General Flynn: “Trump Won The Popular Vote AND He Won The Electoral College!”

independent source for news eraoflightdotcomWill the truth finally make it mainstream? Have you noticed that everyone surrounding President Trump is suddenly speaking with incredible boldness and certainty? It is time

No wavering….

No platitudes….

No beating around the bush….

For a while, it felt like people were speaking in code or hinting about things but not coming right out and saying it.

I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the last two weeks where that is no longer the case.

Now people like Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and General Michael Flynn are shouting it from the rooftops as loudly as they can: TRUMP WON!

Here’s the latest, I think you’re gonna love this….

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4 Replies to “General Flynn: “Trump Won The Popular Vote AND He Won The Electoral College!””

  1. jaycee73

    President Trump is still President. Insurrection went in place in January after another assassination attempt on not only him but Melania as well. He’s had double digits on himself alone. Mara-Lago is a winter WH he’s consulting with the military from. He’s been the de facto leader of 209 countries since 2016/17
    Before you knock him, he’s doing his part intended. I pity those that accepted a stolen election. Patriot or not, those pushing 2024, sad, that’s accepting the theft and doing nothing.

  2. Gordon

    I’m not a big trump fan either. But there was fraud and that needs to be fixed for the future elections.

  3. John Sutter

    It doesn’t matter anymore, Trump or Biden they’re both on the same side. We need Trump back in office for what, so he can roll out Operation Warp Speed II? Kill and maim more with his beautiful shot as he called it, his beloved Trumpcine.

    Trump was never on our side.

    1. scotth9510

      Lol when was trump ever on the same side as Joe. If trump decided not to do anything there wouldn’t be any vaccines currently available and I’ve never heard of trumpcine. I’d ask what your political beliefs are but it’s rather obvious.😉