Archangel Gabriel: From Cult to Community

There is a misconception that those who were drawn into cults were weak-minded. In truth, the vast majority of people who end up in cults are drawn to them because they resonate with the higher principles of service, community, and unity consciousness.

All areas where there have been misuses of power are up for review, and cults are an example of how people gather with the best of intentions to serve the whole only to give their power away to the one. This is particularly difficult to detach from because those involved entered with a true desire to do good and it may involve reevaluating all of their beliefs.

In fact, when it comes to cults it is common that members do a better job of walking their talk than the leader does. It can be hard for them to discern which spiritual beliefs are valid and true and which ones had been twisted and used against them.

As more people step forward in their awakening process they will be seeking community. It is time to create these communities in ways that serve the whole and allow people to serve and express themselves in ways that are safe and empowering.

True leadership will lead people to their own wisdom, and honour them in the expression of it. Individuality will be celebrated as will growth and wellness. People will be not be told what to do but rather guided into connecting and listening with their own wisdom.

If you have been in a cult and have gotten out, we urge you to understand you are not dumb and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It was your goodness that led you there and that goodness is still there within you. You must take time to unpack all of your spiritual beliefs, one by one. With your wisdom you will start to see which are valid and which had been used inappropriately.

This is an opportunity to not throw out your spirituality but rather to hone your discernment. All true spiritual teachings support the empowerment, wellness, and freedom of all involved. Use that template as you unpack your beliefs.

If you love someone who has been in a cult, understand why they found it appealing. It is important not to shame them. Be consistent and loving. It is incredibly difficult for them to rediscover their true identity outside of the cult they were in. It is a process.

  • Encourage them to find their core truths and to explore and express them in ways that aren’t hurtful or disempowering.
  • Let them know they don’t have to give up their spirituality as it is a major part of who they are.
  • Ask them if they were the leader of a group and if they were leading by love what choices they would make and allow them to observe the differences between their choices and how they were treated.

It is there that the contrast will be come clear. Give them the space to figure it out and get that clarity without your interference and judgment.

Understand how difficult it can be to give up an attachment to a dream. They need time to grieve. It is likely they have a strong desire to serve. As they get more clarity, help them figure out how they can honour their desire to serve in healthier ways that serve everyone involved, including them.

And most of all, love them for being the tender, caring souls they are, for that is what they were trying to express all along.

**Channel: Shelley Young


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