Be You, Live Your True

Simply be your own beautiful soul self. To live life authentically, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. To be who and what you in truth are – at Soul Level! To stand fully in your own light – and not in anyone’s shadow.

To live your own truth – and stand unshakably in that truth and wield the Sword of Truth if need be.

To unconditionally love yourself, into the deepest shadow and the highest light, as much as you unconditionally love everyone else.

I was just sharing yesterday, how, all my life I have spent searching for Truth, for the Highest Truth. The Highest Truth, will indeed bring AHA! Moments of deep soul recognition, and indeed moments of deep Knowing! It always brings greater clarity and inner peace and equilibrium. Such Truths can never be taken from you, and indeed, so can the truth of your own soul, also never be taken from you.

Indeed, when I was seven years old, my teacher (who was also my Great-aunt), first introduced us to the Pyramids and indeed the old version of slaves forced built them. I was astounded and indeed told her: “That is untruth! They were not built by slaves, but indeed built in a completely different way!” My teacher was outraged, and indeed phoned my mom, who gave me a severe lecture about never questioning your teachers.

Yet, I never stopped questioning, and indeed, that has stood me in great stead, for when I ended up as Librarian to have access immensely powerful information, my quest deepened. Indeed, I would often ask a question, and then the books would fall off the shelves and land at my feet. I would randomly open the book, and the answers would jump out at me! Indeed, other librarians often commented on how I would read books which no one else ever were interested in – and again, the greatest gold nuggets are so often hidden from sight, exactly because they do not wish people to gain access to such knowledge and truths.

At one stage I worked with the banned books which the Apartheid Regime Publications Board, banned for some or other reason. I always read the books, for I wanted to know why they were banned! Indeed, the minute the books got banned, they had a knack of disappearing off the shelves, as others always wanted to know why they were banned, or they became instant bestsellers – often on the black market!

Since I was born, I always felt like an alien on earth, and for many years wondered what was so drastically wrong me: – until I finally realized there was nothing wrong me, but so much RIGHT with me. I started to embrace all of me, and living authentically, always aspiring to live my soul purpose and calling with unconditional love.

Indeed, the greatest gift of all is to be authentically YOU, and to live your soul calling and purpose with great love.

When you know who you are, you cannot be any other than the truth of who and what you are in truth!

This does not mean that you need to deny your own shadow side, or your light side for that matter, but to realize that BOTH serve you equally, and indeed that they balance each other out. The highest inner equilibrium comes, when we indeed reach balance point and then become as ONE with the Divinity within us, as we BECOME AS ONE with the Divine Source within.

All paths lead within.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within yourself.
And indeed your Soul knows this at the deepest levels.

It is a matter of now allowing anyone, or anything to dim your inner light, and indeed sway you from your living your highest truth and authentically.

The greatest gift you can bring into the world, is YOU. Authentic You. The SOUL you, and indeed live your Soul truth with loving intent.

I greet the Soul in you!

Shine forth!

**By Judith Kusel