Solstice Rebirth; Honoring the Divine Feminine

The June 20 solstice is an opportunity for a rebirth, one that honors the divine feminine in all beings. Indeed, an essential part of our mandate in the 2020s is to anchor this vital energy on the Earth and facilitate its active expression. Continue reading to know what this means in your life and how you can prepare for solstice.


Solstice annually in June and December invites us to take a pause, go within, and connect with rebirth energies that can fuel positive momentum and breakthroughs in how we see ourselves. Connecting regularly with an updated vision of ourselves and our potentials is essential for spiritual growth and manifesting our highest purpose in the world.

The June solstice, with its focus on the divine feminine, reminds us of the importance of embodying divine feminine principles in everyday life.

For too long, the feminine has had a backseat role. Intuition, nurturing, and inner listening were devalued.

Women were seen as objects, not equal partners at the table of decision making and changing society. Sensitivity was misunderstood and or considered a detriment within patriarchal society. To be in touch with one’s feelings and outwardly express them was often taboo.

Our past history of discounting feminine principles has been a chief obstacle in creating a world based on love. It is the feminine energy that generates compassion, empathy, and an ability to see others without judgment. It is not just women who house the divine feminine–men naturally house it as well!

In our June 19 Post Wesak global meditation, participants will have a tangible experience with divine feminine rebirth. At this halfway point of the year, such a rebirth can become an essential catalyst for shedding outmoded energies and blocks to creative expression. Going forward, it’s vital that we apply the full set of our creative talents and passions as divine changemakers.

Prepare for Solstice with Reflection and Review

This week during the last part of Mercury retrograde we benefit from going within to reflect on our lives and review both our intentions and plans for manifestation. Think of this as a divinely-orchestrated preparatory time. We can use this to prepare ourselves for rebirth and going forward in brand-new ways.

Preparation is key to all of our life experiences. When we are in the driver’s seat of our own changes and evolution, we understand how vital such preparation is to our outcomes. No one can do this preparation but us. We have abundant support from others and spirit, of course, but it’s up to us to keep updated with ourselves and intuit our preparations in an ongoing way.

Suggestion for Reflection

Use this week ahead of solstice, while we’re still in Mercury retrograde until June 22, to reflect on your life path. Consider both big picture and the details. Mercury retrograde energy helps us to evaluate both, and to intuit missing pieces we need to put in place. It’s also a great window for planning our next projects and getting ready to change something in how we express ourselves in the world.

More tools for navigating your life and seeing yourself more clearly are coming in my soon-to-be-published book, “The Spiritual Compass to 2021”.

Meanwhile, wishing all of you many blessings and opportunities at our solstice window!

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