The Angels: The Tide

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have a saying upon your earth, “A rising tide raises all boats.” We would add, “as long as the rope that tethers the boats to the dock is long enough to withstand the tide!” Can you imagine what happens to a boat tethered by a short rope during a high rising tide? You already know the answer – either the rope must break, or the boat will flood.

Think of yourself as one of those little boats tethered to a dock. imagine the dock is the foundation of beliefs you have espoused throughout your life – who you thought you must be in order to consider yourself a good person, what you decided you must do to please others, what you feel makes you lovable, worthy, desirable, spiritual, what you believe makes others lovable, who believe others must be to be good people, etc.

To the degree that you have granted yourself the freedom to decide which beliefs serve your heart, your joy, and your loving true self, and which do not, you have granted yourself a longer rope. To the degree you feel controlled by these beliefs, and controlled by others, you are tied to them by a very short rope.

So here you are now, flooded by tidal waves of the most intense and beautiful energies of love the planet earth has seen in centuries. Like those little boats, you are either riding the rising tide of love by being true to yourself in a given moment and allowing others the same, or like a boat on a short rope you are feeling the tugs, pulls, and strains of being tied to unloving beliefs and behaviors while the rising tide of love strives to set you free.

In very practical terms this means you will feel happy and free when you let yourself be who you really are in a given moment and when you choose to feel as good as you can, regardless of the conditions and behaviors of those around you.

Conversely, you will feel strained, frustrated, angry, stuck, or exhausted when you are tethered to “who you think you should be” and when you allow your joy to depend on the conditions and behaviors of others around you.

For example, suppose someone makes a request of you. If you honestly feel like doing it and you do, you’ll feel happy, abundant, and inspired. If you don’t feel like it and you kindly decline without any guilt whatsoever or offer an alternative plan, you’ll feel good as well. In both cases, you’re riding the rising tide of love by loving yourself enough to honor your own heart and inner compass. You’re loving the other enough to be honest with them. Whether or not they accept your authentic answer with grace depends on the length of their own rope.

Now suppose you don’t feel like doing this favor, but you do it anyway. You make nice, do it out of duty, or because you feel must in order to be a loving person. In this case, you’re actually being unloving to yourself and dishonest with the other. You are tethered to beliefs about who you “should” be, and you are straining against the rising tide of love. As a result, you’ll likely feel tired, bitter, resigned, or simply out of sorts depending on the degree of disconnection from your true feelings.

Similarly, if your happiness depends on the agreement or behaviors of others, or upon external conditions in your world, you have tethered yourself directly to them with a very short rope! You will feel the stress and strain of tugging against the rising tide of love that wants you to give yourself the freedom to create and to be happy regardless of the external world.

Dear ones, it is no longer possible to comfortably resist the love rising up within each and every one of you! Honor your own hearts. Be true to yourself. Love yourself enough to be lovingly honest with yourself and therefore lovingly honest with others. Love yourself through your less-than-loving moments and have the compassion for yourself to choose the next best feeling thought. Choose your own feelings. Create your own reality through a higher vibe and live your lives freely – untethered from the behaviors or beliefs of others.

And then when you are authentically able to do so, love the light – however dim it might be – within the “unlovable” enough to pray for their upliftment. As you fan the flames of truth with your prayers and loving intentions for all beings, you allow the rising tide of love to raise you up as well.

The tides of love are rising up within you. Don’t fight them dear ones. Be gentle, kind, and loving to yourselves. Untether yourself from external conditions. Breathe, receive, and know that love very much wants to “float your boat” and carry you upward into a kinder, more honest, authentic, and harmonious reality. It may be a bit bumpy as you learn to untether yourselves – both individually and collectively – but more and more you are discovering what the freedom to love yourself and others truly feels like. Soon very soon, if not already, you will find that it feels very much like heaven on earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Channel: Ann Albers


2 Replies to “The Angels: The Tide”

  1. Susan

    Not a good analogy. Docks float and rise with the tide too. But I get the message. Beliefs tie us down, constrain freedom. And some of us are so free our boats aren’t tied to any dock. We are out there sailing the ocean blue. Watching the dolphins surf our wake and play. Heaven. No ropes in sight.