Neptune Retrograde; Illusion vs. Reality

Beloved Ones,

At a time when humanity is oscillating between continue living in an illusion or stepping into a conscious reality, we have Neptune turning “retrograde” today. The powerful feminine essence of Neptune is pivotal at a time when collectively many are awakening, beginning to ascend, and remembering who they truly are. Neptune’s essence is transpersonal, as it goes deeper not just on an individual level but in a collective one.

Neptune is a macro representation of what is taking place globally – the return to our original Divine Self, searching for Truth and Wisdom. Neptune’s portal is open for those who desire to confront and embrace their shadows, and commune with their soul to receive the truth, and regain wisdom to follow their unique journey.

Neptune retrograde is another collective belief. It is now a wonderful time for us to be the first ones into dismantling the illusion of retrogrades, for it has been a fomented illusion for many years that have become real, and it is a false concept that we tend to see from our limited reality and that makes us fall into old patterns such as the delusion of outer forces controlling us, having a real impact in our personal life experiences, and many other false premises that we have been feeding, and hence, given our power to.

This is a conscious Era in which we already know that the Planets as well as we are doing at the moment, are evolving themselves within this endless spiral of Creation. Wanting to continue seeing Planets as retrogrades or as governing us limits our human experience.

Neptune whether retrograde or not is the Planet of the spiritual realms, ruled by intuitive Pisces. it takes us into the depths of our being to commune with the authentic aspect of who we are and the Illumined Realms of existence. It is in Neptune that we learn how to navigate through our inner worlds. However, it is with Neptune too that we can fall into the trap of dwelling in the illusion and remain there, forgetting the tangible aspect of who we are.

At an individual level, Neptune can take us so far into our inner quest that we may go into parallel dimensions, some we have already visited. We can bring information from them for the highest good of all if we commune with its essence, or we can fall so deep that we lose ourselves in the process. This is why it is so important, especially if we are yet healing deep traumas, that we ground ourselves, before deepening more into Neptune’s waters, for we may not be ready to confront the shadows yet.

We are all on different paths, for we are all unique. Neptune gives us the opportunity to retrieve wisdom, recognize our shadows and clear them, and grow spiritually. It all depends on where we are in our evolutionary journey. For some, this will be a time to commune with their God Self to receive more revelations about their new journey. For others, it will involve more healing.

The most important is to recognize illusion independently of the inner work we have chosen to do at this time. Discerning everything we receive is pivotal. We can receive from our egoic minds, from a programmed space that is not yet cleared, or we may truly receive from the depths of our soul, and Guides team, authentic information.

Our task is to keep ourselves grounded, open to learning, and distill illusions we considered to be true, for the more we grow, the more we realize that there is always a higher truth that we were not able to see, due to our limited human view.

It is vital to see the illusion, release it, and reconnect with our authentic self to know the truth.

Neptune can be a great master to help us enhance our intuitive channels, something that will help us navigate throughout this new timeline that we are stepping into and that is not yet well known to us.

A reality that has to be embraced and experienced, for this is a new adventure, a new horizon, that is yet to be explored.

We are the pioneers of this Era and as such our main task is in removing all illusions so we can live authentically.

This takes time, devotion, and many challenges. Although, it is too a blessed and wonderful path.

Are you ready, and willing, to be a part of it for the highest good of All?

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba


3 Replies to “Neptune Retrograde; Illusion vs. Reality”

  1. bodhimoss

    Astrologers have been advising us about planetary retrogrades for years but now that we are awake:

    “Wanting to continue seeing Planets as retrogrades or as governing us limits our human experience.”

    But wait!

    “Neptune gives us the opportunity to retrieve wisdom, recognize our shadows and clear them, and grow spiritually.”

    Either the planets affect us or they don’t.

    Note to all astrologers: Your “metaphysical science” is going away.

    1. Marie

      I truly agree with this…same for tarot…it no longer clicks with me as it once did…my vibe is …higher…more aligned…not questioning as much as before so many shifts.