The Pleiadians: Covenant Frequency

Beloved ones we greet you, This month heralds in a sacred Covenant frequency to support you in the rebirth of your multidimensional natural state of fluidity. You are a multidimensional being. Beyond the 3rd dimensional state exists the fluid light of  4th/5th/ 6th dimensional planes of existence. Your natural state is one of being fluid light and within these higher planes aspects of your higher nature exist.

Here is the opportunity for you to reunite within a higher state of consciousness of Self. A sacred framework of light has been established through your Heart. As you connect within your Heart the Framework begins to open outwards and a flow designed in light begins to illuminate the Heart. This brilliance creates an accelerated and a deepening release of the density within the cells of your Heart, shifting out many aspects of the bonds of illusion that you have carried.

Only you can launch yourself from this framework Platform by a conscious choice decision to develop a further connection within your multidimensional Heart. Your Heart is linked to the higher consciousness state of Truth designed to bring you into a returning of remembering.

Over this last month your Heart has been electrically recalibrated to facilitate you anchoring to this higher energetic network now. This whole process is possible through a destiny timing, of the activation of this Covenant.

Your unfolding is dependent on your active choice to claim the doorway of your multidimensional Heart, to come home to yourself.

We witness you as you birth.


The Pleiadians

**Channel: Christine Day


2 Replies to “The Pleiadians: Covenant Frequency”

  1. Russell Eyles

    I really do appreciate your content, I relate to the Pleiadians in my heart, I feel their Love n love their messages. I always look forward to the next one. Love is sent. Russell Eyles.

  2. Geoff Turner

    How do I claim the doorway of my multidimensional heart?

    The whole message builds to this but then there is nothing about how to do it.

    Why are these messages always the same, they tell us new energies are coming in, they tell us we are multidimensional and they tell us our progression is dependent on us doing a certain thing but they never tell us how to do that certain thing.