Ashtar: Earth Fleet

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomDear Brothers & Sisters,

I am Ashtar and I am here today to deliver this transmission directly from the Galactic Federation of Light. I want to clarify some inaccurate information coming to your planet about Mars.

When Annunaki, Orions, and Reptilians occupied this planet to collect more parties to attack your Mother Earth, and start their operation of eliminating humans now, instead of waiting for the shots to kill the people on Earth. They needed for the Luciferians to come and help them.

My fleet together with Alliances have been daily eliminating their underground bases on Mars. Their presence there creates a danger not just for humankind, but also for the whole Milky Galaxy. The Negative entities collected a lot different kind of deadly technologies to destroy and create chaos on Earth and around the surrounding planets.

Do you think we, the Galactics are just going to sit and watch peacefully, and allow for them to follow their Dark agenda through? Absolutely not, we are not going to let this happen, not anymore. We had enough of their dirty tricks and manipulations. My team and Alliances are working very hard to remove all of them from Mars. We did in the past more than once, so we have enough experience on how to handle this situation.

All of the portals are sealed, so Luciferians can’t make an appearance to join them. I already mentioned in my previous message about, what we have done so far. They keep reappearing and placing themselves on Mars any chance they get.

I am aware of their plans, and the Galactic Federation is going to completely remove the Negative Souls from Mars for good. The Earth needs to have their own fleet, so you can protect yourselves from these Dark Souls, and this is going to happen in the upcoming future.

The Mars planet has no life on the surface. In the past a couple of civilizations lived together until they went to war with each other, and destroyed everything on the surface of the planet. Right now, you can only be on the inside of Mars, underground.

Recently, our patrolling ships encountered with the Dark Ones ships in Sweden over the city called Uppsala. Their goal was to kill a few Light Workers using the DEW technology, the same weapon, which was used in California, United States to start fires. DEW is a directed energy weapon that can be used to kill anyone, start fires, destroy vehicles and buildings.

This was not the first time that they tried to injury or kill someone using this technology. We always try to prevent these types of situations, if we can.

Some of you are questioning on who speaks the truth and who doesn’t. To get the correct answer, please, open your heart or soul and listen. Don’t attack or criticize each other, this is not helping with the process of Ascension. You are making the corrupted souls very happy, especially when you attack the channelers.

Also, I want to let you know that I don’t communicate with many channelers, as I am too busy trying to finish up this important mission of assisting with your Ascension Process, and protecting your world from the Dark Forces.

I am grateful to be here today and send this transmission through the Universal Channel. Thank you.

Be the Truth!

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

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  2. Douglas A James

    Thank you Ashtar!! Love and Light! Yes lasers started all the fires in CA so obvious homes gone trees fine ..

  3. AlwaysLight

    I feel to express a view on this channel. Erena, in kindness, many channels have had their validity and energy commented on. You are the only one who has called for “do not attack the channels”. What do you fear by people expressing their views of how your channels read and feel? It is important for people to read and discern the energy of every channel as there are attempts to muddy the waters right now, especially now. And so asking for a ‘carte blanche’ is a little suspicious. I have always found your channels to be questionable energetically (not necessarily the content as such, but the feel of the energetic signature in them), often filled with what seemed to be personal anger. And many felt empty as if very little was coming from an original being. Being a channel is a profound honour and yet, like anything is not privileged to be exempt from anyone’s discernment or comment, should they choose. As long as that view is shared in the interest of kindness and truth, there is no problem with it. Is it that perhaps that your messages get so many like minded comments that you are asking people yourself to back off? There are many excellent channelers on here and other sites whose energy signature reads, but most importantly feels, very true and loving. This to me is a sure sign of a high vibration being coming through. Again, this is not written to harm, but I feel this needs to be said in light of what is written above. Finally, another thing that stood out to me is that in the past you have often started your message as if the being coming through was especially waiting for you, as if a special channel, to become ready and free, as if the preferred source of information by many a high and mighty being. This sets up all kinds of warning signs as the goal of the channel is to get themselves out of the way so that the message can come through unhindered. And I have to say the essence of many of your messages reads as if you’re telling people that you are a special information gateway and that people should only really take information coming from you as genuine and that others are fake. Luckily, many people are readily able to discern the energetic quality of messages

    1. T J

      Best to dismiss if it doesn’t resonate as it may resonate with someone else’s truth. An attack response is the energy of those we wish to defeat and an attack response just plays into their hands. They want lightworkers to attack each other; that’s the goal. Don’t fall for it. I find every channeller had their own signature and their own personality and method of communication, some are newer at this and less refined, some have more years doing this work and have mastered their technique. and I see completely opposing reactions from lightworkers to the same messages. Who, therefore, is right and who is wrong? Read the message and decide for yourself and leave others to their own opinion and avoid the temptation to fall for the trap to criticize. It is hard to create and easy to criticize.

      1. Kathleen Adair

        Thank you both for having the courage to tell your truth. It is SO important to use discernment when reading these channels. It is so obvious to me when I start reading something whether it resonates with me or not. I have been confused on how to react to this. Should I warn others that what they are reading is not coming from where they think it is coming? But then I realized that this IS the truth to others. That is where they are at and what they choose to focus on. I can be of more help by focusing on MY truth of love, light and acceptance. Everything and Everyone has the spark of the One within them. When I can get to that point where I can see that spark in even my worst enemy, and it’s not always easy, I am giving them the space, opportunity and choice to see that spark in themselves. It’s actually a very fun challenge, especially when changes happen. Maybe it’s just me that is changing and seeing the world as more beautiful, but that works for me.
        I see YOU!

      2. AlwaysLight

        Hi T J, thank you for your response to this. I would say that I was very particular about making it clear that my message was not an attack, although it certainly feels as though you though it was. And this is why I agree that attacking is not the way forward, but sharing important views of discernment is very important.

        The freedom for people to have and share the perspective they have is as valid and divinely rightful as the perspective being responded to, as long as it is peaceful. This is not about claiming a righteousness over others, but to bring a truth to the table as seen.

        You see, there are lot of people who cannot yet feel the energy signature of things that are read, they rely on the substance of the words and content (the negative can be very slick in its use of words to dupe and bait). So it is just as important for those that can, to share a perspective as an additional offer for those that are not yet able to.

        The way I see it, the more peaceful perspectives that are offered by different people, the more is available for those who are reading on what they would like to do with the message. So I would ask, when is it ever a bad thing for people to share their views peacefully?

        So I will always continue to share my perspectives, as I would encourage others to do the same – we bring truth forward together and no stone should be left upturned by the light, otherwise, there is still a place for darkness to hide.

        I share this perspective in peace, as always 🙂

  4. Phil

    Thank you so much Ashtar for protecting us against DEWs. I am and we are all very grateful for your support.

  5. Wayne Hansen

    “DEW is a directed energy weapon that can be used to kill anyone, start fires, destroy vehicles and buildings.”

    Michael Jaco made a very informative video about the Florida building collapse. He is saying that this was done by using directed energy weapons. ( michaelj5326 )