The Power of Love

open heart eraoflightdotcomThe New Earth paradigm Shifts in loving Relationships.

Since the 5 July 2020, the Old Earth has ceased to be, and the New Earth was fully born. More than this, by Divine Dispensation all karma has been lifted off all souls on planet earth. Thus in truth, all souls have been set free, by the Power of Divine Love!

Yet, every soul has free will and choice: you can choose to remain in the Old Earth (which is disintegrating amazingly fast), or indeed leave all the Old Adam and Eve behind forever and absolutely free yourself and allow an intense rebirth to occur.

Nowhere is this rebirth more profoundly felt, than that of Loving Relationships, for indeed we are being brought back to the highest truth within: That we cannot love another soul, if we cannot love ourselves into the deepest shadows and the highest light. This means forgiveness in the highest sense, and letting go of all shame, blame and guilt – in any form and way!

So many people still cling onto the old programming, expectations, especially where Love and Loving Relationships are concerned, and thus are stuck in the old patterns which they created for themselves over many lifetimes.

In the last years, I have intensely asked questions regarding Love, and thus wrote a whole book about Twin Flame Love and my experiences of such. (“An Ode to Love and being Loved: True Love and Sacred Union, available on Amazon and on my website).

Yet, in the last two years and especially in the last few months, I have been made aware, that since the 5 July 2020, the Twin Flame relationships indeed have gone through paradigm shifts and indeed so have all of us. Indeed, as I mentioned during my interview on Wednesday, I was told that the Twin Flame issue has been resolved, and thus now we need to step into a much higher state of pure Love, which TRANSCENDS even that, or anything known before! Again, I was shown that the old programming, the old expectations, the old type of loving relationships, marriages, partnerships have dissolved now, and indeed are not valid anymore – in the highest sense.

The shift now is to TRUE LOVE WITHIN us. The Sacred Union WITHIN!

This is a profound paradigm shift which indeed has left me speechless at times! We are being prepared for a Love far greater and more profound than I can even try to put into some kind of words or expressions.

It all has to do with the return of the White Flame and indeed the return to PURITY.

Thus I am being asked to present all of this during my webinar on Saturday, 10 July 2021, on “The Sacred Union Within.”

What is being revealed to me now, indeed is a deep healing of all the woundedness we ever experienced before as souls on planet earth, where so often we wanted to fill the void within, through the sexual union, or even possession of another soul, and so often sold out souls in the process.

Not only will this webinar bring deep healing – it will indeed bring about a paradigm shift within yourself, as the Power of Love sweeps through you and into you, and indeed you start to connect with the deepest truth of your soul and its infinite Power to Love, in the highest and deepest and truest sense.

For indeed all Highest Paths, always lead you back to yourself, and the Divine Within yourself and indeed the Omnipotent Power of Love.

**By Judith Kusel


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  1. Lyda Chesher

    My daughter and I was just discussing this topic of love and the old 3rd-D thinking . I called her back and told her about this , this also happened on her birthday last year ,July 5th 2020. Thank you much appreciate you sharing your spiritual enlightenment .


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