or Fukushima being carried out by these genocidal fanatical lunatics.”

When asked, “how in the name of God did these people seize the world,” a senior European royal said, “The Rothschilds are particularly dangerous people, they are beyond evil.”

As an example of their Mafia-like compromise and control system, the source described an incident where “beautiful children were beheaded in front of a congregation” of elite Australians who had all been drugged.  “All of their faces were recorded so there is a repository of blackmail intelligence,” the source said.  This sort of event has taken place all over the world.  In Japan too, this writer has noted over the years how only compromised politicians are allowed into positions of power.

Furthermore, the Khazarian Mafia plan long-term, making it very difficult for normal humans to comprehend.  For example, “The Rockefellers staged a ritualistic bloodthirsty orgy at the groundbreaking before the World Trade Center buildings were built,” the Royal Family source said.

The incredible extent to which this blackmail and compromise network runs is why a truth and reconciliation process is needed for the people who were unwillingly dragged into this cult.

In any case, the Rothschilds are going to be told to back off and the BIS will be dissolved, the agency sources promise.

The Pentagon is also on the case. According to a senior official:

“Gitmo is operating 24/7 processing detainees.  There are four teams working 6-hour shifts with three persons in the JAG (judge advocate generals) team.  There are currently tens of thousands of prisoners in a multi-level underground prison facility near the Thule, Greenland, U.S. Space Force Base; all Transferred from Gitmo.  Special operations forces and Marines are the only ones being used to make the arrests of the Cabal and their minions.”

He suggested we read between the lines of the article at the link below:

As usual with this space and UFO stuff, believe it when you see it, and even then remain skeptical that it could be a bluebeam psyop.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to note that even here and now real organizations like MI6 are paying attention to space stuff these days. Keep in mind, however, that the cabal has been planning some sort of space opera ever since War of the Worlds caused panic when it was broadcast as a radio show in 1938.

Meanwhile, back on the surface of the planet, we note a continuing descent into anarchy in the US. The following articles are just a few about the dozens of mass shootings now taking place there monthly. The overall crime rate is also skyrocketing. ar-AAKposP?ocid=uxbndlbing

Part of the background to this is the economic collapse. U.S. prices are now rising at the fastest pace in over 30 years, while incomes have seen the steepest decline ever.

No wonder everyone is turning to silver and other precious metals. This has prompted the U.S. Mint to say, As demand for silver continues to outstrip supply, the reality is that not everyone can buy a coin.

BTW, we received this material from Wuhan, China. Could just be an underground gas leak explosion, but if anyone knows any other important details about it, please note it in the comments.

While the situation may seem grim, especially in the US, we also need to look at all the good news that is out there. For example, if you talk to people who actually deal with death for a living, such as funeral directors and life insurance companies, youll find that despite all the pandemic hysteria, no one is dying more than is unusual.

The deadliest pandemic in decades is coming across the globe with lethal mutations that are taking the lives of millions of innocent people, and the life insurance companies can’t seem to wrap their heads around it, notes Jeff Harris. This means that there has been a sea change and all the hysteria about pandemics, etc. is a sign of panic and fear in the old ruling class, not reality. .

The other thing is that we are seeing a revival of wildlife and natural ecosystems around the world. Giant river otters, Tasmanian devils, Siberian lynx, for example, have all been recently identified as greatly expanded.

By and large, a forest area the size of France has been regrown in the last 20 years, creating many habitats for endangered species, especially in the Atlantic forests of Brazil.



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  1. Dennis Richardson

    So much bull shit coming out of London. These guys are certainly being railroaded. No Truth here. Elizabeth did the plotting along with Charles

    1. Misikowaty PL

      I think so too, she didn’t like Diana and her son was cheating on Diana so she had to do something to prevent the truth from coming out

  2. Misikowaty PL

    We in Poland have one man who foresaw many events for which he has documents. The police thanked him more than once for his help, for which he also has documents …
    On the current situation, he said one thing … “Before a large armed conflict, people will be afraid to breathe !!!”

    The hostesses in the EU do not exist, and there are more and more goods and thus services cannot be continued. Governments in the EU sold their nations for a few silver coins, just as Judas handed over Christ, so our governments gave us over !!! God help us and don’t leave us !!!

    1. Daedalus

      Do you mean on Krzysztof Jackowski ? Did he mention something more about this “large armed conflict” ?

      Yes, the EU is collapsing (Im from Croatia) and it wont take long… UK left and what holds many EU countries is merely based on money and fear from losing even more. But once that becomes irrelevant (and it already has to one extent), the charade is over …