Archangel Michael: Help for the Time to Come


Today I come to bring you a new vision, a new moment, a moment of extreme delicacy, a profound moment of great change. You beseech us, you ask us, that you want everything to happen quickly. Many think only of themselves, you want to get away from this dimension you live in, you can’t stand it anymore. Many think only of themselves, but they also think of their brothers and sisters, who will be able to have access to everything they don’t have today, who will be able to live a life with less suffering, less stress. And of course there are those who want everything to happen, but at the same time, want it to be delayed enough so that they don’t lose all the pleasures and habits they have in this dimension. Who is wrong? Who is right?

There is no right and wrong, there is the choice of each one. Each one imagines and emanates in the way they want, and of course each way has a consequence. The lessons are there, arriving every minute, and everyone, at this point in the journey, should already be able to identify them. It is no use asking us what lessons I still have to learn; it would be like a teacher passing the exam and you would pass with a grade of 10. So don’t ask the question. The question has to be, “How can I always be aware of the lessons that will appear, so that I don’t miss them?” That is the question.

And I also already have an answer: by being more and more, by vibrating high; by being closer and closer to ourselves. For when this happens, we ourselves, your Masters, cause the lessons to be presented to you, but in a luminous way that is noticeable from any angle. And of course we will be together at this moment, to also help you how to get out of that lesson. So this is the moment. The moment to observe, to pay attention, to identify the lesson and move through it. Not to throw it under the rug, not to pretend you didn’t see it, not to think you are incompetent; it is to know that the time has come for a big choice, a big decision, a turnaround many times in your life.

And for those who are actually following the Walk, the lessons are coming fast, because it’s time to clean up, it’s time to leave everything behind. Those who are not yet doing the Lightning Walk, I ask: Why the fear, why the resistance? This is the best way for you to transmute everything, for you to find the way to the elimination of that lesson. Then present the lesson to the Masters, in the moment of meditation. It will come as something out of the bag, and you will have help from them at that moment, for the transmutation.

So why so much resistance, why so many excuses, why throw it in the other’s lap? “I don’t know how to do it, I can’t find it” Always the other is the complicated one, the other is the problem, because simply the other has not put in your hand, in your lap, what needs to be done. I have said here several times, get out of the net. Those who seek find, find. Those who want to find, we help. For if there is a deep feeling in your heart to find something to help you, as if by magic, we will bring it to you. But for this, of course, you have to ask for our help, you have to trust that we will help you.

So realize that everything has our involvement, everything you can easily achieve by having our help. But for that you have to ask. It is not simply having the problem and thinking that we are there looking and will help you. Your free will prevents us from taking an action without your permission. So, what is the problem? Fear? Fear of what? Of discovering that shadow side of your path? None of you are 100% Light, if you were, you would be on another plane; no longer here in the Third Dimension, you would be as Masters in very high dimensions.

So everyone has his or her shadow percentage. You don’t want to see the shadows, why? You are Third Dimensional beings, and Third Dimensional beings have shadows, because it’s part of the journey. It is part of putting your foot in the light and putting your foot in the shadow, so that it is also a lesson. Someone presents you with a fruit you’ve never eaten. How do you know what that fruit tastes like? You will only know if you try it, so how do you know what the shadow is? You have to step on it, you have to know what it is to emanate the non-light, so that you can make a decision not to step on it anymore. In the same way as fruit, if the fruit is tasty you will eat it over and over again, but if you don’t like it, don’t feel good about the taste of the fruit, you will no longer eat it.

So why the fear of the shadow? Why the fear of finding out that you are not as holy as you think you are? I have already said here, you all have blemishes on your souls; all without exception. So does finding out that you are not 100% Light make you very upset? Does it make you very disappointed? So I ask: Why? Those were other times, other paths, other experiences. You are not there right now to know; if you were not there, you would do the same thing. So don’t judge yourself, don’t point the finger at your soul. What’s done is done, there’s no way to take an eraser and erase it.

So the time now is to transmute all this. No, you are not cleaning anything, you are not undoing any occasion. You are transmuting feelings, energies emanated; and each one of them has a price and serves to make you realize, that you should not repeat them. At the end of the transmutation on the Walk, the lesson will have to be learned, so that you don’t repeat the same lesson in this lifetime. So to see your walk, to see the walk of your soul is not an easy thing. You have to be very willing, to catch yourself doing things that today you discriminate, today you don’t accept, but that your soul did. So, I say to you: Why the judgment?

And then, you need to extend all this that you discover (that was not so nice) your souls did, to the present day. How can you judge a brother who does the same thing? You did it then, he is doing it now. The epochs keep happening. So he hasn’t had the discernment today to not make that mistake anymore, he made back then, and his soul liked the fruit and continues to eat it constantly, making the same mistake. He was not able to realize that this was not good for him. You judge him today, because his soul today realizes that it can no longer make that mistake, but you cannot judge him, because one day you committed exactly what he does today.

So my brothers, don’t be afraid of anything, don’t be afraid to know what you have been, what you have done. If today you abhor all that your souls once did, be grateful to your souls, because they made a journey of evolution, so that today you will recriminate all that; so that today you won’t repeat it; you won’t want to repeat it. So instead of blaming your souls, thank them for bringing you here today as beings of good, as beings of light, and no longer as beings stuck in feelings of very low vibration. So once again, I ask you: Do the Lightning Walk, cleanse yourselves of all this filth.

And now we need to be ready for a new phase. And when I urge you and everybody else to do this cleansing of your souls, it’s because you need to have transmuted a lot of feelings already. You need to learn to stop judging; to stop condemning, to stop rebelling, to stop feeling hatred. Only by transmuting what your own soul has already done, will you learn that. What do we want? We want you to hear all the truths and shout out loud and clear to the universe, “Thank my soul, that today I am able to do none of these things. It is not judging, it is not rebelling, it is not inciting others to rebel. It is simply seeing that there are brothers…, in fact yes, they are your brothers, because all of you in the universe; regardless of soul and regardless of physical appearance, are brothers, because you are all children of the same Father/Mother God, you all have His Spark, no matter what you look like, no matter your race.

Going forward, then, you will have to be able to look at them and understand, that they have not found this path that you are on today, this path of Light, this path of knowing what is right and what is wrong, they have not. They keep eating the bad tasting fruit, because they have enjoyed living in not of the Light; they have adapted to this lifestyle. And as I said, a while ago: they apply the tests, they just exist, they just provoke, “fall into the net who wants to”.

So be grateful to your souls, that today you have this discernment, of what is right and what is wrong, what is light and what is not light. It will be difficult times for everyone, including you; but you have to just go into your souls, go into your cocoons, go into your tubes of protection, go into your armor of Light, go into all the protections that you know, and stay there. Create each of you, a great cave.

This cave is pure Light, it has only one door, and once inside, no one else gets in, the door locks. You can leave at any time, but no one can open this door. So inside this cave, you put all your protections. Create it in the universe, mentalize this cave around you. And when everything starts to be revealed, when all these things start to afflict you, go into this cave and stay there praying, keeping your soul and your vibrations up. I would say that it is not running away from the truths, because you will have to know them. Running away is running away from the lesson. This will be a very difficult test, and no one will be exempt from going through this test, everyone will have to know the truth.

Now, just know it and don’t think about it, go to your cave and pray; pray a lot for all those who will not have this cave to hide in. Pray for those who will despair, pray for those who will go crazy, pray for those who will not endure; and you will be there praying for them. So the attitude you have to have is not to comment, not to pass on any kind of comment. Each one has to

understand all this in his own way. It is no use you wanting to make a…, book a big room, sit everybody down, and think that you have the right to tell everything. No. Each one of you is at a point in your evolution, each one is at a point in your journey. So each one will interpret, live, feel in their own way, in their own way. And I would add, that many will not believe anything, because they will be so consumed, so involved, with their beliefs and dogmas, that they will not believe anything. And it will not be you, who will awaken them. They will make that choice: not to see the truth, to follow the lie. And there is nothing you can do about it.

It is that brother’s walk. What will happen to him? That’s not your problem either. Each one will make a choice, each one will choose to believe and go deeper into the truths, so that he can change, or simply not believe in anything and walk away from it all. So, the big lesson for you there, is to remain silent, to remain mute. It is not to make little jokes: “See, that’s what I was trying to show you! You see, I knew the truth and you didn’t listen” No, none of you will say anything. The moment you welcome these brothers, you will know. When they, I repeat, when they come to you and ask for help.

Until this happens, you will remain silent, you will do nothing. Because when they open up and look at you and remember that you have been on this path for a long time, and ask you: “Can you help me? Can you explain? Can you help me how to get out of all this?” Then that will be your password to help this brother. And then you can talk, talk, not indoctrinate him, not catechize him, but answer his questions. It is not you who will talk, he will ask you, and you will answer. It is no use to fill him with information, because he is not ready to listen yet.

So you will simply be a listener, he will ask the question, and then you will answer. That has to be your way. Whoever does it differently will have problems, because people will not accept to hear anything from you. They will be angry, sad, shaken; and you still want to mess with their minds? I guarantee you, you will make a lot of trouble. So keep quiet, keep silent. I know that this is not easy for you, because you always have to impose your opinion on the other. So this will also be a lesson, where you stay quiet, praying, emanating Light, inside that cave. And when someone knocks on the door and asks for help, then you come out of the cave and sit down to listen to that brother; what does he have to ask?

And then you can go little by little, telling everything you have always known. But I would tell you, the line of treatment will be one: The walk to liberation. There is no point in you parading all the mistakes the Dark Ones have made. You will only increase even more the hatred, the anger, and the revolt of these people. What you have to talk about is simply forgiveness. “It is time for you to forgive all of this. Do you want to feel better? Then forgive, forgive everybody. This is the moment of forgiveness, of asking for forgiveness.

That’s all you will talk about. You will hear, hear, hear, and say, “Forgive. In order for you to feel better, you need to forgive them.” And if the person shouts, “I can’t.” Very well, then when you can we will continue our conversation; and that’s it. I hope you are understanding very well what I am saying, and that you fulfill your journey in this way. It cannot be any other way, without forgiveness there is no conversation, no explanation. One has to learn to forgive. That is all. And if he asks: “How can I forgive? It is too much anger, too much rage”. Exactly, let that anger out; and explain to him that he is angry about something he thinks is wrong, and indeed it is, but that his soul was wise enough to identify it. And that the soul of that other one who committed so many atrocities, was not capable of that.

So it is a soul that needs love, it is a soul that needs help, not judgment. That’s what you have to teach people, non-judgment. And tell them, that one day on their soul’s journey, they have committed more atrocities, as many or as few as they are aware of. And make them think that they have evolved, and that possibly those souls that are being exposed there will too, one day on their journey.

So, my brothers, this is a very serious matter, and I hope you have understood. No one will teach anyone, the learning has to be of each one. Each one who wants to know the truth, will ask, will seek the truth. It’s no use, you can’t just dump the whole story on them, it will be too much for their minds, it has to be slow. And first with forgiveness, first by showing them that there can be no judgment, that Father/Mother God does not judge. They will by now have learned this, that Father/Mother God is not that punitive and vengeful being, that they have learned to love and fear. So emphasize this, that there is no judgment; there are choices and there are consequences.

The real, deep, naked story, they seek it out if they want it. You have to provide psychological support, support in their journey, not storytelling. This will be your action. And again, I repeat: When they knock on your door. When there is nobody knocking, stay in your cave, praying, emanating Light to the whole planet, so that everybody has discernment and can ask for help, to get out of that situation. And when they knock on your cave door, then you will open it, and you will hear them, and you will guide them to forgiveness and non-judgment.

I want to strengthen your heart. So for this I am giving you advance notice. Next week we will have our live meeting. So I want each of you to have a 7-day white candle. In our meeting I will be guiding you how to create this cave, and everybody; you can watch it now, you can watch it later, no problem, but everybody will have their cave. So please, listen carefully. It is one of those big white 7-day candles.

So answering the question, already from some: “I can’t light candle in my house” Go where you can, because it is my procedure, and I use the fire. And how are you going to use fire? Are you going to build a fire in your houses? The only way you have to use my element, is a candle. So, if they don’t allow you to light candles in your house, go to the house of someone who does. And you ask her permission, to leave your candle there, being consumed. I hope I have been very clear. So don’t keep asking if you can do it without the candle. No, you can’t, it is with the candle and for seven days. It is not seven small candles, it is one big candle that lasts for seven days. More explained than that impossible.

So no questions, no need to ask. So you have plenty of time to buy, for next week at our meeting. And you all, all of you, will build this cave, for your protections, for your internalizations. With my energy and with my element: fire. There is no other way, there is no way around it, I make no exception. When you want things, you can do them. So if you really want to do this ritual with me, you will know where to light this candle. And I’ll tell you something else: if you don’t know anyone, go to a church and light it there. It’s that simple. How are you going to do it inside a church? You can take the whole procedure, everything I will say, listen to it, and stand inside the church in front of the candle. It is one more option that I am giving you, but you have to light the candle, there is no other way.

So I am telling you in advance. This is it my brothers, you need to be ready, you need to be prepared. And our love for you is immense, so this is an attempt to make you as protected as possible.

I AM THE ARCHANGEL MIGUEL! I am coordinating this whole process, together with Sananda. Don’t stop doing it. What will happen to those who don’t do it? Nothing. They just won’t have the protection, the isolation necessary for their minds and hearts to bear all that is to come.

**Channel: Band Schieb


15 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Help for the Time to Come”

  1. John Sutter

    I must be a low vibration addict. I want to hang every miscreant, every politician, every doctor who pumps poison vaccines into innocent children, every scheming wormy weak globalist trying to murder humanity with their virus propaganda campaign.

    I want a day of the rope. A day of retribution. A day where I vent a berserker rage against these foul bastards and I take heads with my sword.

    I want us to cleanse this world of these evil psychopathic creatures in a most violent way to satiate the bloodlust they have earned.

    1. renegade144

      Revenge will continue the cycle of abuse. You will lower yourself to match them to play their game. You can do as you wish, but the idea is to leave the old behind. The rules are changing, do you want help one another to grow or to remain in 3d duality, an eye for an eye? The highest service you can be is to hold your light and vibration high. To show that the victims have become victors and fear cannot match love.

  2. rob cooper

    Eat the Fruit (Apple per chance?) The ‘lightning’ walk? ‘your’ element is fire? Hmmm?

  3. Kieran laffan

    Ive read A Course In Miracles ,cover to cover,and no mention of compulsory candles.Jesus must have forgotten to mention it.

  4. A

    This article was great until it mentions that by not lighting a candle you will not have full protection.
    Really?….perhaps the article should review its own advice. Know one is excluded from protection if they consciously ask for it…no candles or any other apparatus needed.

    1. Phil

      You have to read between the lines… the channel says « nothing » will happen if you choose not to do it. Of course, not setting an intent is less powerful than setting one. Technically it’s a very accurate thing to say. Now, what happens if you set your intent, but in a different manner, without fire? It all depends on what the laws of alchemy say about it. Do you want to follow the channel’s guidance, or your own, regarding alchemy? It’s your call.

  5. Bill Taack

    Wow Wow Wow !!!! There is so so so much to learn ..!!!
    As a senior citizen I been searching my whole life
    and I just scratched the surface…..I’m learning the
    searching will never end ….when you think you got it
    just look up and realize there is no end …..

    1. Adam R

      Does anyone know where to find the follow up lesson to this? Has it been released yet? Thank you! 🙏🏼✨💫❤️


    I want faster !!!!!!
    my level is high and I am constantly annoyed to keep in this low vibration of reality, it’s like there are no options
    and all who reach the highest only observe the same ……
    for this we are here, demand faster

    1. sonja zoghlami

      Bonjour Phil. Moi j’ai une bougie blanche assez volumineuse que j’avais acheté il y a plusieurs années et très peu utilisée. Je pense que vous pouvez en trouver dans les magasins déco je veux pas donner de marques mais c’est une grande surface .Je ne sais pas si la mienne durera 7 jours mais c’est pas grave c’est la compréhension du message qui donne la force du pardon ,la bougie est néanmoins un grand soutien . Je suis si heureuse d’être en union avec de nombreuses personnes. Amour , paix et lumière à vous