July 2021 Ascension Energies – Sacred Self

light waves eraoflightdotcomTHE PATH OF PAST

As we cross the mid-point of the year we are moving into more of an action phase with Freeing the Heart. The first part of the year brought us deeper into the inner work; our patient focus and courage to express the heart in a world that often expresses through fear.

As we walk the path, the scenery responds, reflecting the imaginings of your creative flow. Waves of emotion purging, waves of distraction surging—the rapids flow fiercely forward into the promise of calm as the sun reflects electric light.

Where the sacred is, is the flow and still. It is all.

Yet as we focus into the sacred, the trauma can belie the opportunity that life is seeking. What sacred space within you will nurture a new potential to birth into this world? Life responds with form and time from your sacred will.


Sacred being is you and the flow of seas reflect your tidal power. It ebbs and flows infinitely. Sacred speaks all sounds and penetrates all sects. It’s quiet, it’s loud, it’s silent and shrouded. Yet there’s nothing hidden from hearts that honor each breath. Only those that fear when sacred is near.

When is it far if sacred is all? When the space within blackens windows and sustains inner walls, it’s a small separation that seems wider than earth. The dammed hold the waters that give birth to oceans. For a break can be a healing flow when it is a conscious creation from fear into unknown.

The sacred is willing to hold the vulnerable in hand, recognizing control or surrender is just a moment’s movement.

To surrender to Time moves like water aligned with gravity’s flow. It doesn’t stop, merely slows or speeds with the pace of natural flow. Shaping rocks, leaping cliffs, pooling resources, waiting for capacity.

Time flows onward and rock walls crumble into sandy hills. Deserts abound on Earthen ground, for the once-built becomes broken as towers tell tall tales of past winners displaced.


You were born sacred and you die sacred, what lies between? All sacred it seams to separate grace from grift. Yet it is in your hand to set your heart free as life’s gift. Free to be the unique being that brings forth the renewal of life.

Sweet reflection, you’re sacred in all that you are. Sacred diamond, you’re strong from the weight of the past. Set free your perception of futures crushed.

Hold sacred your creative power that sands new path from old walls.

Sacred being, your heart’s grace is infinite flow—the sacred in human being. It connects, it cries, it inspires new form. Each breath sacred, renewing and continuing the evolution of Life.


Your Sacred Self is formless and formed. Your Sacred Self is All, and within All it’s reborn. Breathe in and breathe out, sacred has touched All. For your Sacred Self always was and even built the first wall. The sand under foot is feet of broken walls.

Where you step you steep sacred, where you were you left grace. Where you imagine, you connect a future and path to that space.

Bless you, Sacred Self. For with you, Life is blessed.

**By Jamye Price