New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 10th, 2021; Balancing Opposites

Beloved Ones,

We are immersed in a portal month, as June acts as a gateway that introduces the benevolent energies that are about to descend into our earthly plane from the seventh and upper illumined realms. This is a month to regain strength for all that still awaits us during the summer, as we gradually move into the Lion’s Gate. A month for us to retire and move inward to focus on contemplation and hence, illumination, if we desire to go further with our integration process.

During June we are going to experience a series of squares in Planets that are in Gemini and Pisces, and especially a solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini. Gemini represents the information that we receive from Above, and how we receive it and direct it, as it moves in the mental plane. On the other hand, Pisces is all about dwelling in the ethereal, communing with our soul and the non-physical, planes from where we also obtain guidance.

Pisces helps us connecting with the illumined realms, so all these squares together with eclipses in Gemini, is a very important phase for us to receive guidance about our personal journey, and above all, balancing both opposites energies and aspects of us – the mind and the soul – understanding that both are perfectly compatible and required for us to act with the proper equilibrium in our earthly lives.

The eclipse in Gemini is a solar one, which is rare, as we have not had a solar eclipse in Gemini in twenty years. As nothing ever happens with a greater reason within Creation, this solar eclipse in Gemini represents the collective mind and what is taking place within them, at this transitional time of our human history. The solar eclipse as it is in Gemini and a solar one is about the change that is happening in the collective mind, for they are beginning to question themselves, and many other things in their reality.

A change that we have been experiencing since 2020 and that has improved as we entered into this year, for it is a year precisely focused on the change that is occurring in both a personal and a planetary level. A change that can serve us to continue expanding and discovering higher truths, or to remain in fear, diminishing our power. We all have our time to remember and this time shall never be forced upon or rush, for it is a sacred moment for us all, when we finally awake the human.

The solar eclipse occurs in a moment when Sol is precisely very active as well. As you know our central Sun represents our Illumined Self, the aspect of us that is Divine Wisdom. When our sun is so active is actually descending to our Planet massive comes – information – that helps us all who also desire to align with it to remember, to grow, expand and awake to the Truth.

This will continue for a few more years, for we all – as species – are shifting our personal truths, integrating higher ones, until we are finally able to move forward into a new level of consciousness, a process that is already happening and that will be a constant, for as this five universal year announced, we will continue being immersed in a profound change at all levels.

This Gemini eclipse brings opportunities, ones that we create from within by aligning with its frequencies and by decreeing in communion with our God Self that we desire to co-create within a new harmonic timeline something that will benefit our own personal journey and that of All, for whatever it is we wish to bring into manifestation shall be for the highest good of All, since we no longer think just in ourselves but in all of us as One Family. This is what happens when we regain unity and leave the illusion of separation, that we begin to act as One rather than isolated individuals.

Astrologically, this is an eclipse that is conjunct Mercury retrograde in Gemini, the North Node in Gemini and all square Neptune. In a personal level, these energies are about balancing opposites – heart and mind. For there will be many, especially the ones who are awakening at this time, who will be immersed in the energy of confusion, not knowing if they should follow their logic or their guidance. As we all in some way or another have been taught not to trust what comes from our heart and soul, as it has been an indication of being delusional. This is why it is so hard at the beginning to trust in what we cannot see, but clearly feel.

This is an eclipse to work on creating a balance between our human and Illumined Self, understanding that both are necessary to help us navigate througout our physical plane, as both can perfectly coexist and co-create together to help us manifest a more stable state of being, and reality.

At the time of the eclipse we also have five planets in mutable signs. This is of great assistance for us to move through change, and surrender with all that is taking place in our personal reality, understanding that all belongs to a Greater Plan, and that we need to learn how to trust in the invisible Forces of the Universe, even though we cannot see or understand how they work, from our human perspective.

All these alignments indeed represent what is taking place in all of us internally – confusion about some truths and beliefs we no longer resonate with, the subsequent releasement of all that can no longer coexist with our new way of seeing reality, and the process of integration by which we embody higher truths that we are now prepare to understand.

However, for this process to take place, first we need to move inwards, as Mercury reminds us, to be able to get to the core of our feelings and beliefs, releasing the ones that we no longer consider real for us. This is a process that needs to be done inwardly, as otherwise we could not obtain the guidance and information required for us to truly discern where we are in our personal journey, what needs to be dissolved, and what needs to be integrated now. As no one can do this process for us.

Communicating with ourselves, with our Illumined Self, and Guides team is pivotal at a time when there are many intents for massive manipulation and control. It is not a time to put our focus outside, searching for answers or expecting something or someone to solve our inner conflicts, but a time for us to do that and take full control of our lives, regaining personal power, and hence sovereignty, something that we do by being confident in ourselves and journey, as Gemini helps us to do.

Neptune on the other hand, which is also very important at the eclipse time, will be a more subtle but very intense energy as well. This is why it is so important to rest, because many could feel this frequency as being so potent that their bodies will not respond as usual, as they need to relax more time, so they can adjust to the new energies, gradually. Sometimes we desire to do more and to be constantly in a mode of creation but our bodies, as they are more dense, may not be ready and we need to stop, honor them and wait for when they are.

In the midst of all these energies we should not forget that the main one is one of constant change, at a personal and at a collective level. This is something that will be unique for all of us, as we all have different personal missions, and we all are in different phases of our evolutionary journey.

However, what is pivotal to remember is that the reigning confusion in the collective will continue for a while, as they have been programmed and infused for almost two years now with so much fear that they have their survival fears reinforced until the point they can no longer think about how to create differently or move forward. They have been taken into a mental and emotional extreme in which they are stuck in not knowing what is going to happen or in how they will survive, as they are terrified. They no longer are empowered, which is precisely what the system desires.

This is what many will be awakening to at the moment, while others may be already passing through the initial stages, trying to see the truth of what is taking place and above all, trying to regain charge of their lives. This is what humanity, even though it is trying to be hidden, is heading, and this is why we need to be compassionate witnesses, remembering at all times the Law of non-interference, which is pivotal if we desire to be of assistance, in an authentic way, for we can only serve by being who we are, help when we are asked, and by our own Essence.

With the Gemini solar eclipse we begin a portal that will continue in the following months, as June and July are going to be predecessors to August Lion’s gate energies, preparing ourselves to receive a massive influx of plasma, liquid light, that will continue accelerating our process from carbon base to our original crystalline essence, something that involves a lifetimes. This is why it is so importance for all of us to focus on rejuvenation and healing, being completely empty of lower and past energies, to be able to integrate new illumined ones.

We have ahead a very intense summer in which many will begin to awake, others will be already in the initial phases, regaining knowledge of who they are as well as their personal mission, and others who have already remembered, will be acting as wayshowers and guides, serving as an example for all who desire to step into this journey.

This is a very important time for us to work with our bodies, as these energies are only properly embodied when we intentionally align with them, decree what is our purpose in co-creating with these frequencies and begin a conscious process of directing them into our bodies, as otherwise the energies do not do it all by themselves. We are the ones who need to invite and conduit them within our bodies.

Being conscious of this process involves working with all of our bodies at all levels, remembering that only daily dedication, and conscious direction of what we have descended is what will trigger the crystalline transformation that needs to occur for us to ascend, while we are still in a physical body.

We are the predecessors, wayshowers and seeders of this massive planetary change. We are not better than anyone else; we are just equal beings who began the process of soul remembering before others that is all. However, and especially to those who are in the front and have a more public presence, with this personal mission also comes a great responsibility – to be authentic, acting with integrity, and within Divine Love at all times.

Have a blessed and nurturing passage, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba