Archangel Michael: Clearing the Way


As we have been saying, the moment is one of much introspection. The time is to look within and not be afraid of what will be seen. I begin this week with you today exactly by asking each of you to look within. The time is not for judgment, the time is not for pointing the finger at yourself; the time is for actually clearing out everything that is in there. So I would say that it is like an old closet, where you put everything that is no longer useful, but who knows, one day, inside it. And all that stuff is piling up, and it can’t even be put away anymore; it’s a real mess.

So, looking at this closet and almost crying because you don’t know where to start tidying up, it’s no use; you can also do as you often do, throw everything on the floor and tidy up little by little. I will tell you that this is a special closet. It is not a closet like you have in your daily lives, this closet is nothing but your mind. It is storing there: feelings, experiences, joys, sorrows, resentments, grievances, anger, irony, persecution, revenge, contempt, discrimination, racism? I could go on and on about a lot of problems, but that is not the point.

So I would tell you that the joys, the moments of laughter, the moments of pure happiness, are lost inside, you can’t find them to start tidying up. They are too few, so there is no point in wanting to start there.

So how to start? As I have said here countless times, any process of cleansing, any process of change, has to start with forgiveness. This word is so small but so powerful, and it works miracles in this tidying up that you have, in this mess that you have to clean up.

So I’m going to show you how to start this tidying up. And no, don’t try to do it all in one day; any kind of feeling inside your mind has to be very well worked through, has to be very well analyzed, because if not, it will come back. When you think you have taken it out of the closet, it will be there again, huge. Why? Because you didn’t treat it properly. So, the vision I have of this closet is a perfect mess, it’s a lot of mixed feelings; it’s a lot of stored feelings. Many have created dust, created mold, created cobwebs so deep, and so deep in this closet they are. So I would say that those will be left for the end, there is no point in wanting to clean out the bottom without attacking the surface, what is on the outside.

The point of all this today…, many are thinking, “But he’s already talked about this, is he going to repeat it again?” So I’ll tell you something: Many of you have done the forgiveness procedure, but how long have you been doing it? And then I ask you, have you never felt anything again? Have you been all joy, have you been all gratitude, good feelings? I can tell you no. So the procedure of forgiveness is something that I would say to you that you would have to do almost daily. But I understand that it is complicated, because many of you cannot afford that much.

So come on, let’s make a compromise: once a week, do the forgiveness procedure. What does it look like? You will have a reminder of what it will be like. So, let’s say you started the forgiveness procedure today, asked for forgiveness for everything you have done, asked for forgiveness for everything your soul has done. “Oh no, wait a minute, but I already asked forgiveness for my soul!” Yes, and you asked deeply, you asked in faith? how many millennia has your soul been here? Do you think that a simple request will clean everything? Sweet illusion. Your soul has made many mistakes, and each time you do the procedure, you cleanse a piece, not everything, because there is a lot to be cleaned.

So let’s go on, moving on. So you ask forgiveness for all that you have done, against the other and against yourself; because you also make mistakes against yourself. Yes, and I will say that this is the biggest part. Everything wrong you have done that you are reaping today, who did it? It was you, it was your souls. So forgiving everything that you have done, that your soul has done, is essential. And the second part is asking for forgiveness: asking for forgiveness for those you have hurt in every way; for all the feelings you have used to hurt, to wound a brother, another soul.

So I would say to you: That this simple gesture of forgiving and asking for forgiveness, once a week, what will be the result? That closet that you are terrified of because you don’t know where to start, be sure that after each procedure of this one, it will be emptier, because every feeling in that one has been forgiven or asked for forgiveness. And once again I want to remind you: you ask for forgiveness, and if the other doesn’t forgive you, no problem. If your request for forgiveness was sincere, it was from the bottom of your heart, repentance happened, you learned that lesson, you understood that you were unfair or that you acted in a wrong way.

So for you there will be consequences. Those feelings that you provoked against the other, will be eliminated each in its own time. But the question remains unanswered, what if the other does not forgive you? That is the other’s problem, he still has a long way to go to learn to forgive, it is not your problem. In the same way, forgive all those who have hurt you and those feelings will also go away. Now it’s very important, to make something very clear: many of you take it, light the candle; “Oh, I ask for forgiveness and forgive everyone who has hurt me,” and that’s that. Because the candle will do the whole process. Ah, I remembered, I will do the whole process, no? I will go there, I will ask for forgiveness one by one…. Interesting, very interesting. Because that’s not what happens at all, my action in the procedure is exactly, to evaluate if your request for forgiveness and your forgiveness were true, were from the bottom of the heart, were strong enough to provoke the cleaning out of some stuff from that closet.

This is my role. I don’t do anything, I just clean out the closet. I don’t forgive anyone. I don’t judge, how can I forgive? So, when you do such a procedure, do it with love, do it with pure repentance, with total surrender to the moment, otherwise that closet will remain full, nothing will happen. And here comes another question that is shouting now, how to know whether the cupboard is empty or not? It is easy, very easy. When you forgive someone it is because that person has done something to you; it doesn’t matter here whether you are right or wrong. Inside you, that someone hurt you, hurt you, hurt you in some way. So if you look after the procedure, look at this someone and feel nothing, feel no anger, no more resentment, feel nothing, even be able to give him a sincere hug, you have forgiven him. Make sure that the cupboard has emptied at that point, concerning this person.

Now you have forgiven, you look at the person and it all comes back like an exploding volcano; your process was totally wrong, because you didn’t achieve anything. So there is no doubt whether it worked or not. What about the past, what did your soul do? Very well, there is no way for you to know, but the heart will tell. It is as if a great weight is coming off your hearts. It is that feeling that you know you need to forgive, but you don’t know why or to whom. And as you do the procedure, it seems to go away, and you become light. And that, of course, you will feel.

One important thing also to be said: I said, you should do the lightning walk. And I still say the same thing. Because the walk is a transmutation; if, with the procedures of forgiveness, you clean out that closet, the transmutation will have little to do, you will find almost nothing left in the bag; but if the bag is totally empty, you will be cleaning out everything you don’t even identify that you did during the day. So what is the purpose of the Lightning Walk? It is to keep you always clean, it is for you to be aware and conscious of all the mistakes you made that day, and the bag will be there, with some little things to be transmuted.

So you have nothing to gain, nothing to lose. And why are we insisting so much on these issues? Because you are there, in the Third Dimension. No one goes invisible for a day in the Third Dimension. Unless you isolate yourself in a beautiful nature, in a wonderful place, where you have only good feelings; Oh, and no one by your side to shake your confidence and your balance. So, can any of you claim that you are not unbalanced by anything? I believe no one.

So, it’s a way to always make you as balanced and clean as possible. So you are doing the forgiveness procedure once a week, clearing out everything that is left behind, clearing out that closet, clearing out the dirt of the past. Now transmutation happens with the dirt of the day, if you have finished cleaning up. But I can tell you, that by doing both procedures, the transmutation will be very selective. Because all the masters will realize that you will be engaged in cleaning yourself from the past, so they will only be concerned about the day. Don’t forget that the masters accompany you and know exactly what happened that day.

So let me make one thing clear here: I’m not forcing anyone to do anything, those who want to do it do it, those who are effectively concerned with becoming Fifth Dimension souls do it. Because even those who have financial difficulties and can’t buy the candle requested, I would say, light whatever candle you can afford, even a small one. Now if it is done with heart and with surrender, I will know what to do. Now, don’t use this subterfuge to be rest assured: “Oh, I can’t find it. And he said, I could do it with anyone!” Did I say that? Be careful what you interpret with my words. Don’t listen to what is convenient for you.

Then I will know how to interpret it, case by case. And again, I say this to you: Don’t try to fool us, because you are not fooling us, you are fooling yourselves. Those who can buy, will buy what is asked for, this is also a form of consciousness. Be very careful what you interpret, very careful. And I say this: It is not to keep asking others, what has to be done. If you don’t understand, listen to the video several times, ask for my help; but don’t keep disturbing others with your doubt. In fact, there is no reason to have doubt.

Those who have never done the forgiveness procedure, they will be informed in this video. So don’t keep asking where you are either. You will be informed. I am not being rude to any of you. I am making you learn, to live for yourselves. You are too used to any problem to turn to the other, you are never able to do anything, you never achieve anything. Why? Because you are used to always asking for help from the other. Those who want it, run after it, who want it, try to learn, to stop asking for help from the other.

So I don’t want anyone here disturbing the other, asking what to do. I hope I’ve been clear enough. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to say that here, I’d rather just say what has to be said and nothing more. But you insist, you don’t learn, and you keep using the other. When will you learn? When? When despair comes? Then you will remember that we exist? And I will tell you, it will already be a little bit too late, because we have been by your side all along, and you just ignore us. Then, in your hour of desperation, you come to us for help? Of course we will give you help, proportional to your faith, proportional to your walk. That is all. Don’t blame us later, if things don’t work out.

We are being very clear, all of us. If you want help, ask us for it. As long as you don’t believe that, that we will help you, you will continue to leave us far behind, despising our help. This is what you do. So, I don’t want anyone asking for help from the other. Is that clear? Learn when you don’t understand, to ask for our help. We are giving you time to learn this, but many of you, unfortunately, continue to ignore it, continue to follow the same path you always had, of using others as a crutch, of never running after anything, always asking for the other.

I AM THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL! I am not here to please anyone, nor to put my hand on your head. It is not, and never has been my mission. My mission is to call you to reason, to call you to attention, because only in this way can you sometimes open your eyes.

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6 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Clearing the Way”

  1. Ivan Draco

    When you don’t forgive, you hold bitterness, anger, resentment and retribution in your heart.

    Look at the U.K. and the Hillsborough football incident where a human crush killed 96 people in 1989. Some relatives of the dead have never moved on from that day because they cannot forgive. They blame the police. They cannot forgive them. But the real forgiveness has to be for the people that stepped on the fallen. That climbed over them and killed them in their desperation to escape. Only when the relatives stop blaming the police, look at who caused the deaths and then find it in their hearts to forgive them, only then will they take a step forward for the first time in 32 years.

  2. Paulo Urbina

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    Urbi De Paul y la canción Vamos Todos primer single de mi álbum GrimorioS muchas gracias mucha luz a todos.

  3. Douglas A James

    Forgiveness shouldnt be so complicated should it? Forgive yourself and forgive others and move forward. We seem to spend alot of our time forgiving but now let’s summarize.. we were taken over by negative ETs.. tricked into reincarnating over and over for more short lifes.. lied to.. chipped.. vaxxed programmed made to work for money to survive.. which forced many to compete.. beg borrow or steal.. this was a school for growth??? The Venusians had no interference!! Blue Aviens ascended from 3D to 3l4D to 5D smoothly.. lovingly.. earth has been a trainwreck by comparison..
    Law of One

    1. Frances Rose

      It should be easy. Tell someone who has hurt you, that you forgive them, ask for forgiveness if needed. I did not know we were supposed to light candles? Is the intent of being sorry and asking for forgiveness not enough? We have been through a lot, and now, what is coming to light is so horrific. The children! Right under all our noses? Yes, we should be telling those poor babies, we are sorry for what has been done to them, for not acting sooner. More importantly, we should be making sure it never happens again.

      1. Claudia

        Yes, forgiving is easy, but: A long while ago I enrolled myself in a one year long “spiritual school engagement” that included filling out a “homework sheet” every evening. Amongst other tasks I had to fill out two lists of forgiveness: “I forgive myself …” and “I forgive others …” that made me LOOK AROUND HARD for any kind of even the smallest stuff that came up. From that experience I know that “removing by forgiveness” isn´t done in one shot only. Most of the stuff that I felt needed forgiveness reappeared on that list day after day after day until I didn´t have to write it down anymore. ONLY THEN it was gone.

        After that year “forgiveness itself” was gone too, that´s how purifying this time was. The funny thing is there is so much more about this year I had not known/looked at before that MY GUIDANCE (who made me go there or who is writing this… such crazy state of mind when there is no difference any more) is telling me about just now.