Great Splitting Paths

In truth nothing is ever missing from our lives – what we may be so desperately looking for may just be in another form, which we may not be consciously aware of, as yet.

For indeed as the soul journeys through life, there may be moments when crossroads appear, and the soul then may choose the seeming “wrong path” or make mistakes. Yet, know that even the seemingly “wrong paths” indeed, teach you soul lessons along the way, and indeed, and all serves in the long run.

At this momentous time we are collectively standing at crossroads of the Great Splitting Paths, – indeed one leads to Oneness and Unity and Harmony and the Full embracing of our highest soul truth and Divinity.

The other just leads us ever back into the quagmire of whatever we created before and again and again.

The choice is yours.

During Soul journeys there will always be times of lingering, of just Being, of stillness, quietude and often just needing to rest in that stillness – with open hearts and gratitude and simply to allow whatever comes, come.

The more we ask the Divine to reveal itself to us, the more we will find that those resting places indeed become sacred places, where we find just inner Unity and Oneness, and Revelations and visions, and indeed, these became the inner strength, faith and resilience to see us through the next phases of the soul journey, the challenges and tests.

Indeed there comes a time in the life of an eagle, when it is weary and weak and it sits itself down at a stream, up high in the mountains, and then stops eating. Indeed, it pulls out its feathers and then with its last strength, wades into the water with its beak wide open. It seems as if the eagle is committing suicide, and has lost its will to live, to carry on.

Then, when you think the eagle will die, it pulls itself out of the water almost by its will alone, and then manages to get onto a grassy patch, and then slowly but surely starts eating grass and small prey again. Until one day, the Eagle rises again, finds its wings and then allows the hot air current to lift him higher and higher and higher than ever before. Indeed, the eagle now has renewed strength and indeed now flies higher than ever before and indeed lives in far more powerful and greater ways.

You too can now rise up like that eagle, resurrected into a totally new life, and new beginnings, as you leave the old embodiment and everything else behind. Indeed, this is the time of the Great Resurrection and the Great Rebirth into the New Earth, with great Love.

**By Judith Kusel