Astrology Forecast for July 2021

Life is a constantly moving kaleidoscope of experiences, thoughts and moments. The pace has been intense lately, so it’s been easy to feel as though the rug is being pulled out from beneath our feet as we lurch from one challenge to the next. As mentioned last month, the more we can honour, love, be compassionate and offer a helping hand or a listening ear, the more potential there is to transform the world into a supportive and nourishing place.

Of course, it takes courage to breathe deeply and pause when the world is twisting and spinning, but the more willing we are to live a more connected life, the more peace we can find in the chaos and the more we can make the most of every single moment.

It is okay not to be okay, it’s good to let go of the façades and masks we all wear as it lifts the spirit to live a more open, vulnerable and true life. It really is important to stop taking everything so personally and to realise that the world ebbs and flows however much we might try to prevent it. In many ways, we are all lost in a moment; a moment of great shift, potential and possibility. It feels as though time is slowing down, but speeding up at the same time, as different worlds collide, and a new consciousness emerges.

So many of us have spent our lives on autopilot, putting one foot in front of the other, keeping on keeping on, and we’ve forgotten about those moments of magic and amazement. As a result, as the process of reconnection continues, there is a growing sense of disconnection at the same time. A kind of energetic tug-o-war and it can feel confusing, overwhelming, frustrating and discombobulating. It seems beyond comprehension to be able to expand and contract at the same time, but that’s the nature of our evolution.

We each need to listen more intently to the breath of the world, to inhale more deeply, to fully exhale and to listen out for the moment when we are doing neither one nor the other as it’s in that brief pause between breaths where the magic truly resides. It is time to be inspired by the infinite possibilities around us and within us as we each find the courage and strength to live our best lives.

None of us are perfect, some of us feel broken and beyond repair, and a great many of us feel lost and confused, but it’s time to accept that we all have potential. We all have gifts and the ability to live our best lives. Life rarely turns out as we may expect, but we need to try to use these experiences to learn, evolve and grow.

It’s time to focus on the things that unite us, the things that bring us together, not on the things that divide and separate us. Of course, in these troubled times, it’s understandable to want to build barriers, walls and boundaries, but it’s important not to shut the door on our neighbours and to live with open hearts and open minds. This isn’t a time to let fear thrive and flourish, this is a time for love.

No one ever said the journey of evolution would be easy and it certainly doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Life isn’t painting by numbers: we have to find our own way which involves tripping up, making mistakes, being strong and being vulnerable. Some believe that vulnerability is the opposite to strength and a sign of weakness but, in my experience, vulnerability is a willingness to be wholehearted, genuine, real and seen; what takes more strength and courage than that?

Vulnerability is letting go and embracing the present moment exactly as it is. Of course, we won’t like every moment, but being present in it rather than wishing we were elsewhere or thinking that things should or could be different, we get the chance to fully connect to life. The more we connect, the more we disconnect from those beliefs and ideas that feed fear and the more we begin to feel the true threads that weave and bind us together.

We are all unique individuals, but we are not isolated islands, disparate and disconnected; we are all connected to the bigger picture, the universal whole. We can’t control how others think or act, just as we can’t control the weather or the journey of the Earth around the Sun. We can, however, think for ourselves and the more of us that become wiling to be a part of the revolution of reconnection, the more powerful these threads will become.

July looks set to be a time to deepening our understanding of our own gifts and to continue to breathe deeply, shining a light for those lost in the darkness.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things/people/situations that nurture you and the ones that don’t, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel lighter and more connected to your true priorities once again. Whilst there will always be some of those ‘taker’s’ that you can’t release from your life, the more in-balance you are, the more able you are to handle those situations or people with grace and strength. July looks set to be a month of inspired innovation and empowered creativity as you begin to walk a new path in life; it’s not an unfamiliar path to you as it’s a path you’ve been thinking about for a long time, but you now seem determined to step from thinking about it to living it. As a result, your courage, motivation and strength are rising up to the surface to help you bring about some positive changes and you seem ready to ‘walk your talk’ when it comes to living your best life. Of course, in many ways this is more about your mind-set than anything else, as it’s your consciousness and beliefs that will ultimately shape and define your path ahead.

Your inner flames burn brightly; even when times are tough, it’s important for you to connect wholeheartedly to your inner light in order to find balance within your heart and soul. In many ways, it’s this inner flame that is your guiding light as it illuminates your inner world, allowing you to see your many gifts, strengths and talents, and helping you to find clarity in stormy seas. Although you are ready for change, a tidal wave of shift seems unlikely to occur over night, as this feels more of a ‘slow burn’ as you let the light within you lead the way…


As you continue to create your very own equation for a happy life, you are beginning to realise just how many different variables need to be considered. After all, you are not an isolated island, and those around you all impact the decisions you make, the paths you walk and the life you live. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to support others with their own equations, giving of yourself on all levels, but you have reached a turning point where you feel ready to focus on your own needs, dreams and wishes more. This isn’t selfish or self-indulgent, and whilst it’s hard, you need to switch off this harsh inner dialect as it only serves to undermine you. Intuitively you know that honouring yourself and your needs is necessary in order for you to live the best life possible and this, in turn, will help those around you to live their best lives as well.

You are no longer happy to be pigeon-holed in life, you want to break the mould and connect to a more authentic sense of yourself, feeling free to express your uniqueness, effervescence and flair. This has often felt out of your reach as you have been so caught up in things to do, people to see and places to go, but the need for you to be true and to live your best life feels stronger than ever before. Despite the challenges, you have always kept on keeping on, but you are seeking out more than this now as you explore new boundaries and discover new terrain. This isn’t necessarily about jumping ship or running for the hills, this is about expanding your sense of self to have more space and freedom in your life. It’s time to breathe freely into life so life can breathe freely into you…


July looks set to be a month for tapping into the magic and wonder circling your life at the current time. There are whisperings of change, rumblings of new discovery and a growing sense of space within your heart and soul. It’s as though you finally feel free to breathe deeply and to connect to the light within you that’s surging up and inspiring you to take a fresh look at your life. You just aren’t the same person you were a year ago, or even a few months ago; you have shifted almost beyond recognition as you have let go of so much and opened up towards new possibilities. You have embraced the concept of wholehearted living and you have started to realise just how much potential you truly have.

New life, new opportunity and new possibility is stirring your soul from deeply within and, as you gaze around at the world, you’re seeing everything with fresh eyes. Your energy is vibrant and effervescent, and you are more aware of every sound, every scent, every thought and every layer of existence. It’s hard to articulate, but you seem more alive than ever before and there is a tantalising air of excitement that’s vibrating in every one of your atoms. This transformation has come because you have embraced the shifting currents and have, as a result, created ripples of change in every direction. As you continue to walk in that indefinable space between here and there, there is a sense that you are beginning to look beyond the four walls of your everyday life towards the bigger picture, bringing you a stronger sense of self, a more powerful connection and a sense of inner peace that feels fresh and new. In short, this is your life, and this is your moment to shine…


As you continue to unpick and unravel the tangles and layers of thoughts and beliefs that have shaped and defined your life for so long, there is a sense that you are beginning to work out what you truly want in life. For a long time now you have felt consumed with things to do, places to be and people to see, and this ‘to do’ list has stunted the free flow of energy in your life. On one level you dream of being a free spirit and allowing your creativity to dance and spiral through life, but on the other hand you don’t let go as your focus is firmly on the need to keep on keeping on. In a way, it’s like there is two parts of you pulling in very different directions. Over the years, the practical, sensible version of you has won out, but the free spirited soul hasn’t given up and this energy has grown stronger over recent months as you yearn for an opportunity to dance freely once again.

Keeping on keeping on allows you to get on with the practical aspects of life but it prevents you from exploring your true essence and sense of self. If you take a step back from your ‘to do’ list you will realise that most of it is inessential and a great deal more isn’t pressing, urgent or even particularly useful. It’s time to take a deep breath and let it go; let the inessential fall away as you reconnect to your heart and soul to guide you. You have never been keen to upset the apple cart in life, but it’s time to realise that your efforts to maintain the status quo is only keeping those shiny apples sat in the cart; surely it would be better to eat them, bake them or make some delicious cider? In other words, think outside of the box…


The theme of living well looks set to continue throughout July as the fires of your imagination start to smoulder and burn once again. For a long time now you have spread yourself thinly trying to be everything to everyone and trying to keep the wheels turning on the great big bus of life. Whilst this is admirable, the cost of this has been a dimming of your inner light as you simply haven’t had the time, energy or inclination to let your inner fires burn brightly. Yet, despite this, the embers are still glowing and although there is a dullness to the hue of your usually fiery soul, it’s still there, waiting to roar once again. The time has come for you to reconnect to your expansive, innovative and creative soul in order to find your passion and zest for life once again. Keeping the ‘big bus’ running has been rewarding, but it’s not your bus and you don’t have control of the steering wheel, accelerator or brake; in essence you are going with the flow of others. Of course, you haven’t just been a passenger in this, but there has been little opportunity for your spark and creativity to flow freely.

You want to explore unchartered terrain and expand the boundaries of your life; you want to go off map and enrich your life with new experiences. It seems clear that it’s time now for you to realign your heart and soul with the things that make your soul sing. This isn’t necessarily about running for the hills and upending your life, this is about allowing your own phenomenal intuition to lead the way and to find new ways of living your best life. As you regain a stronger sense of clarity, new goals and dreams will emerge as you realise just how ready you are to explore a new way of being you…


As you continue to find new ways to quieten your inner critic, there is a sense that you are beginning to explore new ways to live more consciously and wholeheartedly. For a long time now you have been a harsh judge of yourself, feeling like you should do more, be more and achieve more as the perfectionist in you has been reluctant to accept anything but perfection. Whilst you intuitively know perfection isn’t a realistic goal, it doesn’t stop you trying! Of course, you should try to evolve, but when you lose sight of the life you’re living because you’re constantly focused on the gap between where you are and where you feel you should be, you lose so much in the process. It’s important to honour your perfection-seeking inner critic as he/she has encouraged you to strive for more in life, yet it’s also important to realise that there is more to you than self-judgement.

You are a vibrant soul and your ability to see the bigger picture and the finer details at the same time allows you to navigate through life with wisdom and skill. It’s time for you to believe in yourself more and to stop trying so hard to be the person you think you ought to be and instead start to be yourself. Your life is shaped by expectations, hopes and perfection, and whilst the same could be said for many others, you intuitively know there needs to be more than this as striving to get life ‘right’ sacrifices the ability to make the most of every single moment. Life isn’t just about being the person you think you ought to be, nor is it about striving to meet the needs, wants and expectations of others; this is your life and it’s time now for you to allow your true essence to flow freely into new directions and opportunities…


As you continue to unravel the kaleidoscope of different threads that weave together in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to shift your focus beyond the tangles and knot, towards a more universal perspective. You have been caught up on a kind of hamster wheel of busy-ness for a long time and this has sapped your energy, leaving you both overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. Your creative flow is a formidable force that shapes and defines your life, yet when you are busy it’s very hard for you to channel your creativity constructively as it ebbs and flows with the tides of life. Of course, you like to think that you are one to ‘go with the flow’ yet you are usually more comfortable when you’re the one creating the currents!

It’s important for your creativity to have the room to breathe and flow as this helps you to let go a little more in order to give your intuition centre stage; whilst you are one of life’s thinker’s, your mind shouldn’t rule every aspect of your existence as there is a risk of you becoming completely entrenched in trying to make sense of why things are the way they are. This isn’t to say that you should stop trying to evolve and learn from life’s experiences, but there is a need at times to accept that things are the way they are because that’s the way they are. It can be incredibly frustrating to realise that many of life’s big questions do not have answers, but is it better to get lost in this frustration or to accept this and find ways to grow in the uncertainty? Life, by its very nature, is uncertain and unknowable, it’s time now for you to reconnect to your creativity and find new ways to flourish and thrive…


As you continue to dance with the light of your soul, there is a sense that you are continuing to shake yourself loose from the layers of doubt and distraction that have shaped your life for so long. In your quest to live a vibrant life, you have got tied up with things to do, places to be, people to see, ought’s to carry out and horizons to chase. In many ways this has created a culture of lack, a sense that the gap between where you are and where you feel you need to be is the most important part of your life. Of course, intuitively you know this isn’t the case but it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you are so busy with ‘stuff’. If you pause for a while, it’s clear to see that much of this ‘stuff’ and distraction has been collected along the way, much of it belongs to others and a great deal of it remains only out of habit, not need.

It therefore seems clear that having an epic inner cleanse and letting go of the need to be so consumed with distraction, is an important step for you in the process of wiping away the grey-wash that has dulled the colour and vibrancy from your heart and soul. July looks set to be a time to focus on the things that truly make your heart sing and to then find ways to re-shape and re-define the rest. It’s time to use your intuition as you go through a period of release as you allow your unique dance with the light of your soul to take on its own energy, shape and form. The more deeply you connect with your inner self, the more a sense of peace washes over you; don’t rush to make sense of this, just let your soul be filled with joy…


As you continue to focus on what you truly want in life and explore new ways to expand the boundaries of your life, you are beginning to see the areas where you have compromised so much over the years. You are a very giving soul, but you often ‘over give’ as you don’t want to let anyone down. This has resulted in a core layer of self-doubt that feeds twangs of low confidence and a lack of self-belief. Yet, the free-spirited side of you still feels vibrant, fresh and energised, so all is not lost as you can once again regain balance in your life; the key to achieving this comes from listening to your inner voice more and not bending and flexing quite so willingly to the needs, whims and wishes of others. This isn’t to say that you should shut others out, it simply highlights a need for you to honour yourself more by listening to your heart and soul to guide you. You are a vibrant, gifted and creative individual, and deep within the core of your being, your heart is singing out to you with the longings of your soul.

It’s time to break free from the cycle that has left you putting your own needs last, and it’s time now to re-focus on your hopes and dreams, giving them the space to grow, flourish and thrive. Of course, you will always help others as that’s in your nature, but balance is important now as it’s your path towards more freedom in your life. If you continue to ‘over give’, your effervescent spark and fizz may begin to go flat as the bubbles disperse, so give them room to expand and float as you explore your creative spark and intuitive flair. Take a deep breath, let the fizz dance and swirl and you allow yourself to embrace what you truly want in life…


July looks set to be a month to open up the doors and windows of your life to feel the ripples of change that are permeating every cell of your being. Change is rarely straightforward and easy, but it’s not always difficult and challenging either. In many ways, how you experience change is a reflection of your perception of change, and whilst it’s not as clear-cut as ‘think positive and all will be well’, the more open-minded and open-hearted you become at the process of change, the more likely you are to ride the shifts well. Change is an inevitable part of life and the more you embrace this and the less you resist, wriggle and fidget, the more you will find your strength and courage at the uncertainty of life. As much as you might want to control the currents, you intuitively know it’s not possible as life just doesn’t work that way as the currents are free flowing, impacting everyone in different ways.

Whilst this is a source of some frustration for you as you want to be more in control of your life, you also do accept the futility of such a desire. Of course, it’s human nature to resist change and to try to take the helm, but fighting it can leave you exhausted and depleted. This isn’t to say you should just give up and accept change, as there are always things to work towards; this is more a gentle nudge to remind you that sometimes there is more power in acceptance than there is in resistance. As the ripples of change continue to permeate your life, use your intuition to work out where to channel your energies and where to gracefully let go. You are resilient, courageous and strong, and the time has come to find the beauty in being you…


As you continue to weave together the patchwork of different threads that represent the different facets of your existence, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense of the tapestry or bigger picture of your life. You are feeling more connected and interconnected than ever before and this is enabling you to align your focus and vision more in the here and now, bringing your dreams into the spotlight and inspiring you to think about what you truly want from life. Of course, you have spent a great deal of time pondering the bigger picture, but whilst you have always been bursting with ideas, goals and dreams, you have never really had the opportunity to join it all together into something more coherent and pliable to work with. July looks set to bring you such an opportunity as you start to look at your life in a more practical and conscious way, joining together the many different aspects of your unique self into a more unified whole.

This presents you with an exciting opportunity to explore your relationship with yourself as you need to be clear about what you truly want from life rather than simply pondering the prospect. You have spent a long time contemplating the meaning of life, exploring why things are the way they are and why there are so many unanswered questions. You have, over time, built up your own unique philosophy of life and this has enabled you to evolve and to gain a more universal perspective, but it has also kept your focus on ideas rather than on making those ideas reality. It’s time now to channel all of your wisdom, learning and creativity towards living your best life and stepping more consciously into each and every moment. You seem ready to grab life with both hands and reach for the stars…


As you continue to stand at the threshold of a new chapter of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to think beyond the door in front of you towards the landscape and possibilities that reside there. You have been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time now, so these are exciting times! Yet, it seems important for you to pause for a short while in order to collect your thoughts as you have spent so long trying to reach new terrain in your life that now it’s in front of you, you need to be sure that it’s truly what you want. In other words, this is time to check in with yourself, to contemplate your hopes and dreams and to be sure that they are still what you desire. This is a perfect opportunity to tweak, re-shape and re-define anything that no longer serves a positive role and to let go of anything that doesn’t fit your ever-evolving self; the dreams you once had may not ‘fit’ you anymore so let them go.

It’s time now to let your creativity fly free in order to connect to how to live your best life. You have spent a long time being busy with the busy-ness of the day-to-day, but you seem ready to step beyond keeping on keeping on and looking towards living more wholeheartedly. Whilst on some levels, accommodating your hopes and dreams may feel challenging given the busy-ness of your life, it’s time to realise that many of the distractions that clutter and overwhelm you either belong to others or are inessential. Set yourself free! Look beyond the pedestrian of the everyday and let your intuition guide you. There is a knock on the doorway to the threshold of this new chapter of your life and it’s your heart and soul asking you to embrace each day with love, compassion and joy.

**By Sarah-Jane Grace