Sanat Kumara: Turning Point

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomBlessing over humanity, love for your soul and light for your spirit: Upon this you will be attuned, through this you will build a protection and with this you will be able to complete your assignments.

– Blessing over mankind, from God, from the creator of all life: The original source of all being accompanies, protects and inspires you on all your ways.

– Love for your soul, from the Mother of all life, from whose womb we all emerged: You are nourished and uplifted, it heals what needs healing.

– Light for your spirit, from the unity of all being: liquid divine light flows to you, it inspires your spirit and prepares the holy ground for your deeds.

God is on earth and with the people. No one is forgotten – and those who close themselves to the light and love of God will remember at a later time.

From the dream you awake now, into the life you return now – weeks are like moments, days like a fleeting thought.

God intervenes in the events – people become people and everything else that does not belong to this world will go.

Listen to the voice of your soul, listen to the sound within: The turning point on earth has been reached.

Blessings on mankind, love for your soul and light for your spirit!

I am beginning and end, infinite consciousness of light and love.


**Translation by

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl