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archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomDear Ones! I AM Archangel Michael!

Today I want to bring you a very interesting topic: focus. What is to focus on something? Literally speaking it is to keep your attention on something, to see something better, to visualize something deeply. When we always tell you that everything you put focus on reverberates in the Universe; it is the materialization of this whole definition. So let’s understand it better.

You put focus on many things and many times you don’t realize it. So let’s start talking about, focus on ephemeral things, on things that bring nothing back into your lives, back in practical terms, because in energetic terms there will always be a return. So it’s that moment when you step out of your house and you’re already dressed in fear of what might happen to you during the day, or on the way home, or on the way to where you’re going. So you unconsciously put focus on fear. And you put focus on the fear of that situation. I can also quote, you are leaving and you are already focusing that today you have another boring day at work. You have also just given focus to this feeling.

Hey, but isn’t giving focus keeping your eye on something? Not necessarily. Focus is simply having a vision of that, you don’t have to keep looking at it all the time, but it has already been established as a goal for that day. And then we can cite “n” other situations; where you start talking that the day will be boring, that your life sucks, that nothing you want happens. Very well. Notice how many decrees you have just made, because you have put focus on these issues.

So I will tell you that the mere fact of thinking about something and expressing a thought, a feeling or an action upon that is a focus. And that is created in the Universe, in the astral, you just created that situation. Nothing is lost in the Universe. Your thought, your action, your words have become that, that thing that has no form, but has an essence, has an energy in the Universe. And even if you have spoken only once.

To make it easier, I will tell you to think of this situation as a little ball that you have created. This little ball was created by you. Yes, let’s say it has your name written on it, and it wanders around the universe. But then there is someone else, on the other side of the world, who thinks exactly the same thing: “Today noon sucks, my work is horrible. What’s going to happen to me today, am I going to get mugged, what will it be?” Thoughts of another person, that you who emanated that little ball, don’t know. And when that person emanated the same feeling as you, Oh yes, I forgot to say that the Universe is very wise. It doesn’t create equal little balls, otherwise it would be of no use and absurdly incompatible with the love of the Universe, because the feelings would all be scattered. So, going back to our example: that other person emanated what you had emanated, exactly the same feeling that you put into that little ball.

So that other person also emanated a little ball, but by the intelligence of the Universe, it knows that there is already a ball just like that one. So what does the Universe do? It puts these two little balls together, and just like physicality, if you have two glasses half full and you turn one glass over on top of the other, the glass will fill. So in the same way, the little ball that was a certain size, by joining that other one, doubled in size. Because it received all the contents of the other little ball, and so on and so forth. And in this way the egregors are created.

The egregores are nothing more than a collection of identical thoughts from all over the planet. So when you speak, which, by the way, many people think is nonsense, that words have no power; I will tell you that you are still wrong. Because the word is actually the sum of your thought and the vibration of the sound that you made. So it is something much more powerful than just a thought. Because you put not only the thought, but the sound waves attached to it. So it becomes more powerful; and if you think and emanate those words with anger, with resentment, those sound waves become a huge ball because the feeling, amplified all that.

So nothing, my brothers, that you speak is lost in the universe. No energy is lost, it is either transformed into another energy or it remains as it was generated. But it is not lost, it does not dissolve, simply with the passage of time. So don’t think that you say something silly, and the Universe doesn’t hear it, and lets it go. No, no, no, it reverberates in the Universe. And when many times you say something foolish, and you are aware that you said it, and you deeply regret it, ask for forgiveness, ask the Universe to cancel what you said, because it was in a moment of unawareness that you said it; that also works. That energy is transformed into Light and is wandered like a little ball of Light throughout the Universe.

Now, there’s an interesting point; it’s no use in everything you say asking for it to be cancelled. Because let’s put it this way, everything has a limit. So, if you say 10, nonsense, for one hour and you ask to cancel them all. Interesting. The Universe starts to get a little smarter. Then in the next hour, you say 10 more stupid things and ask the Universe to cancel them. Whoa, whoa, the Universe will think: “No, wait, that’s not so. She has to stop talking and not talk and keep asking to cancel.” And then, your request will no longer be cancelled, it will go to the Universe.

So creating a little ball, just once, there is the possibility of cancellation. Now create the same little ball, one more time, and keep asking to cancel, then the Universe won’t cancel it anymore, because it realized that you didn’t learn the lesson. So back to focus. Focus is everything you put your mind on. It’s not looking at it all the time, it’s thinking about it. And then I will tell you: That in addition to this little ball that you create and that grows and becomes an egregore, you are also generating on your own path, the result of what you have emanated.

So if you emanate fear from a certain situation, it comes back. Every action has a reaction. So you emanate fear all day long, that something bad will happen to you. This will become a consequence in your own way, and you will receive exactly what you put the focus on. Because you didn’t just put the focus on it, you emanated fear, so it amplified. And as you have focused on that many times, not only has the egregor of the planet been fed, but your own egregor has been fed. Because you have an energy field around you, which is the sum of all the bodies you have.

So if you just keep emanating fear of something, it gets reverberated within your little egregor, within this aura of yours; and you will attract what? Exactly what you have the fear of, because you are focusing on it. And if you focus on that, the Universe thinks: she wants that. So it gives it to you. No, the Universe makes no differentiation whether what you are asking for is bad or good for you, it just gives you what you focus on. So you leave the house complaining that your work sucks, that once again your day will be bad. The Universe simply answers: another bad day for it, and sends it on its way.

You think that all this is a little complicated to understand, and I say no, it is very simple. All you have to do is shut your mouth and you stop thinking nonsense. Do an experiment: instead of putting your foot outside your house and starting to emanate a lot of negative things, do the opposite. Say: “My day will be wonderful! I will have a wonderful day at work! I will get to and from my house safely! I will meet wonderful people!”. Look how much good you are putting focus on and are emanating into the Universe. Only you are emanating positive things. Yes, they also have egregors, and it’s the sum of these positive egregors that they have around the planet that is eliminating the negative ones.

But unfortunately, I must say, the negatives on your planet today are huge and getting bigger and bigger. Because you just emanate fear; it’s fear all the time, and you’re getting back every consequence of your fear. I like to say that the negative doesn’t force anybody to do anything, and this is a truth. What they say, what they do, you absorb if you want; you don’t have to absorb. But what do you do? You generate fear, you focus on the problem.

The whole planet is focused on one issue. And what is happening? The issue is not dying, on the contrary, it is becoming stronger and stronger. And as they perceive that this issue is good for them, because it drops the planet’s energy, more and more they put out worse news and you absorb it. Interesting. But then later, you ask us why nothing happens, why you don’t see things actually happening.

Understand, I am not talking here to the unawakened. Whoever is here listening to me has a 90% probability of being an awakened one. So I am not talking in vain, I know what you are emanating. And you are emanating fear, every day. And then you get sick, your relatives get sick, and you do what? You emanate more and more fear. So, I will tell you, you are helping a lot in the ascension process. Really, your collaboration is immense, but with a negative charge. To say to you, trust, is nonsense. Because you trust while everything is fine, when everything is going on, happening, without you being disturbed, you trust everything, you are extremely trusting. Now, all it takes is one little problem, that trust goes out the window, it’s gone.

So I ask you now, at this moment: Where is that phrase that the world around you will fall and you will fall on your feet? Where did it apply to this problem of yours, where? I will answer, nowhere, because you have forgotten. You have totally forgotten what you were taught and supposed to believe. You have forgotten, totally. So, what is trust for you? “Oh, trust is only when everything is fine. So I will tell you that this focus also reverberates, the lack of trust is a kind of focus, where you throw into the Universe a little ball, which counteracts the egregore of trust. So what does it do? It takes some little pieces of the Grid of Trust off, because it’s a negative and a positive, so they come together and they complete each other and they are eliminated, that’s how it works.

So you not only emanate a lack of trust, but you also break down the trust that already exists. So honestly, I’m going to tell you: You’re reaping and you’re going to keep reaping more and more problems until you learn, until you learn to trust. If you got sick, trust. If on your journey you are going to be healed, you will be; and if not, what has been defined by your soul will happen. You have no other choice my brothers, none of you know what your souls have decided. Now if you trust, everything happens quickly. And when it is with a relative? It’s the same thing, it’s their walk. That’s all. Of course, I understand that there is pain there, there is suffering, loss hurts. Yes, I agree. But you can’t forget that this is a very delicate moment.

So don’t be selfish in thinking that: “Oh, now I’m going to live my problem; the planet be damned” All right, live your problem; suffer, be sad, emanate anger, criticize, judge, you’re throwing all that to the egregores that are already up there. And doing what? By eliminating the same amount of positive egregors, that’s what you do. So don’t think that things happen only in your “little world,” that things happen only to you. “Oh, this won’t have any influence on the planet! Who am I? I’m so tiny, I’m not going to influence the planet?” it will, because these little egregores that you’re throwing, these little balls, will destroy opposing balls at some other point, so that there is balance.

Do you understand why things don’t happen? You can’t keep your balance. You keep thinking that everything you do doesn’t reverberate in the Whole. So, what more can I say? Keep doing that, now don’t go around yelling when nothing happens, will you? Because things need a quantum of energy to happen, and you are not increasing that quantum, on the contrary, you are decreasing it, you are doing exactly what the dark ones want. When will you learn? When will you stop emanating negative feelings? When?

If chattering is a problem for you, start getting rid of this addiction. It’s what I said: Thinking is bad, adding words to your thoughts makes it worse, and putting feelings to it all gets huge. So just stay in your thoughts, since you can’t stop thinking; don’t talk, don’t put feelings into what you say, shut your mouths. Do you feel like talking? Say a prayer, say a positive word, say a positive sentence, since you can’t keep your mouth shut, say things that are of value to the Universe. Don’t comment. Have you seen something? Forget it. Why do you have to comment on that something? You don’t have to comment on it, except if it is something very good. Then you can spread it, and with the feeling of love embedded in it; not with the feeling of gossip, then it’s no use. Because that positive action has been contaminated with your sense of gossip.

It is very complicated, my brothers, and you have this bad habit of gossiping all the time; speaking badly about other people’s lives; speaking badly about governments; speaking badly about life, and this spreads, because a small message here, reached 10 people, and each one of these 10 spreads to 10 more, who spread it to 10 more. Where does this reach? Where? So when I tell you; stop sharing things, it’s not for nothing. And many here don’t give a damn and keep doing it, keep stuffing others with things they didn’t ask for. This is also putting focus, because you are doing an action, invading the free will of the other. Can you imagine this? No, you don’t. You just want to spread it around. “Oh, this is interesting, I’ll spread it around.” Did the other person on the other side ask you for something?

So you are breaking a law, the law of free will. He hasn’t asked you for anything, and you keep insisting. It is very interesting, very. You haven’t learned; you keep doing it. And with that excuse: “Oh, but it’s something positive, it’s something nice: Did the other one ask you? No, he didn’t. So you are infringing on the other’s free will; and this will come back, this also reverberates, and this also has a harvest. Then, don’t complain.

These are small acts, my brothers and sisters, that you are being warned about but you don’t comply, you don’t fulfill. You think that the other… I will tell you what is worse in all of this; you are used to doing small groups, and the groups are big, there are many people, and you fill them with little things, so that everyone can read. Do you know what other people think about you? I won’t tell you, you think. How do they feel about having to look all the time because something has arrived that doesn’t interest them? But you said so.

So I’ll tell you something: focus on good things, focus on drawing, focus on reading a good book. What is this feeling? What kind of dependency is this, of having to spend the whole day hanging on these communications? What kind of dependency is this? And then, I will ask that famous question: What if you run out of communication? I answer: you will panic, you will get very unbalanced, because you will no longer have anyone to disturb, and you will no longer have anyone to gossip with, and you will no longer have anyone to talk about the other. So, what are you going to do? Oh, I know, you will keep asking us to bring everything back.

I will only tell you one thing; a lot of things are going to be cleansed from your planet long before the ascension, a lot of things. So I would say to you that dependency on anything is going to be a serious problem, a very serious problem. Learn to respect the free will of the other. Nobody is obliged to see what you tell them to see, just because you tell them to. You don’t understand yet, you don’t understand. So when I banned a lot of things in the groups, a lot of people don’t understand. Many people think it is absurd, authoritarian. I am not worried about who thinks that, not even a little bit. And I know exactly what people are emanating.

Everything you plant has a harvest, that’s all. So I’ll say it one more time:

Put focus on productive things, put focus on positive phrases. Throw beautiful phrases out into the Universe, throw love out into the Universe, so that your respective egregores will grow, and you’ll be able to take down the negative egregores. That’s what you have to do. So I tell you, the more you insist on not understanding, not accepting, everything we have talked about here, the more you push the process forward. But I remind you again that there is a deadline, there is. And then, I will leave you with just one question: And if this date were tomorrow, would you be ready? Think about it.

I AM the Archangel Michael. My role is to alert you, to warn you, to teach you. Now, the decision is up to each one of you.

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