Goddess of Creation: Experience Your Intuition Through Your Divinity

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomThroughout this year we have all been adjusting to the higher frequency vibration. There has been a steady rise in the vibration, also known as the frequency, for the past nine years. Most especially, the Winter/ Summer Solstice of December 2020 the Earth has really accelerated the rate of integration. I hear many people talking about feeling awkward or wondering what’s happening to them and often it is the merging of the multiple vibrations.

As the vibration of the planet rises it becomes available for everyone. It is humanity’s natural instinct to be drawn to light or higher, loving energy. Therefore, people now find themselves walking between these various dimensions. This channel was really excellent because the Goddess helps everyone understand how they look at their lives or what influences them. This refers to as the personality, or ego, or human perspective.

Once everyone has the experience of that perspective, she then opens the energies so that everyone can align with their soul. Your soul is also known as your I AM presence, your God source, your divinity. As we opened to this alignment, a massive ball of energy that light kept flowing, changing, infusing love and energies into all. The Goddess then helped you to realize the difference between the ego and soul giving you a chance to strengthen your alignment with your soul. From there she assisted everyone with creating a direct line of communication that would all people to receive intuitive messages more easily. If you want to, you can create a symbol or use a word that would trigger this oepneing.

This channel is amazing for realizing your strong alignment with your soul and how strong that flow can be.

Nama sika Venia benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to invite you to come into this moment of being present, within yourself, and with one another.

During this time of transition upon the earth more and more it is important for every person to recognize that there is something happening on many different levels of consciousness within and around you.

As you continue to integrate the 5th dimensional energies you are continuing to become even more aligned with those nonphysical, and in some cases unconscious, streams of energy that are within and around you. I know it can be challenging as I speak of the 5th dimension. I know that you, each of you as an individual, are reaching towards an understanding of what life is for you.

You can look at this time as if, not only the earth but your entire universe, has gone through a reboot, a reset, a new beginning, and here you are. The energy in everything is coming back up, but it is coming back up from a place where you are letting go of so much of the past that no longer serves you. You are allowing yourself to open up and integrate your spiritual self. I know that there are still some that say, my what? Do I understand that? Do I really have access to that? This is one of the biggest changes from right now.

The world has been in a very analytical, left brained vibration or frequency. You’ve been taught for years upon years the importance of thinking and analyzing, and making decisions, and making choices. While there are a lot of you that also incorporated your intuition within that, so too there were many that shut off that link to intuition. What needs to happen in the balanced energy and frequency of the 5th dimension and higher is that each of you needs to understand more of your human self; as that analytical thinking, analyzing, integrating with the belief system. But then equally as important is the creativity, the abstract, the non-conformist, the spiritual aspect of you so that you no longer let your focus be on one or the other but the blending the merging of everything until there is simply you the person from this balanced state.

Take a deep breath in and let that move through you.

Have an intention that as you take one more breath you breathe down into your heart center. As you are here within your heart center you create a ball of light or energy. Each of your energy bodies have a particular form and they may flex or change becoming bigger at times or smaller; sometimes becoming clogged with blocked energy. Therefore, whenever we get together and we take this moment to create energy from within your heart center you are actively connecting to that Chakra so that it may move and flow and support you in the best way possible.

You send that ball of energy down through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center. You send it down until you align within the earth. As that ball of energy connects with Gaia it moves out in different directions. Allow yourself to feel the soothing, anchoring presence of Gaia.

As you allow your energies to be within that space, they then flow up within you coming back into your heart center and you send it up through your energy bodies, your throat, your third eye, your crystalline energies, and out through the top of your head. As it moves up through the top of your head you come into connection, or balance, with your Higher Self. Feel what that is. Feel that energy as it moves through you.

Sometimes this space gets bogged down. If your perception as you align is that it is constricted, or you have multiple tasks going on, or for some of you I’m feeling as if you don’t even have that sense of alignment, so let’s clear it out. ~whew, whew ~ Just send that energy through. As that moves through your Higher Self, it creates an opportunity to manifest within here all that is in your highest and best interest. Perhaps if there’s something you have been working on, or seeking to manifest, and it is now gone it is time to let it go, release it.

You continue to let that stream of consciousness flow all the way up. It follows that thread of energy that links you the person with you the divine. It goes into your soul presence; your I AM presence and as it does so feel how you expand even bigger. Feel what it is to be back and merged with your Divinity. This is God source. This is you in all of your light energy.

I the Goddess walk in amongst all that are here. I reach out to you. I embrace you and as our energies merge, we shift moving into the All That Is. Feel how much more you can expand.

Let us speak about you as your Divinity. In order to do so, we’re going to start with you as the human in this lifetime. Consider who you are. Your thoughts; do you tend to have an analytical mind that is always thinking, always analyzing, always organizing? Do you tend to do multiple different things all at the same time and it’s organized in your mind even though to others it may seem not as organized?

As you look out at the world is it a place mostly filled with opportunities, joyful happiness, or is it a place that is constantly struggling one after the other after the other? Is your life one that has had many mountains and valleys and through it all they have been pieces and experiences that have created the puzzle that is you so that in this now moment you can look at your life with their greater understanding? Do you feel as if you have accomplished certain goals that you may have had for yourself? Do you feel as if it has been one failure after another?

I recognize that I am somewhat doing extremes of these and most people are going to be a little of one and a little of the other. But take this moment to just look at your life and as you do so, almost as if you’re having a life review, be open to know perhaps why things have been the way they have or know a little bit more about what your purpose has been.

As I am looking at you, we remain here in the All That Is, but it looks very cluttered. When we first arrived, it was a wide-open space that just felt light and present and airy. Now you see how quickly when you consider that human aspect of looking at your life and at you and your experiences how it literally creates clutter, and experiences and the things around you. Okay, let us take all of that clutter and just shift it over to the side and we’re just going to smooth out the energy in front of you.

Ask to have your Divinity manifest within you and in front of you. As you breathe in your Divinity from this space of just being in the presence of your Source. Just take it in. As you use your senses to understand your perception is there just an overriding sense, you may need not give it a definition, but simply become aware of this just overriding presence that is here. Can you feel the light, the transparency, the movement?

For many, it is as if there is a flow and they can see pinks and purples and blues and greens. Allow your Soul to flow even more energy into this space and into you. You have already had that one means of discernment in which you’ve opened your energies and now feel as if you are pushing even further so that now you can begin to even look at your Soul as if you were looking at, not what is directly in front of you, but looking deep and deep and deep into this space. I see many of you just simply falling into that space of their Soul.

As you open this alignment and as you move; as you create a space of movement from your soul energy into consciousness, I ask you to consider the word light. For some, it may be like a bright light that opens up. For some, it may just physically feel light.

I ask you now to consider transparency and as you look at your Soul it is as if it opens up and you can see who you are. At this point, some may still just see variations of color and forms. Some of you may see experiences from other lifetimes. Others of you are seeing those things that you have been seeking to create here as a completed experience to show you what the vibration is to be present in what you seek. Breathe in and breathe out.

As you become acclimated it is as if you can see even more. As if you can go even deeper and more energy and light comes into you. For some of you, you may begin to see how your Soul actually streams out into the Universe. It may be that there is a particular planet, perhaps the entire solar system, perhaps the Galaxy. As you continue to grow you are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. You are without limits. You are pure light energy. Let that wash through you.

As I am looking around everyone it is almost like bubbling up with joy and excitement.

As you continue to integrate this high frequency of your Soul, I invite each one of you to ask yourself whatever the question is that you may like an answer to. Just put it out to your Soul right now. As you put that intention into your soul’s energy there is an immediate wave or frequency that comes back into you. It may come as something that you may need to translate or integrate over time. It may be something that you may immediately understand.

When you open to your Divinity or you open to your intuition it comes from this aspect of source and it moves down through the many, many layers until it comes to their frequency so that you may understand as your human self. You may have a better understanding about how sometimes when it feels do you hear me, do you hear me, it’s just coming down into you. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly.

Ask yourself if there is perhaps a word, or a symbol, or a gesture that will represent opening up to your high frequency intuition. As you consider what may come to you have a sense of looking to the side and you bring back into this space those things that represent you as the human. It may seem as if they are separated, but begin to merge. See how your Divinity moves into those various aspects of your personality, your experiences, your belief systems, whatever it may be that makes you the human observe how they blend so that your spirituality illuminates everything that is within you and that you are about in your everyday life. Everything flows together.

As these things continue to merge with one another look at your life once more. As you have looked at it in the beginning. Considering your personality traits or your life experience as you look from the space of having integrated and illuminated these experiences, observe. Are you perhaps receiving insights? Receiving through that intuition that helps you understand why. Why you’ve had the experiences that you’ve had. Why the decisions went a different way other than you had anticipated. Why?

As you look at your life now and especially as you merge and blend these energies you may notice that some of those things go away. They no longer have the impact upon you that they may have in the past. Especially if you have been carrying around judgment about yourself or someone else. ~whew~ clear it out. Allow your divinity to integrate everything.

As you open up feeling more and more of how your intuition is integrating within you consider how it makes you feel. It may take away physical pain in your body. It will almost every time help you to feel better and happier because you are at that love frequency. Take a deep breath and breathe out.

These energies will continue to merge within you and as they do so I invite you to come back together as a group. This may be in a slightly different space than the All That Is. But as you look around, I ask you to open up so that you may know that you are present with many other individuals. You are here with them and they are here with you. There is an even flow of love and light. You see coming up within this group the hologram of the earth and as this hologram comes up you notice how it becomes illuminated as each one of you sends that energy and light of expanded intuition into the hologram.

I want to take a moment before we release this and ask the question as you are looking at this hologram, how much support is present for Gaia and for all those living upon the earth? My perception as I said that was this burst of light came out of the hologram. I could also see how more and more were joining the group in sending their light into the hologram. So, it was like this almost an infinity symbol where everyone was sending it into the hologram and the hologram was sending it out and there was a movement and a flow. You are not alone. The massive transformation is happening. Be present in the high, light frequencies. Let that be your foundation as you move forward.

You then let that hologram move out through the Universe. As always it is creating alignment and balance going through your Galaxy and throughout the other planets that are also moving through this ascension. The remainder of the hologram goes down through your physical earth and it goes into the physical earth and it anchors in the center. It then reverses it comes up through all the layers and both as a moving through and as I was coming from the center there is a sense of a clearing out the old dense energy. It is clearing out what may have been stuck in the earth. It is clearing out the collective consciousness. You see how much light there is present in and around the earth. Focus on sending even more into that and letting that be around you in your everyday life.

Look around as you bring that energy that you anchored through Gaia. Look around at how your life may look different now that you are here on the earth plane. Feel how your presence is balancing. You then bring back the remainder of your consciousness that remains out in the All That Is. It flows easily through your Divinity and it streams back down within you.

As you once again anchor here upon the earth take a moment and consider whatever that symbol or word or whatever it was that you created as a doorway to your intuition. Take a moment and consider something you would like information about and then let that symbol or word come into place and then open up.

Become aware of how you receive information. It may be a symbol, a sound, a word, a picture, a taste, a movement. Be open to the knowledge that you may receive very, very subtle messages in many different ways. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Practice, practice, practice experiences that may help you to open to a greater flow of energy and light for your intuition. Become aware of you as your Divinity in your everyday life. Go to the space of the All That Is that is the high, light frequency as you as your Soul. Know that the spirituality of that integration is what will anchor you, balance you, and assist you as you move forward in this time.

There is so much that is happening and there are so many opportunities. Be open to receive.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net