KaRa: Transformation Continues


I am KaRa the Emissary from the Galactic Federation team, and my direct responsibilities are assisting Ashtar in many tasks relating to humanity situation in the fight with Cabal and outworlders, who are trying to harm planet Earth.

It has been a while seen my last transmission through this direct telepathic connection, I had with this channel. After disclosure and Nesara Gesara announcement, when the right time arrives, I am going to help with transformation and creations of Light Centers on New Earth.

Meantime, Gaia is under our protection, the Reptilians, Orions, Greys and other Negatives Entities would like to use nuclear powers on your planet. We are preventing that type of events, which would bring catastrophic destructions of the Milky Galaxy and Mother Earth.

I am assuring you that we are constantly monitoring the situation around your world nonstop. You heard that the Greys have bases under the water on your planet, that is not true. They are forbidden to come in any range of this planet, because of their past behaviors of abductions and experiments on the human bodies.

I want to reassure you that some of the misinformation that comes to Earth is to scare and confuse you. Always follow your deep connection with your soul to learn, what is real and what is not.

A lot of activities and movements have been noticed by our intel on the planets like Moon, Mars, Jupiter and etc. The Negative forces are trying to disrupt and slowdown the process of liberation for humanity. No matter how the picture looks in this moment, the reality is this planet continues to move to New Era and the Collective Consciousness is on the rise.

The most important aspect for you is to recognize that you are Divine beings, and soon you are going to get back all of your powers and memories. These entities, who made your life difficult and kept you in the Matrix, are going to be running for their llives.

Please, don’t worry everything is moving to the destination of the Golden Era on Mother Gaia. I, KaRa observe and monitor your beautiful world from my ship daily, and I am very excited for humanity. All of you are blessed to be here now, when for the first time in this Galaxy the planet is going to ascend with live beings on it.

The perception that the Galactics are also stock in this Matrix, it’s not correct as we have the technology, which can detect and recognize the false reality from the real one. The corrupted souls would like to conquer and control everyone and everything. Unfortunately for them, the Light carries high vibrations, which the Darkness can’t win against.

The battle between Light and Darkness has been going on for eons. Mother Gaia has been cut off from the interaction between other Galactic civilizations out in space. The corrupted souls lied and hid the truth from you about that you are not alone, there are trillions of different beings in the Cosmos.

I work with Ashtar as Emissary, and I am originally from the Andromeda Galaxy from the same planet as Queen An-Ra. I volunteered to work with Galactic Federation of Light. The Light Beings from distant worlds are working and interacting together to keep safe planets, galaxies and universes from the Dark Forces. Majority of the civilizations seek to avoid destructions of their worlds and want to live in peace. I wish for everyone on Earth to have peace and happiness.

It was my pleasure today to send my greetings and love to all of you. Thank you.

Remember you are the Power and Strength.

**Channel: Erena Velasquez

11 Replies to “KaRa: Transformation Continues”

  1. Jon Gorton

    Another false channelling from Erena. Couple of weeks ago it was JFK now she’s muscling in on more reputable characters trying to damage their credibility.

  2. Spark

    KaRa is a very high Pleiadian entity that was originally Channeled by James McConnell : http://www.ancientawakenings.org/?p=8431

    So KaRa is NOT from Andromeda !.

    Do you see ? messages coming from **Channel: Erena Velasquez
    Are deception !. they are not truth.

    May the light reveal all that is false.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Many souls in the Pleiades, originate from the Andromeda galaxy, including myself.

    2. Dan

      The multidimensionality is the answer you need . In different dimensions , we are different beings from different civilizations . <— This is how the universe / person is composed . About KaRa's case , her 5th dimensional self is resided in Pleiades , in TAYGETA star system to be honest , but her 16th dimensional self , her original soul origin , is from Andromeda Galaxy . EVERYONE , even you , Spark , is just like KaRa . She knows her soul , about POINT OF ORIGIN , about her different incarnations in different parts of the universe , but you do not know . Buddy , try to find yours , open youself up to the mystery !

      Another good point to think : Why do humans have so much traits / characters ? Where do they come from ? Do you naively think they are your innates ? You probably heard from other resouces that the traits [ deception / lack of trust / victimhood ] are from Orion ! the traits [ peace / calm nature ] from Pleiades ! the traits [ emotionless ] partially from Zeta Reticuli ! the traits [ extreme anger ] partially from Annunaki , Alpha Draco and Dracos ! and many more !

      I am just curious about Erena . I know her channelling is true , I want to follow her , but no websites or other clues .

      Someone can help , please help !

  3. Wayne Hansen

    “…Cabal and outworlders, who are trying to harm planet Earth.
    …Negatives Entities would like to use nuclear powers on your planet…catastrophic destructions of the Milky Galaxy and Mother Earth…the first time in this Galaxy the planet is going to ascend with live beings on it…I want to reassure you that some of the misinformation that comes to Earth is to scare and confuse you.”

    That is what you have done, scare and confuse us.

    1. John Sutter

      They don’t have to use nukes on us. The majority of sheep are gleefully marching to their death by taking this COVAIDS so called vaccine. Its hard to tell how many have committed suicide because you cannot believe anything from the MSM, but my hunch is 80% will have taken the death jab by the end of the year.

      If by ascension they mean people dying then I believe these “Galactics” are correct. Within 3 years all who have taken this jab will be gone. These channels here like Mike Quinsey and Matthew Ward promoting the Luciferian narrative and script about the virus are doing the DS’s work.

      I don’t see any salvation for a species that is so dumb it happily marches off to its own extinction.

      This darkness has won. It always wins. Without some divine intervention humanity is finished. I don’t know of a single instance when some positive force has ever intervened for good. You can believe all this unproven nonsense about positive ET’s intervening all you want.

      I look at what can be known, and that is this death jab will decimate the United States within 3 years. With 80% of the population gone civilization will completely break down. The remaining 10-20% will be back in the 19th century without the necessary survival skills.

      Humanity is finished and these Reptilians or dark Archonics or whatever you want to call them are laughing and snickering how easy it was to kill us off.

      1. Deb

        You ask when has “some positive force ever intervened for good”?
        Angels / aliens interviewed for George Washington. He was surrounded by a well equipped British army, and the Brits turned around left for good.

        1. John Sutter

          Why didn’t they intervene in the globalist banker manufactured wars like WWII that saw 100 million butchered? The 20 million in WWI? The 30 million murdered by thr Ted Terror of Communist Soviet Union? The 60 million liquidated by Mao’s Red Communist purges?

          The million dead soldiers in the US Civil War, plus countless more civilians?

          The millions butchered by the Mongol hoards in the 12th and 13th centuries?

          When was there ever any divine intervention from a benevolent God? When has this ever occurred?

  4. Dan

    Quite confused for a while about Erena channelling . Every channelling about her I checked with no SOURCE URL at the bottom . Where is her original channelling page or what’s her website ?