The Beginning of a New Beginning

beyond3dgames eraoflightdotcomSue Lie writing. My 3D human is writing this post because I had a powerful message this morning. However, just like many powerful, higher dimensional message messages, it is easy to forget them because our 3D brain is not always ready to accept, and even more challenging,  remember when we get a higher dimensional messages.

It is for that reason that it is best to write down any higher dimensional messages. This morning I had a flash of a message from the Arcturians which I could not write down as I was still in bed. Fortunately, I am beginning to remember parts of the message in this now. What I am beginning to remember is that the Arcturians are ready to send us some important information.

I say, “us” because the message was a “through me” message and not just a “to me” message.  As many of  you know, there are some higher messages are “through us” because our higher message is one that we are meant to share with others. When I first heard from the Arcturians long ago in the early 1980’s they told me to write down any messages because it is very difficult to hold a higher dimensional message in our third dimensional mind.

In fact, I am hearing the Arcturians telling me that it is the NOW for us to look up into the skies and deep into our “multidimensional memory.”  We all have multidimensional memory, which is a memory of something that did not occur in your daily life. In fact, a multidimensional memory is a memory that is of a higher frequency than our daily life.

Because these “multidimensional memories” resonate to a higher frequency than the third dimensional frequency of messages that we usually get from our family, with friends, at work, and parts of regular 3D life. I am now remembering that the message that I got today was of a higher frequency.

Therefore, I could only remember what I remembered to write down. I now remember hearing inside and above (which is how we often experience higher dimensional messages) that the Galactics will be calling on, and communicating more and more with the third dimensional humans who are ready to allow themselves to believe in that which is still unbelievable for many people.

Basically, it is the fact that they are not seeable to our 3D vision, and if we do not write down the message that we get, we will likely forget that message.  In fact, one of the first things that the Arcturians told me in the early 1980’s, when I first heard from the Arcturians, was to document all higher dimensional messages as the third dimensional brain usually cannot hold on to a higher frequency message.

Back to the message that I got this morning, but did not document, that message is coming back into my awareness. In fact, that message was:


As usual, the Arcturians are making us go deep inside and up above in order really understand the messages that we get from the higher frequencies. It is in this manner that the  higher dimensional Galactic beings are beginning to communicate with humanity more and more.

Have you noticed how “I think I saw a Starship” is a question stated by more and more 3D humans. In the past, people would respond with something like, YEH SURE, HA HA!

But now, it is more likely that other would say,”

Wow ! cool!  where and when did you see it?

Now we have a new choice of do we pretend there is no Starships, and ignore all the movies and articles about that, or do we say, “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER?

**By Suzanne Lie