Message from Mother Earth: 3D Earth

3D Earth is crumbling and dying under the weight of oppression, pollution, over-farming, over -fishing, over population, greed, ego and war. Earth has been raped and pillaged by man for centuries and now is the time for change.

It is time for the Earth to return to its roots, so to speak, and to regain its sovereignty. All planets, including Earth, are timeless in nature. Their natural state is one of symbiosis of life and cyclic return. All is in order and works together to maintain its natural rhythm. When all is in balance the status quo is maintained and all life is sustained.

The crumbling of humanity in its 3D state cannot be saved, nor should any attempt be made to do so. Anyone who has not started to awaken or is continuing to resist the call of Ascension will soon reach a point of no return and the choice will no longer be theirs. There has already been a mass exodus of souls returning to their spiritual form with many more to make the transition in the year ahead because the vibrational energies of Ascension are increasing exponentially. Those who have chosen to follow Mother Earth into the New Age will continue to work steadily to reconnect to the Divine consciousness, to bridge the veil of illusion and to choose Oneness over separation. As they do so, they are leaving 3D and 4D behind and creating a new paradigm of positivity, joy, acceptance of differences and zero acceptance of third dimensional behaviour. As the veil lifts, the gap widens and the energies of Ascension can be felt by everyone on Earth.

The old and new ages exist together, not side by side but as one; the new age is now encompassing the ages of the past and bringing the whole world to the higher vibration of Ascension. As it does so it is engulfing the third dimensional world and entombing it; as a tree trunk grows new, outer rings as it gets older, so it is with the energetic layers of Mother Earth. Just as the unconditional love of the Source of Creation encompasses the All, the higher dimensions of ascended consciousness are now leading humanity into the next phase of evolution.

There are many Lightworkers, Wayshowers, awakened and awakening people on Earth who are desperately sending love and healing to the third dimensional world. This is commendable but fruitless because the veil of illusion is still controlled heavily by unseen forces who feed off fear and the disempowerment of others. If you wish to save the world, send it to the Ascended Earth, the outer layer of Divine consciousness that is engulfing and overtaking the dense energies of old. When you send unconditional love and golden light to the crystalline energies of the Mother Earth’s lightbody, you will also be helping awakening and ascending souls to do the same.

I AM Gaia!

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane

**Shared per request

8 Replies to “Message from Mother Earth: 3D Earth”

  1. Ann

    Everything I have read tells me that the timelines are separating (as foretold, the wheat and the chaff), and those that are ascending will stay with Giai as she ascends, and those that are unable to ascend this time around will continue to live in a 3rd dimensional life, on earth or another planet.

    Therefore to ask us not to pray for 3rd dimensional earth and her inhabitants, doesn’t resonate with me and I don’t consider it fruitless. If anything, they need our prayers moreso, and any light we send will weaken the dark forces power over the people.

  2. Franciely Loffler

    Many channels say the 3D version of Earth will continue and others say it will no longer exist. What to believe anyway? This makes me very confused. In fact many channels that claim to be true and are not meant for that, to leave you confused.

    1. vvwmm

      3D will be going on but not on Gaia anymore, there are many 3D planets suit for those who need 3D experience to continue their soul journey, they would leave Gaia and go for their next journey in some 3D time/space of their choice.

  3. Deborah

    I spoke to friend that has a son that is still connected to the ONE at least 95% of the time, they only had rules for functioning in society, not religion or spiritual to-does.
    I asked if he can feel unconnected, he said yes. I asked what does he do? Most often he goes and plays.
    Sounds like he is in the “zone” like when I paint or garden.

  4. John Sutter

    This sounds like it was written by the globalists currently going about the business of murdering 7 billion people. They should add this to the Georgia Guide Stones.

  5. Claudia

    “The old and new ages exist together, not side by side but as one.”

    This is exactly what I am experiencing within me BUT “for my tiny human brain” that´s almost too hard to handle. It´s THE WEIRDEST and at the same time BEST experience ever BUT at the same time I´m so tired of HAVING TO CLAP at what NEVER feeds “ME” (so far). Along the ways I´ve received all kinds of “information” [without proof I must put it in quotation marks] about “THE NEW AGE” but none of it could tell me what I need to know. Except for very brief moments when I am to watch a movie (mostly unspectacular “family movies”) and while observing how people interact I often receive/feel/know that “WE DON´T BEHAVE LIKE THAT”. To see people kissing or (even worse) sexually interacting has become SO “ABSURD” to me and is often accompanied by a loud “YUCK!” (but only internally because ON THE OUTSIDE I´m still playing “being normal”.)

    “Claudia” is the role “I” play while “in fact” I´M “A” MAN on the inside. (“THE BALANCE/UNION” of the divers energies) THIS AWARENESS has grown/come together slowly&piece by piece over the last few years after it had started off with a “BIG BANG” which was great fun and that lasted for some months. Only I didn´t know back then what it meant “TO have to UNFOLD ALL THAT STUFF” THAT GOT DOWNLOADED “on my own”.

    While I got to understand my whole life´s script that I had “followed so bravely” a lot of anger made it´s way thru me. Partly “because of Claudia” – imagine your life had been full of really bad challenges that you BARELY managed to manage and then coming to a point where “YOU HAVE TO REALIZE!” that “You´re (nothing but) THE PUPPET on a string!”.

    Next thing you realize “WHO”/”THAT INNER POWER” IS… WHILE still following your script: Only now you know “THAT SCRIPT” is in charge, which feels like “THE LOSS OF FREE WILL” which of course that´s always been a joke in itself…

    “WHY am I writing all this?” one might (hopefully) wonder. “Claudia” is already flinching because she knows what might be coming. She knows that “IN ORDER TO GET YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS GIVE FIRST” what you want to receive. But she does not yet know what “HER” “WORDS” are capable of and still wonders about the LITERAL meaning of “I AM WORD”.

    “THANX” ERA OF LIGHT for “printing” this.