Ascension Process

sunny era of light dot comThe Ascension Process through this immense and intense shift; guidance given to my students, which I wish to share with you, as indeed this is relevant to all of you;

Remember that we are moving forward one single step at a time and in the process your own vibrational frequency bands are being lifted and thus your light quotient building, for so that you can assume your new Lightbody as you step fully into the higher dimensional state of the New Earth.

If this process would happen too rapidly, even though you may think you are ready for such, you could get ill, as you physical body needs to adjust to the higher frequencies, if too high, it can be in danger of dissembling. Thus, your higher guides will always monitor your process, and you will only be given in the measure in which you can handle it.

It is a PROCESS, and indeed not just a one-off thing.

Indeed as and when you are ready, the next step or two will be shown and you will be given the information, the guidance and the tools for those steps, and then you need grow into them, and as your vibrational frequency rises, the next steps will appear and the next level of information and guidance and revelations will be given to you.

Judith Kusel