Archangel Gabriel: The Mind and the Soul

We were recently asked, “The thing I can’t get my mind around is where the soul wants to go and where my ego wants to go. How to get them to agree more? How do I know what I desire (ego) is what my soul has planned? How do I know why I have those blocks so I can more easily work within them?

For example, how long do I have to wait for things to flow when I am on a time frame of what someone else wants from me? Like vendors requiring money to do projects and repairs on my property. Why is it really so difficult?” We wish to explore this with you today.

Dear Ones, both the mind and the soul are essential for the experience of the human being. The purpose of the embodiment process you are participating in is to integrate more of the soul into the body – the much talked about spiritual experience in the human body. It might help to think of it as a co-creative partnership rather than a takeover.

The mind is the operating centre of the ego and works in separation. The heart is the operating centre of the soul and works in connection. As enlightening human beings, both are equally important. To try to eradicate one or the other would only put you in resistance to yourself and would create discomfort and deny the meld you are seeking to experience.

So to get the ego on board, it can be helpful to see it as a toddler who is invested in staying the same, doesn’t like change, wants to feel like it is in charge, and wants to be assured it won’t be left behind. Through your higher wisdom you understand you can love that part of you exactly as it is, but you certainly wouldn’t want it to make all the important decisions.

As your own wise one, you wish to guide it forward in the ways that are best for it in ways that make it feel safe and honoured. Reassure your ego that it is an essential part of you that you will always love and need but for now you will be taking care of things and it can focus on having fun or keeping track of your successes.

The ego or the mind likes to control. The soul navigates through flow. To continually discover what your soul wishes to expand into, you must allow it to take the lead. You do this through the divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. When using this system you are always guided to your solutions and your highest outcomes. Your life starts to unfold with greater grace and ease. You work very efficiently with the energies.

You don’t have to look for trouble because if there is something that needs your attention, it will be brought into your awareness, you can deal with it, and then get right back into flow. It is always serving you. You don’t need to know what your blocks are because the flow has the ability to navigate over, around, under, or through any perceived blockage with complete efficiency. It is the the mind wants to know but the heart has the solutions.

You asked why does it need to be difficult? Experiencing things as difficult often indicates a lack of faith or trust, having an attachment to things looking a certain way, trying to micromanage things, or you are settling for much less than what is possible when your soul has a bigger, better plan for you.

Resistance always creates discomfort, where acceptance allows you to drop the rope to what is unwanted and get back into flow. Has your focus become stuck on what is unwanted and frustrating? Gratitude for what is working in your life allows you to experience satisfaction in your now moment.

If you are feeling challenged by things needing to come together within a certain time frame and you don’t see how that can possibly happen, that is when you call on your guides, and surrender into the flow and stay there with you faith and trust.

Trust that the unfoldment is always serving you. It can be helpful to find an statement that soothes you, such as “God is guiding me now” or “It will be interesting to see how this all works out”. Those types of thoughts keep you in your faith and trust and can help keep you out of resistance. They are also solution based rather than problem based.

You can flow within the structure of a deadline. You can also trust if something doesn’t come together as you thought it should have, there is an element of divine timing at work or there is something even better for you that your soul is trying to align you with.

Your soul and your ego are a dynamic duo. They are what are allowing you to experience this incredible time on your planet. Both have jobs and gifts for you – your ego for making sure you are treated how you deserve and to take care of your body and experience individuation, your soul for leading you forward into the expansion and oneness you wish to experience in its desire to anchor higher vibrational energies on earth through the tool of the body.

Every single step of the way serves you, even if you do not understand how at the moment. If you feel stuck, give it Up to your highest self to resolve, drop the rope of resistance, and give the flow a chance to lead you to the solutions that always exist.

Your discomfort is never a punishment or a cross to bear. It is simply an invitation to redirect. If you can’t see how to do that through your vantage point, it is time to allow the higher aspects – your soul, your guides and helpers, or simply Source to take the reins and lead the way.

**Channel: Shelley Young


3 Replies to “Archangel Gabriel: The Mind and the Soul”

  1. Ivan Drago

    Valid points, but they don’t come from Archangel Gabriel, they come from Shelly Young.


    I will continue……
    krayon “lied” to all of us when he said- diseases cannot exist in the 4th dimension
    so from- so the reality of 3D people already exists – 4D
    Gaia Astral – 5D- is preparing to move to 7D
    Archangel Michael once reported that 4D- is already stealing from 7 levels
    that’s the question when we will be healthy and happy ….
    when the archangels stop lying to us from above, and so on
    when this joy will be, (be healthy_ to see around healthy people with clear consciousness – (without diseases


    the point is- Gaia’s reality is underdeveloped- we are kept here to use our need for light as an excuse for change- this is done by guardian angels
    it is they who use the ego- to keep us in reality 3D people-
    because before- the divine came up with all to ascend together……
    here they are and slow us down- until they happily pick up 3D people…….