You Are Precious and I Love You

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomHello everyone and welcome.

I hope this newsletter will touch your heart. It’s a sad one for me, to write about suicide. It can affect any of our lives at any time, and it is devastating and a huge shock when it happens, whether it’s a family member, friend or even a stranger. This is one reason why we need more love and more compassion in the world. This is why we need to grow spiritually.

Every time I hear that someone has committed suicide. I feel so shattered. I give out to God, saying, why? I just want to love that person. I want to let them know I love them and I wish they hadn’t committed suicide. If I could have met them, I would embrace them with love and help them share how they feel so desperate and so alone. I know they aren’t alone because their guardian angel is there with them, but so is their family and friends who love them and who are now shattered by their loss by what has happened.

I know there’s not much help out there when one is feeling that they are in such a dark place and they are trying to climb out of their depth of darkness. I know when a person feels so desperate it’s very hard for them to see the light of hope, that is where we all need to help, even though it may be very hard for us to ask for it.

We all need to become more aware that there could be someone in your family or a friend that is feeling so down so desperate. All of us have to do what we can to help each other. To help that man, woman or child to see the light of hope because I know if they hadn’t committed suicide, they would have got through it eventually, and I know it can be a long, traumatic journey. If there is someone in your life or even yourself, please let others know how you’re feeling, reach out for all the help you can get because you are precious.

I know your guardian angel and other angels are helping you and loving you. The angel of hope is holding that beacon in light in front of you because you are precious, you are needed in this world. Even if you think you are not, know you are because when anyone takes their life it hurts each and every one of us, it hurts the collective.

For those of you reading this who have lost someone in this way I want you to know when someone does commit suicide God takes that soul straight to heaven wrapped in that beautiful blanket of love with their guardian angel. God has shown me, he embraces them, and the soul will sit with God. They are in heaven, and now they are at peace and being loved. When we are left behind, the why and hurt can consume us but know they love you and are so grateful for everything you did for them, all those things you have forgotten.

I always remember the soul of a young man that had committed suicide appear at a talk, his mum stood in front of me and without words this beautiful soul spoke to me. He wanted me to tell his mum that he loved her and it was never her fault. He was just in such a dark place and could not help himself enough to get out. It was no one’s fault. He just wanted her to know that he loves her and that he never really meant to commit suicide. It just happened. I always remember saying those words to this woman standing in front of me and the tears rolling down her cheeks she just said thank you Lorna I know my son is with me in spirit. I feel Seamus often and I feel his love. I just miss him so much.

So I’m asking you to keeping trying to see that light of hope. And know that I love you and you are important.

Blessings to you and all your loved ones,


© 2020 Lorna Byrne