Blessing Battles – VOLUME III

After your incredibly uplifting response to Blessing Battles – VOLUME I, and its highly celebrated sequel / sibling, Blessing Battles – VOLUME II, it is now my immense pleasure to be bringing to you all the third and final chapter within this grand saga of planet-transforming proportions, Blessing Battles – VOLUME III! So, here we go!!!
Before I begin, a quick reminder (that I even gave in my last article), that these articles are for EVERYONE. People who stay alone, people who stay with their families, people who stay with their pets or plants; you name it. Everyone can use these super-easy tips and tricks to add an INTENSE amount of high vibrational frequencies, positivity, joy, and utter, incomparable bliss to their very lives! So, with that disclaimer being added, it is now finally time to get right into the real JUICE of things!
(We begin with directly with Point #4 today, as Points #1 – #3 have been covered in my previous article itself)
FOUR: BLESSING your KIDS and PETS:: Whoa, categorizing Pets and Kids in the same bullet-point? Blasphemous! In any case, the reason I’ve done this is pretty simple. Neither of them give a damn about your instructions (get roasted, readers!), but BOTH of them WILL, most CERTAINLY, MIRROR YOUR VIBRATION (without even knowing it, mostly).

Read that one once again: Your Kids and your Pets are going to ACCURATELY MIRROR AND REFLECT the very VIBES that you’re consistently giving off, in nearly 99% of the cases. The rest 1% are extremely high-frequency, high-wisdom, star-children or something who would much rather school you instead. (talk about getting schooled by your own kids!)

In any case, the easiest way to assist BOTH your pets and your kids alike, is for YOU to consistently be (and REMAIN, to the very BEST of your ability!) an EXAMPLE of a truly MASTERFUL, Higher-VVibrational BEING. A Higher Vibrational being that looks like, walks like, talks like, acts like, and FEELS like one no less. You know, the kind of person who constantly lives their TRUTH; by forever radiating Unconditional LOVE, JOY, EXCITEMENT (about LIFE itself!), RADIANCE, CURIOSITY, PEACE, WISDOM, FORGIVENESS, and overall HIGH VIBES! The person who dedicatedly follows their TRUE PASSION/S no matter WHAT, and is Child-Like in their curiosities and their ability to have FUN! (Remember: “Child-like” and “Child-ish” are two very, very, VERY and ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things, just to be clear). You know; the kind of wise, funny, monk-type people who light up the entire room with their presence the moment they walk in; and are always humble, cool, and fun-to-hang-out-with somehow? Like the Dalai Lama and such? Yeah, I’m talking about being like them (to the very best of your ability, that is).

Now, OBVIOUSLY (and ESPECIALLY SO as a parent to Pets / Kids), you’re not going to be As-Merry-As-A-Christmas-Greeting every single day, and that’s perfectly FINE. For you see, as long as you are truly making a genuine, dedicated, and SINCERE attempt and effort at doing this (and getting ever so BETTER at this every single day), you’re more than good to go here! We are all allowed to have bad days you know. Besides, FORGIVENESS and LOVE are two key attributes listed above…and the only people who can get THOSE right are the people who know how to SELF-FORGIVE and SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPT themselves to the fullest FIRST! You can’t really give (or more so, TEACH) anything to another THAT which you can barely give YOUR OWN SELF to even as much as begin with! Easy does it!

What’s the best way to even as much as BEGIN doing that, you wonder? Well, for starters, merely developing an ability to LAUGH AT ONESELF and at ALL THINGS AROUND YOU (no matter how “weird” or “crazy” or “serious” they SEEM to be), can be quite a fantastic start here indeed! Not to mention that this particular trick will take you LIGHT YEARS AHEAD in your spiritual evolutionary journeys, if you know what I mean.

Now now, I’m not telling you guys to crack (belly) “gas” jokes while your house is on fire! That would be a time to “gas things up” with a fire extinguisher instead! I’m just saying, that since we all know deep down that all of this (no matter how “real” all of it even really SEEMS to be on the surface (level)), is all but an ILLUSION no less at the end of the day (or you wouldn’t even be visiting pages such as these); that we, at the very least, ACKNOWLEDGE that fact for once, and stop being so darn serious all of the darn time! If not, be prepared for your kids (and even your pets!) to become serious, rigid, raging, un-flexible and un-yielding tantrum throwers for life here as well!

Because your kids, my dearest friends, learn by EXAMPLE First! Same with your pets. And if these days, you’re suddenly hearing a lot of stories of kids being all extra-irritating and such; or otherwise peaceful pets suddenly surprising their owners with Not-Exactly-Love Bites, you’re only really seeing an AMPLIFICATION of a phenomenon that has existed like, for ever. For Kids and Pets very naturally MIRROR their Parents and Guardians and Caretakers; in their Energies and their Vibes and their Behaviours and their Demeanours and their Temperaments (and their very WAYS) alike!

When you maintain the HIGHEST of frequencies (humanly possible) within your SELF and within your HOME and within your very LIVES here no less…your beloved Kids and Pets will simply follow SUIT (and that’s that)! As a matter of fact, they are FAR MORE ATTUNED to the Higher Vibrations than YOU (as an “adult”) even are, and for rather OBVIOUS reasons at that; and thus, they would actually LOVE YOU BEING THIS WAY; and would, in turn, naturally and organically SUPPORT you and MATCH you and even COMPLEMENT YOUR EFFORTS…without your even as much as ASKING for any of that! Now, how’s THAT for a WIN?

Just try your best to be a FUN and LOVING and a FUN-LOVING person to the very best of your ability, here! That’s more than enough to do the trick ya know. Also, that’s how you get your kids to be FRIENDS with you. I mean, think about it, would YOU be friends with someone who’s grumpy and mad and a general annoyance / snitch / pain-in-the-butt disciplinarian-type Nazi 99.99% of the time? If not, why expect any different from your child either? Especially so NOW given that most kids are basically super-high vibrational, high-wisdom-carrying, Starseed and Ascended Master incarnations joining us no less! You can’t really expect them to be FRIENDS with you if you’re all LOW-On-That-VIBE, and HIGH-On-That-AUTHORITY…forget it! Not gonna happen.

SOME-MORE-BONUS-WAYS TO BLESS YOUR KIDS AND YOUR PETS: Kids and Pets, BOTH have their own Toys and Pillows and Blankets and so much other stuff that they chew on / play with etc. Go BLESS ALL OF THOSE ITEMS! They both have their own favourite SPACES too. BLESS THOSE SPACES OF THEIRS TOO! GO BLESS their morning Cereals and their evening Bones*; and watch them RADIATE positivity like NEVER BEFORE!
*Applicable only to bone-loving pets (hopefully!)

Excitedly INVITE THEM (and NOT force them!) to come out and play with you in NATURE, and go have some adventures in nature with them, if you can find any time / opportunity to do so AT AKK! They’ll Absolutely LOVE IT and LOVE YOU FOR (introducing them to) IT too! (In fact, they’ll love this Far, FAR, more than absolutely ANY of their addictive smart-gadgets…PROVIDED that YOU can manage to pull this stuff off right!!)

Above all, and ESPECIALLY SO in case of kids; please, PLEASE give them more of a chance to BE THEMSELVES…whatever they wanna do to express their energies, please LET THEM (as long as it doesn’t harm anyone!). Same with your pets; if they don’t have the best of access to their MOTHER = NATURE; try RE-CREATING some of that within their RE-CREATIONAL SPACES through Potted Plants, Pebbles, Flowers, and what-else-have-you-got! And, whenever you so can, give them a quick walk/run (i.e. BEYOND their routine Walking / Running schedule), and / or some space to PLAY, even if just for fun! You’ll see how their moods get uplifted in NO TIME here whatsoever!

A SUPER PRO-TIP: Kids and Pets, BOTH love Soft, Peaceful, and Pleasant Instrumental Music (provided you even PLAY IT for them!) Put that stuff on for them for some time each day (if not for your kids, then for your PETS at the very least), and see the INSTANTANEOUS UP-LIFTMENT that it causes them right THEN AND THERE with your very own eyes! By the way, just so you know, that’s like, a TOP LifeHack for ALL folks whose Kids or Pets are aggressive or over-excited or over-stimulated in general! Go try it out and see the miracle that DIVINE MUSIC even is! Go, go, gooooo!

Here’s an AWESOME EXAMPLE of exactly THAT.
Here’s YET ANOTHER ONE! (only because you asked nicely).

Be it Pets, Plants or Kids, ALL THEY NEED is LOVE, and some SPACE to GROW and just BE! Just giving them THAT alone will do wonders, I GUARANTEE YOU this.

FIVE: BLESSING your FAMILY MEMBERS / FRIENDS / ROOM-MATES:: Some of you stay with other people. Others, stay alone. BOTH of these have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. And BOTH of these, can use the incredible power of BLESSINGS to their very greatest ADVANTAGE!

For people staying with Family Members / Friends / Room-mates; especially those staying with folks that they simply do NOT vibe or RESONATE with, make sure to PRAY and BLESS them whenever you so get the time! PRAY that their HEARTS be OPENED MORE AND MORE each day, and that DIVINE LOVE / LIGHT flow through them more and more and MORE each new day! PRAY that they be BLESSED with WISDOM, and with more COMPASSION and HARMONY and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE and LOVE and FORGIVENESS for ALL!

Last, and by no means the least, BLESS THEM ALL DAILY for assisting you in helping you learn any and all Life Lessons that you may have agreed to explore with them during the course of your current lifetime, REGARDLESS of how harsh the said life lessons may even have been! Always remember, SOMEONE has to agree to play the role of a VILLAIN…for somebody ELSE to fulfill their lifelong passion and DESTINY and DESIRE and DREAM of playing the HERO! So, always know THAT no matter what!

Finally, UNCONDITIONALLY ACCEPT and FORGIVE THEM (and LOVE THEM) for just Who and What they even really are; because regardless of just HOW they’ve even ACTED with you during the course of their current ongoing lives, THAT’S NOT who they REALLY are (and even YOU, by now, know this). Moreover, “let he who hath never sinned cast the first stone”, PLUS the fact that you ALL have played some EXTREMELY negative roles in one life or the other, be your point of Humbling and (UN-CONDITIONAL) ACCEPTANCE, here! So, go BLESS THEM for being there (and playing their respective roles), only and ONLY for assisting YOU in YOUR spiritual growth here no less! And find yourself feeling Relieved and RELEASED here in more ways than one here, when you do this. (Seriously, just TRY IT!)

For people who stay all alone, you still have certain family members and friends that you barely even KNOW OF, let alone ACKNOWLEDGE! Nope, I’m so NOT talking about your ‘Star Families’ or your ‘Soul Families’ or your ‘Ancestors’ in here (though acknowledging THEM doesn’t exactly hurt here either). Instead, I’m talking about our next category of BLESS-ABLE things, which are, quite literally…


WHAT? MY THINGS???????!!!!

Yes. Things. YOUR Things. Ever considered Blessing THOSE?

You wake up in the morning on a Bed. With your head resting on a Pillow. And a nice, warm Blanket protecting you from the cold.

Your Oven and your Toaster, warm up food for you. Your Fridge cools it down.

Your Phone gives you a way to reach out to the world. Your Car takes you places without routinely trying to kill you.

Your Gaming Console keeps you from going utterly INSANE (whilst you’re situated on a ridiculously stressful planet, such as our very own!)

EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE of these “objects” deserve their due DAILY dose of GRATITUDE. And their due DAILY dose of APPRECIATION. And their due and DAILY dose of LOVE here no less!

These (so-called) “Non-Living” Things are far, Far, FAR MORE CONSCIOUS than what you’ve ALL been ultimately led to imagine, or even believe, here.

And much like you, THEY TOO crave APPRECIATION.
THEY TOO, crave your GRATITUDE; and your BLESSINGS.
THEY TOO crave your LOVE.

So then, without further ado, go show your Car (or Oven or Gaming Console or such) some LOVE and APPRECIATION, and then, BE AMAZED outta your very wits as it (your Car) goes far, Far, FAR higher distances, even on relatively LOW fuel tank fillings here no less! What’s more, it’ll break down less, and need far, Far, FAR lesser maintainence than it would otherwise even need! ALL because it is LITERALLY getting ALL of its NOURISHMENT and PROTECTION and MAINTAINENCE from none other than LOVE and DIVINITY ITSELF…the very energy that CREATES WORLDS here no less! (A highly renowned Reiki Master that I personally know of, Un-Jammed a 10,000,000$+ factory machine (that provides livelihoods to many, MANY people) and got it to work again (using her Reiki abilities alone) and I MYSELF was there to witness it happen. Numerous engineers and experts couldn’t even make the jammed thing as much as MOVE, here; whereas SHE got it up runnin’ and rollin’ in less than 30 minutes FLAT! Can you guess why?) 😉

In many Eastern Countries, there are many and NUMEROUS long-running and time-honoured traditions for seeing and witnessing and Acknowledging the SPIRIT in ALL of its forms…”Non-Living” ones included. And then, to routinely HONOUR those very Spirit Essences by taking out one’s Time and Energies for their very APPRECIATION — be that form Money or Vehicles or Elementals or whatever form of consciousnesses that is out there no less! For these Spirit Essences ultimately exist only and ONLY for the tasks and purposes of ASSISTING US in all ways imaginable here, and just for that and THAT purpose here alone! Many of these come with entire and dedicated CEREMONIES of their own kind and variety here no less! Can you NOW see as to just WHY?

SEVEN: Blessing ALL::

EVERY SINGLE BLESSING that you send out into the world, COUNTS.
EVERY SINGLE WORD OR INTENTION Of GRATITUDE ripples out into your world, and returns back to you multiplied MANIFOLD…whilst ALSO creating and setting-up Chain-Reactions of NUMEROUS Blissful and Wholesome and Benevolent Miracles and Events of various kinds all along the way, that positively affect ONE and ALL here no less! Just go TRY IT OUT to believe (i.e. WITNESS) it!

Send some Love and Appreciation and BLESSINGS to your Internet Service Providers today for Creating and Caring-For the infrastructure that literally delivered to you THIS. VERY. ARTICLE. here no less!

Then go do the same for all of those folks who collect your garbage and trash here every single day — through wind and snow and thunderstorms alike! Can you even really IMAGINE as to how things would be like, WITHOUT their blessed presence in your very energy-sensitive lives, here?

Do the same for all of the FARMERS who produce the very food that you eat, and for all of the folks who take the pains to TRANSPORT the said food to your local stores and supermarkets — more often than not dealing with numerous challenges and hardships along the way!

From your Milkman to your Postman, EVERYONE’S doing their LEVEL BEST to SERVE humanity (despite all of their hardships), whether they KNOW and / or REALIZE this or NOT. As a matter of fact, even the “bad guys” upon this planet are ultimately serving US, by sincerely doing their job of staying negative no matter what, so that WE are able to become the shining examples of Love, Light and Positivity that we so desire to even BE; thereby also giving us ALL a chance to Learn-From, EXPERIENCE, and therefore GRADUATE from this lower world of DUALITY ultimately! So, underestimate NOBODY’S CONTRIBUTIONS, dearest brethren and sestren of light!

ALL of them deserve your GREATEST LOVE.

ALL of them deserve your GREATEST APPRECIATION.

And ALL of them deserve your GREATEST GRATITUDE.

For the HIGHER the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES that you Create and Bring and Hold and Provide to your very SELF, your beloved HOME, and your very WORLD here no less — all through these (surprisingly easy!) techniques of utilizing simple Prayers and Blessings AT WILL — the more BLESSED shall you and your very life BE…at ALL TIMES here no less!
The key trick that is necessary for creating Higher-Vibrational-Living-Spaces is to essentially express your infinite GRATITUDE (regularly) towards ALL THINGS that make up your very HOME for you. Be it the Objects within your house, ṭhe Family, Pets and Plants that live in it, to the very SPACE that houses you (and holds SPACE for you) itself!
Build a Kind, Loving and Caring LOVE-RELATIONSHIP with ALL-THINGS-HOME (i.e. all things that YOU define as being a part and parcel of your “HOME”), and you will be REWARDED here more than you’d ever even IMAGINED!
ASK for the Energies and Blessings and Positivity and LOVE and Guidance and PROTECTION of Mother Earth and Father Source Consciousness AT ALL TIMES and SO SHALL IT BE GIVEN! ASK for Assistance from God, Mother Gaia, the Sun, the Angels, the Elementals, the Galactics, Ascended Masters, Archangels and ALL willing Higher Beings and Energies — for PROTECTING YOU and all of your Loved Ones; and for always RECHARGING your Living and Breathing Spaces with ample POSITIVE, DIVINE ENERGY, Clean and Pristine AIR AND WATER, and the most PUREST, most VIBRANT, and most Bright, Brilliant, Loving and JOYFUL Energies of INFINITE ABUNDANCE, INFINITE LOVE and INFINITE LIGHT for the purposes of RE-CHARGING your very Home, your Spaces, your “Objects”, your Beloveds, and ALL-that-surrounds-you-and-your-neighbourhood-and-your-world here no less!
SPEAK to Mother Earth through your Plants, Pets, the Birds and Squirrels that visit you all so often; and through your Food, your Air, your Water, your Soils, AND through ALL of the THINGS that make up your very LIFE for you; and your very SOUL here no less! Make a GENUINE EFFORT each new day to build a KIND AND LOVING RELATIONSHIP with your dearest Mother Gaia, and be REWARDED AND GIFTED (energetically and beyond) for it;  far, FAR above and beyond your very wildest of imaginings here no less!
And THESE are ALL of my promised secrets to building a ‘Happy Home’!
THIS CONCLUDES our last and final chapter of Blessing Battles. I Thank You ALL for being a part of this most grand and beautiful journey through the world of High Vibes, Healings, and Infinite Blessings here with me!
Feel free to SHARE, Discuss, TRANSLATE, or Reproduce in any other form that you so deem to be fitting for the ultimate consumption and benefit of the whole world here no less!
Bless You! (no sneezes necessary!)
In Love and Light Infinite,

2 Replies to “Blessing Battles – VOLUME III”

  1. Teresa E

    Love this!
    I started giving thanks and blessing my food a couple years ago. I have fewer digestive issues.
    When my divorce was final and I moved into my new house, I was so thankful for being able to be here.
    And for having the ability, within limits, to furnish it.
    I began blessing and thanking everything that came in.
    Over the past year it has blossomed into doing it all the time with everything, as I think of it.
    I even made up a song and sing it over and over and over.
    Life is pretty darned good even though there continue to be raging fires in the lives of my loved ones and friends.
    If you doubt this, try it anyway!
    Life is better from the other side of your doubt!

    1. Deb

      Thank you reminding me to bless my food and everything that enters my home. And maybe I’ll start blessing all the people in their cars and the stores. And to start sending my family and friends White Light / Love daily again.

      Thank you.