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Never say to a child – never commit the sin of saying to a child, “Love your mother.” Love the child and let love happen. Don’t say, “Love me because I’m your mother, love me because I’m your father. Love me.” Don’t make it a commandment, or the child will miss it again and again. Just love the child, and in a loving environment that string in him will suddenly begin to vibrate.” OSHO (Empathy, p. 150, Inner World Publishing)

In order for a child to develop, it needs the freedom to express its own feelings and thoughts – only by being able to have its own experiences does it gain self-confidence.

Preconceived opinions, traditional commandments or restrictions that lead to children not daring to share their feelings and thoughts lead to neuroses.

Above all, self-perception and self-confidence suffer.

People who were never allowed to express their own feelings as children, or who were condemned for doing so, develop great insecurities, have fears, develop a tendency towards perfectionism and are afraid of new things.

There is great insecurity on all levels, only because in childhood there was no one to say, “The way you think and feel is the right way!”

This psychological digression introductory to this message …


who like to be “in control” or in control of their children? Be aware:

Your children belong only to yourselves and to God.

Therefore, first lay down your claims of ownership and power over your children.

This is done by first becoming aware of and admitting these claims, and then by removing them with the divine light.

Heal your own wounds, the wounds that your own childhood has caused in your soul. Then you will have taken a big step in the right direction.

What adult likes to be told what to feel and what to think? What adult loves to love where he must, instead of loving where and whom he wants?

The question mothers and fathers should ask themselves is, “What wounds from my childhood still need to be healed?” This relaxes the relationships with the children, you and the children themselves.

The freedom that the children need for their development, many adults must first gain for themselves.

For the lack of freedom in thinking and feeling that many adults experience causes this restriction to be passed on, “inherited,” to the next generation.


Therefore, it is of utmost importance for a thriving family life that mothers and fathers, as children, have been able to express their love as they see fit. If this has not been the case, then it is necessary to regain this freedom in later years, through consciousness work. For this freedom is the foundation on which love for children can flourish, since it is not polluted by anything.

“Love your mother, love your father,” says no mother and says no father who loves himself!

If children have to make up for the lack of self-love of parents, it means harm to all family members.

So I invite you to look inside yourself on this subject.

What goes on inside you when children freely express their feelings and thoughts, especially when it becomes uncomfortable for you. How much truth can you tolerate and how freely can children express it? Do you allow children to love those they want to love, rather than those you think are lovable?

Do you like to give children advice, or do you live a life that children can use to guide themselves? Which do you love more: commandments or freedom?

Work your way up these questions and you will let go of many a belief and embrace new ways of looking at things.

Love is free. This is the message.


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