Message from the Children on the “Ever Given” Cargo Ship

We are the children who died while we were being held on the cargo ship called the Ever Given (Losha note…their collective age is about eight years old, here).

Everyone was talking about the ship, and what it might be holding…well, it was “holding” us. There were a lot of us on that ship who did not live to be rescued. We are very sad about that…but we have been told by the beings who are helping us now that we will not be sad for much longer. They tell us that we have some “deprogramming” to do…they say we have to let go of all the bad stuff that happened to us. They say that we have had other lifetimes that we will learn about later…but right now, all we want to do is to feel better…no more pain, no more darkness, no more being afraid, no more loneliness.

We are told that we need to try to heal ourselves…well, we have been hurt for so long (some since birth), that we just want to feel loved by someone, except that we aren’t on Earth anymore, and our families aren’t here with us. We are kind of feeling love from the beings who are trying to help us, but it isn’t the same…all of us just wanted to be loved when we were on Earth, and now we will never get to feel that, ever. We are very sad and angry about that.

All of us were “hidden” in the cargo ship, so we would not be found. It took a long time for the rescuers to find us…and by then it was too late for many of us. We are glad that almost half of us were found alive, but we wish it could have been all of us.

We were treated very bad…we were hungry a lot, and we had to sit next to our own poop. We were forced to watch as the “bad ones” did things to some of us…there was nothing we could do to stop it. We felt bad that we couldn’t help our friends.

We just want to tell what happened to us so it never happens again…so, please tell anyone who can help save the rest of the boys and girls who are still being treated bad (in other locations), so they won’t have to hurt any more. They need your help! Please pray for us and send us love. Thank you.

The Children from the Ever Given cargo ship.

Note from Losha…this was a very sobering message for me to receive…but I felt their insistence about it for several days. I truly felt as though it was an eight year old who was talking to me…I tried to reflect that as best I could.

I ask that we all send those beautiful departed children as much love as we can…to help them to begin to heal from their traumas. Yes, there are wonderful beings helping them and guiding them now, however, as you can read, their experiences are still very real to them and they are having trouble letting go…it will take time for them to heal, but I am sure that our Love for these precious children of God, will help them during their challenging healing efforts.

Thank you to all of you beautiful angels reading this! Losha.

**Channel: Losha


10 Replies to “Message from the Children on the “Ever Given” Cargo Ship”

  1. Ben

    By reading the comments I can tell who is going to have a hard time coping with reality when the revelations come out. 😆

    1. Jon Gorton

      When are the revelations coming out? After everyone gets vaccinated with Trumps beautiful shot? After the Maricopa County audit – you know the one that they put the results back another two months today. Still plenty of time to inject lots more people.

      When exactly do you think the revelations are coming?

      Because if they don’t come soon there won’t be anyone left to be shocked by them.


  2. E

    They have been heard and they are not alone. They will never be alone if they talk to the stars when it seems hopeless and dark. Lightworkers around the world who heal the innocent/those suffering for others sins too early would be advised to offer healing to these spirits as a matter of urgency.

  3. Sean

    No one would be able to survive inside of shipping containers sitting in direct sunlight. It would be well over 100 degrees with no airflow. They wouldn’t have survived more than an hour or two inside. This isn’t how people are being trafficked. Basic common sense.

    1. Ben

      Did you just arrive here from the 19th century? Have you ever heard of air conditioning units? Traffickers aren’t stupid. They know what they need to do to get their money.

      1. Sean

        I have heard of air conditioning units. Do you see any on the shipping containers? There’s about 20,000 containers and they aren’t climate controlled. You can actually go look at pictures of the ship and the containers and see that they’re not equipped with air conditioners. I’m not saying people aren’t being trafficked, I’m saying that people aren’t being trafficked in these shipping containers.

  4. Ann

    I saw satelite pictures online, shortly after the capture of the Evergreen, of Navy ships alongside the ship under the cover of darkness. It is believed that was when the children were rescued and a nuclear device was taken off. The ship is still being held but the military has completed its mission.

  5. Margie

    I agree with you Jon.
    Now All about money again… Endless trials!!!
    Ever given still chained…
    The sign was the food chain
    Quite clear
    Nothing is what it looks like!

  6. Jon Gorton

    This is the same Losha that channelled JFK a couple of weeks back advising that the vaccine was a good thing to take.

    This message is likewise a lie. The Evergiven ship is still in the same location it was in after being freed from the Suez Canal on the 29th March, which is at anchor in the Red Sea (coordinates 30.36088 N / 32.38356 E).

    The draught of the vessel is the same as when it was trapped meaning that no containers have been unloaded from the vessel to allow them be opened.

    Nothing has been removed because the Egyptian authorities have impounded the vessel. This is for fines due to the cost of the problems caused. These fines have still not been paid therefore the vessel is still impounded.

    There were no people in containers on the ship, nothing has been removed.

    In addition there were no nuclear weapons or climate altering equipment either on board either.

    If there was anything important to the Illuminati / Deep State, do you really think it would still be at anchor in the Red Sea 13 weeks later?

    1. Gerome Torribio

      Assuming you have had the means to read the draught measures (Plimsoll marks) on the ship’s side throughout this episode to make comparisons, how do you know that children were not removed by other means than bringing in a crane and lifting off the containers, one by one? And how much change in the draught of this 220,000 ton ship might the removal of children make that you could measure it? (100 children at 50 pounds each would work out to 2-1/2 tons out of 220,000). Methinks thou debunks too much–Losha made no mention of nuclear weapons or climate altering gear.