Incoming Wave Sets

Zooming out into the big picture above and beyond the stories of the chaotic churning of earth plane human consciousness to the eagle’s view of galactic multidimensionality, I see waves of energy – plasma – liquid light – sets of waves flowing through the Universe into our realm, one after the other. Layers of light and sound, feeling tones, infusions of high, refined frequencies are pulsing through our experience. Physical bodies are integrating the energies, causing discomfort as the body adjusts to the new frequencies. Simple deep breathing, toning and energetic movement practices such as Qi Gong helps to open meridians – energetic pathways – to clear out density to make room for the new vibration. Surrender into mindfulness and the moment of now. Allow yourself some moments breathing with trees.

Humanity is in a birthing process, contracting and expanding with the plasma waves. I have a thought that the birthing energies are coming from the center of the Universe but as I write this, I hear: There is no center. You are the center. All consciousness is the center. What is birthing from you, within you? You are the creators. Take up the mantle – this message is for everyone reading this, for you are all the center of the Universe – take up the mantle of creators of your experience.

Ahh… we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It is up to us to take responsibility for our creations in this world. As things fall apart, we can dream on what we want our Human experience to be like. Instead of focusing on what isn’t working and what is falling apart, if more of us focus on the feeling of a world we want to be in, we can co-create it. What new way of living are we dreaming (creating) into existence?

Eclipse Energy

Sometimes we get caught in the tumultuous chaos of breaking waves, sometimes we dive into them or surf them. There is always a version of this being played out somewhere in the world. The tumult is calling for change. We know the way to grow and move forward is to heal pain within ourselves and this is also playing out in the world as group souls engage in conflict and creation. Those who are in a polarity of division need to realize that both “sides” are generating the same energy, they just attach different stories to it.

Truth is being revealed. That which has been swept under the rug can no longer be hidden – from micro to macro. In our lives and in the greater collective of humanity. Watch for old feelings coming back up to be seen, felt and released into the passing waves. Stuff we’ve dealt with already can be coming up for a deeper release. Friendships that no longer resonate because we can no longer overlook certain attitudes and behaviour may be leaving our lives.

We are witnessing old ways falling away, dissolving, and we are also witnessing new ways of being emerging. Let us be open to what presents in our lives at this time and look at it as what we are calling in. Practicing kindness to ourselves and others comes naturally to us and is flowing through us more and more. If you are not finding this to be true, open your heart to yourself and see if you can hold love for yourself and contemplate what being kind to yourself would look and feel like. Start within your precious being, fill yourself with love and eventually it will radiate out from you effortlessly and you will begin to notice love coming back to you in your outer reality.

Sudden deep tiredness, or lethargy comes over us at times and often I, personally feel like I’m just wandering around. It’s so hard to focus on any particular project, of which there are many. (In fact, I’ve been working on writing this message for DAYS!)

Low Grade Depression

Another response or side-effect of receiving the expansive energy can be low grade depression that sinks us into a slow floating feeling, as if in a dream, untethered, disconnected, and just plain weird. This feeling can come on suddenly and the day goes strange. We are also feeling grief in the collective field. One moment you’re working in your garden (literal and metaphoric), the next you may find yourself weeping for no apparent reason. We have an empathic and telepathic connection to one another. There is so much grief in the world – so many people have died in the last year and many people have lost beloved animal companions as well. We may also be feeling grief for a way of life that has changed. These feelings are in the field that we are all sharing.

We are all connected to one another, like the way trees in a forest are connected through subterranean fungi – we Humans are connected through electromagnetic frequencies running subconsciously within the fields of energy around us. I see it like filaments of fiberoptics in different colors reaching out like capillaries but lit up like tendrils of lightening – connecting through the Inner Net. We are feeling the disharmony – and the joys – of our collective consciousness. When we sink into depression or feel like we’re being vibrated with anxiety, we can try breathing our way into calmness and presence in the moment, then sending love out into the collective, because we can be sure that if we’re feeling a certain way, there are others who are feeling this way also. Sending love or peace into the grid of consciousness helps one to feel connected, dispelling loneliness. Our telepathic abilities enable us to feel when we make the inner connection. Give it a try the next time these feelings come over you. Stop, sit, breathe and love.

Black Holes

I’ve had this weird thing happen a few times, before falling asleep, I have felt myself suddenly on the verge of a feeling of panic. It’s like I’m on the edge, looking into an abyss of energy circling like a dark magnetic vortex, a black hole. Tendrils of panic, despair, feeling the pointlessness of everything humanity is focused on rise up from the abyss. If I lean into it, I would feel it wind around me and start to pull me in. I choose not to go into that abyss and have brought myself back from the edge through deep breathing and focusing on the present moment. Part of the pull is related to a feeling of overwhelm regarding being in the physical – all the physical things that need tending to, all the projects I have not completed, and so on. Why was I there at the edge of the abyss to begin with? My own feeling of overwhelm in this spinning world no doubt had something to do with it, also, travelling in the subterranean landscape of human consciousness, taking the pulse, so to speak, of an aspect of Human experience.

Vastness of Being: A human condition. Trying to live a “normal” life then realizing so much is out of balance and you are looking into the abyss of despair – a place where much human consciousness dwells, and has dwelt for thousands of your years. There is darkness, deep darkness, a density that absorbs light.

I see light floating on top of this pit of despair, glowing, radiating peace. My heart feels fear of falling into that abyss. You have brought yourself up from that place. You have been there. This is a place where some people go… down into the abyss of despair. There is always a way out. The eagle flies high and dives low. Exploring the heights and depths of consciousness.

Realizing how far we, as a race of Human Beings, have moved from the center of balance and harmony, can bring up anxiety. Years ago, when I was experiencing my awakening, I would feel panic at the realization of this. It was like I was lost in a dark jungle, trying to find my way to the clearing where there was a beautiful comforting fire blazing and loving, kind people there in the center, playing music and drumming. In my dreams I would be stumbling over roots and rocks trying to get to that distant glow, the sound of the drums calling me onward. That center exists, within us and without as our soul families are united in the physical as well as through connections made in the Inner Net where we connect energetically with one another for support and amplification of love.

From my daily drawing journal, 6.13.21

Arrogance and Unworthiness

The resonance of arrogance is at the heart of conflict and has been playing out in the world for eons. Arrogance is the reflection of separation and has been behind the trauma of human existence here on earth. What else could make a group of people feel they are better than others, but a complete separation of heart from mind, body and spirit? Arrogance has no ears to hear, no heart to feel love. Arrogance feeds hatred and false superiority. It is like a military tank running people over with no regard for life, it is what has driven slavery, abuse, oppression.

What is at the core of arrogance is often a feeling of unworthiness and not being “good enough.” But there is another kind of arrogance at the core of which is something hard and cold. It is a true belief of superiority. It is the energy within autocracy where the one who holds themself as superior reigns over those who feel unworthy. They are surrounded by sycophants resonating with the polarity of arrogance/unworthiness and vying for positions that support the autocrat, always seeking more and more power by standing on the backs of the “small people” from whom they suck energy by manipulation that divides them from one another through false beliefs and ideologies.

The frequency of arrogance is imploding. It is cracking and crumbling. The waves of energy coming from the center that is everywhere (in a holographic sense) carry the frequency of love and of the Divine Feminine. This energy cannot be stopped, it is carrying Humanity forward into an evolutionary momentum the likes of which has not been experienced on Earth on such a massive scale. Ride the waves of love, love what comes up within you even if it feels “bad” or scary. Love is the healing balm, love nurtures our innocence, washes away ancestral trauma responses, helps to heal memories and feelings that push us into fear. Love brings us into the center where the fire warms us and we are not alone.

Expansion and Contraction

The Divine Human is being born within each of us. The pulsing waves of energy contract – pushing and squeezing out what no longer resonates with our Divine Soul Essence. And then the energy expands, filling us with Love Force energy, harmonizing us with the Universe – the Is-ness of existence. Contractions can come in the form of memories and regrets, unresolved issues that need our acknowledgement, love and release. The incoming waves can carry this energy out of our field, and make room for the expansive evolutionary energy, which offers us creative inspiration and a feeling of joyful empowerment.

Waves wash through you carrying that which no longer resonates in harmony out of your field. Allow the expansiveness to stretch you and open your heart to receive the love of Divine Source.

Feelings of expansion come as a sensation of being stretched from within. Often the expanding energies can be noticed before falling asleep, or if sleep eludes you. Lie in bed, breathing deeply and imagine that you are looking, with eyes closed, into the Universe… the inner Youniverse. You may feel sensations like an inner quaking, or an extreme expansiveness going through you or a deep cold within. Breathe into it. It is the gift of evolution. Recently I was unable to sleep and as I lay, breathing deeply, I suddenly felt a surge of energy filling me and expanding. I felt like I was on top of a mountain and at the same time out in the cosmos and I was actually ROARING as I received this energy. It was powerful and I allowed it to fill me and then it subsided. Now, when painful memories and feelings from deep in my past come up, I feel this roar rising within me, pushing out that old pain and trauma. It is like a primal energy pushing at walls of oppression and limitation. It isn’t just the story of events in my current life, but of all Humanity. What isn’t truth, what doesn’t harmonize with our Divine Soul Essence can be cast out with these powerful energies that are here for us.


This is not an easy process. We need to slow down, be kind to ourselves and others, flow gently through our lives being mindful and practicing appreciation as we go through this massive change together. Also, we can send love into the collective, into the grid of consciousness around the earth. Many are going through tragic, life-changing experiences and radiating love into the field of consciousness all around us is so important and helpful at this time for those who are caught in the churning waves.

The anatomy of a wave – further out from shore, they are swells rising and falling, where we can rest and gather energy, as well as hold energetic space for the collective. Closer to shore the wave begins to curl – you can surf it with empowered joy or dive into it and feel the rush of water carrying off what no longer serves you. In the shallower water along the shoreline, the wave breaks, and the power of the churning chaos can tumble and spin us and slam us into the sand, shaking loose what no longer serves us. Sometimes we’re in that place, sometimes we can dive into the wave and sometimes we can float on the swells, there is no right or wrong, just the isness of where we are in the moment.

Always remember, we have reached critical mass of those who hold and radiate bright love and we are growing all the time as many people are undergoing the kundalini awakening in their own way. So even if things look dire, remember we are the creators and we are in a great collaboration, growing, expanding and creating a new way of living on this beautiful Earth, Humans united through compassion, kindness and love.

Shine on and know you are not alone,


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