Great Expansion

expansion image eraoflightdotcomAs the heart opens and the soul connects, and we indeed find our way back to the Greatest Infinite Knowing of the Truth of Who and What we are, in truth, immense expansion is now awaiting us.

I was shown this morning the New Jerusalem rising (something I have been called upon to assist into being and form in the last few months, intensified in the last few weeks and now days), this is indeed the time of the Great Rising, the Return to the Power of Love and indeed back into our true inheritance: Wholeness, Unity and Cosmic Citizenship.

The ancient songs, the ancient tones of the White Flame are being transmitted through me, and indeed, as I sing and chant them, tears of joy are running down my cheeks.

The most sacred of tones are now reverberating through the New Earth, as she is cosmically being tuned into the 7th to 12 vibrational frequency bands. There is such joy and celebration in the Universe as this is happening, for indeed, the Milky Way Galaxy is now rising into much higher octaves of Vibrational frequencies, and thus we too.

Know that the upgrades and immense energy changes upon us, are tuning us into the higher dimensional frequency bands. We need to go through transfiguration, in order to be able to withstand the new vibrational frequency bands, and not disintegrate.

This is just going to intensify over the next few weeks and months and the whole of next year, for by the end of next year, we need to be able to fully step into the 7th dimensional state – all is happening!

What a joy to be alive and well and on planet earth at this time.

You can only navigate this through the open heart and wisdom of you own soul, as ONE with the Divine Source within you, as the Highest Octaves of the Universal Christ Consciousness returns.

You are a Divine Book of Love, being written in the Sacred Tones and Codes of Love now being released. All you can do, is become the harp being played by Divine Loving Hands, and thus allow your strings to vibrate and let the heavenly music pour through you! As you are allowing this to happen, you indeed become the Music and the Music becomes you, as you are ever lifted higher and higher and indeed become AS ONE with the Omni-Versal Music and the Divine Heart, as the Seraphim join in and the “Holy, Holy, Holy” reverberates throughout Creation!

**By Judith Kusel


4 Replies to “Great Expansion”

  1. Douglas A James

    We are not moving to the 7D. It takes millions of years to move from 5D to 6D .. why would Judith make this comment?? We are moving from 3 to 5D never been done before while keeping our bodies..