21:21:21 Summer Solstice

Welcome the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere – winter in the Southern hemisphere – on June 21 at 4:45 am Universal Time (late in the evening on June 20 in the Americas).

2021 is the 21st year of the century setting up a triple 21:21:21 code of Truth.

  • Solstice on June 21
  • In 2021
  • In the 21st century

Every June the solstice marks the halfway point in our natural yearly cycle. This is a special time of the year to gain a renewed lease on life, as the Sun shines a spotlight on you.

Plus, there’s another exciting 5:5 code of adventure and freedom activated:

  • For this solstice the universal date of 6.21.2021 adds up to 14/5.
  • 2021 is a 5 Universal Year.

5 asks you to be flexible and adaptable as change and transformation open up your heart and mind to accept a brand new way of life, a release of old habits and an openness to receive the unknown.

At the exact moment that the Sun enters Cancer, the Moon (ruler of Cancer) will be in Scorpio forming a beautiful trine to the Sun.

You will feel especially sensitive, loving and intuitive.

The Moon represents the night – our inner light, our emotional center… while the Sun governs daylight, vitality and “seeing the light”.

In Cancer our hearts are immersed into the realms of love, our feelings, home, family, our heritage and parents.

  • Cancer symbolizes the Mother – nourishment and nesting.
  • Cancer is a beautiful, fluid WATER sign – vulnerable and sweet.

The solstice is an incredibly CREATIVE time – so engage deeply with your imagination.

Another lovely, inspiring aspect enhances beauty and creativity – exact on June 21 is Venus trine Neptune!

Venus is in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. Thus a Grand Trine is being created with Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune for this special solstice.

Joyful inspiration, especially through beauty and nature, are yours.

The truth is, what bring you pleasure, inspiration and fulfillment is what HEALS you by creating a spiritual bridge to internal harmony and happiness.

Be in this serene, passionately engaged place.

  • It resides in your spiritual Heart.

Listen to the most exquisite music, wrap yourself in pleasurable scents, invest in a fresh bouquet of flowers, commune with nature to nurture the petals in your heart…


Love and Light,

Tania Gabrielle