The Pleiadians: Free Yourself From Control

Dear Brothers of the Earth! I AM KALIGHAL! Commander of the Pleiadian Spaceship!

To be here able to transmit my messages is a moment of great joy. Today I am not going to give you a report. Today I just want to share with you feelings, feelings of great gratitude, feelings of love, feelings of peace and harmony. In our world, everything is quite different in this dimension; there is not the rush, the desperation, the readiness that you experience on this planet.

Everything is measured by the clock, by this clock where you keep track of time. Time? What time? This time we can say is something to control you, so that you live totally dependent on this time. Everything has a time. Everything has a time to begin, everything has a time to end, a time to arrive, a time to leave. And you get used to this little control, all the time. From a very young age this control already begins: time to feed, time to cry, time to bathe, time to play, time to study; everything has control.

From the outside we can see you as many robots, manipulated and totally fitted into the world that was created for you. A world that only the few are allowed to circumvent these controls; the few who own most of the wealth on the planet, and who don’t need to fit into any controls because they created the controls themselves. So they are able to stand aside, just watching that bunch of toy soldiers they have created over time.

These toy soldiers are you, who are always in a hurry, never stopping to observe anything.

you never stop to observe anything; you are always late, you are always stressed, because you do not fulfill what has been asked for on time. And more and more, these same controllers create rules, create norms, so that more and more of you are tied to time. Many understand this. Many have the ability to realize that something is wrong, that this is not good, that to simply let yourself get caught up in so many norms and rules, is to break your physical body, is to break your peace of mind, is to break your balance; and they try to release all that stress in other ways: in nature, by doing constant exercise, by eating right, so that at least there is a balance in the scales. They will continue to respond to all that control, but they will also have the other side of the scale, where they are happy, where they are balanced, at least in some moments.

At this time, everything is more out of balance than ever, because in addition to all this control, you have had to adapt to a greater control: the control of the pandemic. Where more and more you realize that everything only gets worse; in their vision, in what they go through. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, no prospect of improvement. When there is a feeling that everything is going to fall into place, they come quickly and put in something worse, so that you become dependent again on the fear of this pandemic.

So what can I say to you? Get out of this control, realize that this control is only good for the one who controls you. Observe whether the one who controls you obeys the control. There are those who are so dependent on control that, despite managing a mass, they also let themselves be managed and fit into that control, where nothing is ever good, there is always room for improvement. No matter how hard you work, how much you give your blood, as you say, it is never good; you always need more, because they have been totally catechized to this, to bring imbalance to everyone under their supervision. Never well-being, never pleasure, never work with happiness.

You work forced, you work out of necessity, you work because you have no choices. Don’t you? Or you have been led to believe that you don’t. If there were clear and transparent choices, they would not act this way. They would act in a different way, so that you would effectively not make the choice to go into something that gives you pleasure. It is precisely because they have no way of demonstrating these choices, because they are covered up by this whole system, that they do this. So you are led to believe that you have no choice. Either you work at it and suffer all kinds of subjugation, or you starve, sleep on the street, cannot survive. But we can tell you that there are choices, and there are many. And despite the pandemic, many have found those choices. Many have opened their hearts and taken the time to observe, how much they have been manipulated and controlled. And today they are doing what they like, no longer slaves to those controls.

So realize that the masks are falling off, before you label that everything only gets worse, understand, everything will get worse every day, but not in reality, not in truth; everything only gets worse by the media. The media, which is their voice, makes you believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, that it will never get better, and that everything will only get worse. So I tell you and I say: we observe your entire planet. We have, so to speak, informants at every point. So we know exactly what happens to each one of you. We have already told you that, that all of you are monitored, so that we can be sure how much energy we have on the planet.

So we know exactly what each of you thinks, what each of you goes through, what each of you does. Don’t think that we put chips in you, we just do it with love, with telepathy, with observation. Then many will say, “But I have not authorized you to read my thoughts.” Then we will say as an answer, that this authorization was given by Sananda. He authorized all of you to be monitored, so that we could also help you to go out and find new paths. And we have been doing that.

Many times you are being guided by us, to transform your lives, to change your ways of living. Of course, many don’t resonate with us, so nothing that we put in their minds, they accept. On the contrary, they think it is nonsense, that they are dreaming. But many of you who are awake, when you receive an intuition from us, you think it’s great, and you act on it and run after it. And so, many have changed, many have let go of that control. Many are doing what they love, and that makes the energy of the planet better, because there are more happy people. So as they try to get across that everything will only get worse, it’s just another way of telling you: don’t chase after anything because it won’t work, everything is bad and it’s only going to get worse. So that you keep yourself more and more under control, within their designated time, stressing you out more and more.

So, in conclusion, I want to tell you the following: Seek freedom, seek what you like, seek what makes you happy. Look at yourselves. What have you become? Get out of these robots that you have been programmed to do. How to get out? By thinking of yourself first, by thinking of making yourself happy, each one of you. And even if you haven’t found that wonderful choice yet, the mere fact that you realize that you don’t want to be under that control, will bring you another energy. And even if you have to submit to that control for a few hours a day, the rest of the day you will be high, you will be thinking about making yourself happy, in those few hours that are left.

Live with your families, realize again the meaning of love between you, love between friends, love between strangers, just being kind, being polite, being supportive. And you will realize, that the more this happens, the more that news will become darker, worse every day. Because it is the last gasps, of those who still think they can screw it up, that they can screw up the whole plan that there is for this planet. So let go of control. Even if you have to work under this control, shout: The Light Has Won! several times a day, during your work and you will see that it will no longer seem as bad and as controlled, as they want to show you.

It is as if you become transparent to those who control you. Try it, it costs nothing to try it. Do it, and you will see that, little by little, that work that was pure control and pure stress, will even become pleasant; because you still need it. But never forget to seek your complete happiness, which is to find a new path. And we tell you, there are many, many, many new paths.

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**Channel: Schieb Band


9 Replies to “The Pleiadians: Free Yourself From Control”

  1. john

    I dont feel the need to change the world like some other comments here i only strive to change myself and that is all i wish to do however i love every being everywhere love to all.

  2. Healthbrights

    How do I do what I love, even more? I would love to live on a property, to grow food, then create a healing center? I have done the best I can with my little rented bedroom and feel the call to, my soul is calling to be more expansive. I have planted lettuce in the planter pots by the door of where I rent a bedroom, it is a strata, so I cannot do more here. I have grown micro greens on my windowsill. I have run ads on the computer for a couple years now looking for a more in line place to live. One more in nature, where I can grow food, live with like minded people (all the people who live in this house now, are not of like mind). Looks like I will need the resources, money, property etc. I have wanted to live somewhere to grow food and even have a cat for years now, so miss animals.

  3. Daedalus

    Im living almost a decade going into a direction of more freedom in life. Never lived in greed that put me into some wild expectations.

    All of this what is mentioned in article is still, sweetworded, but there are obstacles that are very very high…

    Its very logical what needs to be done. There are two very important thresholds or “milestones” so to say. And even a third one after the second.

    The first one is to snap out the fools and delluded ones from their slumber. This cannot be done nicely and pleasantly at all sometimes. Some wont wake up. This is maturing mentally and emotionally.

    The second one should occur as soon as possible, because it keeps the wheel of misery ongoing… collapse the old financial and economical system. Or – make the path to better one – or make at least better, easier, transitional one until the third milestone.

    Third one is a technological base to enable the moneyless society, essentially completely breaking the misery programs. After one point, not even technologies will be needed. Maybe there wont even be the need for technological base, if this reality changes drastically to original, instant manifestation one.

    1. Teresa E

      For the majority of my life I lived as a Scientific-Logic based Atheist. And was professionally within the world of finance and economy.
      I, then, would have agreed with you wholeheartedly.
      Five years ago I nearly died from a lymphatic infection.
      I used earth’s cures and the literal voice of Yeshua returned to me.
      It’s been a wild ride, but I digress, and the reason I am replying to you Daedelus, is, these beliefs in saving those that don’t want saved, being able to reform the corrupted, and righting the wronged, will NEVER create the world you want.
      It just perpetuates, feeds and nourishes, the darkness.
      But, either way, it does NOT matter.
      Humans technology, lifestyles, systems of control, are completely based on faulty interpretations of life and the upcoming dimensional shift.
      As such they are unsustainable and could not exist in the more refined frequencies we are evolving into.
      So, everyday we continue to focus on “them,” rather we are trying to stop “them” or, we are trying to wake up and save “them” only fuels the continuation of this fight in-between eras.
      Until you stop focusing on the worlds problems, and start healing your own (start with why these issues trigger you, when I did that entire lifetimes of understanding and compassion flooded my heart), you are only serving to block your own Ascension.
      And, I am reminded, that is wonderful, too.
      We will all get the Ascension, or Apocalypse, we create.
      And it will unfold in the exact way it must.
      Love to you.

      1. Daedalus

        Oh, make no mistake – Im very aware its very true our internal changes project outwards, not the opposite. And we are the only person in our lives we can truly affect.

        However, those outward consequences serve also to wake up the rest that can potentially be woke up. This already happened in past several years and is already happening as we speak. Its not without its function in the “grand scheme” of happenings.

        Nowhere I have said that everyone will wake up, I have even said some wont, ever. We cannot help them directly in any way. Its their choice and their free will.

        The Apocalypse / Revelation / Unveiling is right now, it exactly whats occuring now. The Ascension is a process from this side of the veil that leads to original reality and timelessness, to the other side of veil.