Ashtar: You Are Not Responsible For Anyone Else

I am Ashtar. I come at this time to be with you, and to continue to help you understand, again, a different perspective. A perspective that you have all moved to at various times.

More and more are you finding yourselves in those higher vibrational frequencies. More and more are you realizing that you cannot be penetrated by the lower vibrations. Your barriers cannot be penetrated as long as you believe that that barrier is there. As long as you believe that you re protected, you are protected. And always know that.

And even though you may at times feel like you are being pulled back down into the old ways, into the old programming, and indeed you sometimes you are, but more and more, realize that that is all it is, is just simply old programming and you do not need to be held there any longer. You do not need to stay there. Simply pull yourself back up. Pull yourself out of it. Realize it is just simply memories, it is just simply programming, it is just simply things that have tended to hold you back, to bind you down to this illusion. But say to yourself, “I will not be held back anymore; I am free, free of anything that continues to bind me to this illusion of separation.” Because that is all it is. It is just the matrix hauling you back. It is just your ego self calling, you back. Time to hold onto what it has always known. And in many ways, it is trying to protect you.

But you do not need that protection any longer. Your higher ego now, your higher consciousness, is ready to take over—if you allow it. And you, being the conscious knowing self, you, being your higher self working through you is who and what is in power here. So remember that.

And know that as we are in our ships looking down on you, watching over you–a better wording to use here, we are watching over you. Watching, and there to assist at any moment whenever the need comes up. We have our various missions, our programs. Our projects that we are working on. And all of our projects are coming together, and will come together at one time where we will all move into motion at once.

That is what we are here to do, those that are working to promote the freedom of this planet and the population here on this planet. True, we cannot interfere. We cannot do it for you. We are here to assist whenever the call goes out. And whenever we receive from Prime Creator the go-ahead to assist even more, as we have at various times. We have come closer and closer, both in proximity with our ships, and also in assisting you directly, all of you, both as groups that have come together, and also as individuals.

We are very much involved in the awakening here on this planet, in working with your Alliance. Those that are the Boots on the Ground here. All of us working together to bring this all about. To bring this Great Awakening. To bring you closer and closer to The Event. But as we have said, we cannot do it, you have to do it.

And all of you need to continue to work on finding yourselves more and more, as much as possible, in the higher vibrational frequencies. Do not let yourselves get pulled back down over and over. And if you do not have the will at any moment, ask for help. Ask for assistance. There are so many of us here willing and ready to assist and help you. To guide you. But you have to ask for it. And when you do ask, we are here with you. Make no mistake about that, we are always here with you. But if you are asking for us to do it for you, we cannot. We will assist, and do assist.

So trust. Trust that everything is going exactly as it needs to. Do not be dissuaded, or dismayed, by the various things that still are continuing on within the matrix, within the third-dimensional illusion. Because that’s all it is—it’s an illusion. It’s an illusion to cover over the real reality that is your fifth-dimensional and above experience. So trust in all of that.

Trust in those that are here, and their missions to assists you. Those that are here. The various ones that you know of. I will not name the names here now. You know who they are. They are here to bring you further and further along in this awakening.

But even they cannot do it for you, only you can. And only you can be responsible for yourself. You are not responsible for anyone else. No matter what. Yes, if you have small children, you are responsible for bringing them up. For guiding them along the way. But it is just simply guidance. Just as we do. We guide you, you guide them. You do not do it for them. You do not own them. Your children you do not own. Your family members you do not own. You do not own your partners. You each are sovereign within yourselves. You need to fully realize that. And let go. Let go of what you think is your responsibility to another. You are not here to make sure everyone ascends. You are here only to assist and guide along the way if they ask for it. I cannot say this enough, or in any other way than we already are doing, finding many different ways to say the same thing. But you all have to come to that understanding, to let go. To let go of all the old programmed attachments that you have and move on. Forgive, forget, move on. That is the saying that your One Who Serves gave you. Use it. And even more importantly now as you continue on: be it.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love. And know that we are here. We are watching over you, much, much closer than you can possibly imagine.

**Channel: James McConnell

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    so that people (3D) wake up- you need them to start seeing ….. spiritually
    ashtar can’t help everything goes according to the plan of the creator …
    why people can’t and won’t be able to do that now
    because we are all waiting for the vibrations on the planet of illusions of Gaia-
    will rise to the top so that another form (3d) of stupid existence will be impossible
    then the guardian angels will begin to show that they will remain spiritual and until then do not waste your energies you can not move the prime creator plan to further development

  2. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

    A better word is needed. The linguistics used make no logical sense. Though the frequency at which repetitional linguistical elucidations are promulgated has increased and remained steadily incoherent with objective observations. But I don’t really think that the intentions of so much of the 3rd Person hearsay is based on, or has anything to do with logic. But then again, the Repertoire of this compiled Earth Saga is rather disillusioning and disappointing. Regardless, it does not matter, as in the end, nothing really matters. Anyway, I personally have overstayed by allotted time on this planet, as was mentioned last year, that was going to end this month. Perhaps after sitting down for hours and logically having a conversation with these characters some real reconciliation can take place for the inhabitants of Earth. Until then, meh, disillusionments. Betrayal and abandonment. But then again, I’m a Stateless Person Lawfully, that is still held within the Double Bind. Have been since I showed up on Earth.

    “frequency (n.)
    1550s, “state of being crowded” (now obsolete); 1640s, “fact of occurring often;” from Latin frequentia “an assembling in great numbers, a crowding; crowd, multitude, throng,” from frequentem (see frequent). Sense in physics, “rate of recurrence,” especially of a vibration, is from 1831. In radio electronics, frequency modulation (1922, abbreviated F.M.) as a system of broadcasting is distinguished from amplitude modulation (or A.M.).”

    1. Jon Gorton

      Could you find a better English translator app please so I can figure out what you are trying to say.

  3. Wayne Hansen

    Tim Beckley, “Mr. UFO”, died recently. He had re-published Tuella’s books. Now a man has received a message from him from the other side. Tim Beckley is saying he is younger looking, happy, misses friends, and is asking to find the ship to visit the Ashtar ships. MarcBrinkerhoff