The Energies of July 2021; Loving Co-Creation

Beloved Ones,

The new month of July that we are about to welcome is going to be a loving and soothing one in comparison with the previous ones. This month gives us some time to prepare ourselves for August, whose energies will burn away all lower frequencies that cannot coexist with old ones, as we continue creating the space to embody the new earth’s energies that are already surrounding us and that will continue increasing, as we step into the next months of the year.
July reminds us how important it is to become our own caretakers, as Cancer, the main essence of this month, reminds us. A month for us to recharge ourselves to be ready for the next phase of plasma activation, which is what facilitates, as I previously shared, the light body change that we are about to experience, and that will help us to move into the next level of consciousness. These plasma frequencies come from the Pleiadian star system, a portal that initiated these transmissions and that we just passed in the previous months. Since this portal, all has been leading us into this process of building our crystal body, continuing with the process of DNA reconfiguration.

We start July feeling the intensity of the recent wave that we are still integrating, and that will continue until September. Energies that will increase as we welcome the New Moon in Cancer on July 9, one that is deeply connected with the one in Leo happening almost on the same day on August 8, just when we too have the Lions Gate. Energies whose main message is an invitation for us to continue with the process of conscious transformation, one that we simply are suffering by agreeing to be at this transitional time on earth, taking part in this profound global shift, that we are undergoing.

This is a month that begins to introduces the essence of August, whose frequencies will literally make us cease all activity and begin a process of a complete change of all of our bodies, for the process that we are having is one that needs all of our intention, care, and devotion.

This phase will trigger in many a process of profound pain if they are still attached to old ways or aspects of their 3D egoic Self. The transfiguration procedure that we are precisely experiencing requires so much energy and disciple that all the Planets will support too, as we will have the opportunity to move inward and continue working from within with all we desire to transform, for it is only by looking within and communing with our soul, that we can know what is in need to be released.

This month’s main universal frequency is 3. Number 3 is exactly the integration of polarities, the creative result of unifying opposites, and the outcome that appears of a deep union that creates something that will benefit All. This is something that must occur at an inner level, and this is what we all are birthing – our new illumined crystalline self.

Number 3 is the number of creativity, intuition, and also the number of growth, as it is the result of the union between two equals – the synthesis of two giving birth to something new that will assist All. To reach this point first we need to be in deep communion with our soul, purify our physical bodies, and connect, at a deeper level, with the creative spark that we all have within and that desires to be anchored.

The frequency of number 3 goes beyond our interpretation of this number as being a creative one. This is the essence that invites us to connect with the feminine power within and begin to create from this same inner space what the masculine will bring into the tangible. This is the expression of our soul in the physical in constructive and stable ways.

In Tarot, number 3 is represented by the archetype of the Empress. The empress represents the empowered feminine presence within us, the one who constantly creates and expands from within, for she knows no lack or disallows illusions to cover the Truth. She lives in love with herself and All for She knows that everything is One with her, and it is from this unified space that abundance and anything she needs is manifested.

This is what we are invited to do at this time, to move inward, from where all creations are birthed, and focus on how we create instead of expecting anything from the outside to fulfill our desires and establish a higher form of communication with our Unified Self, instead of searching it outside.

A time to remember the authentic feminine archetype, going inward to nourish ourselves, before we can bring this same nurturance and care in others. July is a month for us to come back into our inner womb, remaining there for rejuvenation, before we step into another intense wave of constant integration.

Planetary Alignments

At a cosmic level, we begin July, the antechamber for the Golden Lions Gate, by having Jupiter quintile Uranus on July 3. This magical aspect is precisely a macro representation of the inner process that is taking place, as we are receiving Divine inspiration, that comes when we commune with our soul and descend all the revelations that are helping us to navigate in our new reality.

This is a time for awakenings, for rebirthing, as we are doing into the Illumined Self of who we are, and above all a time to transcend the old in all its ways, as the only way to evolve ourselves, as species.

This coincides with the new Moon at 18 degrees Cancer on July 9, as its frequencies are going to help us put all the previous revelations and inspiration received into the tangible, in a way that helps us heal. This Moon’s allies Neptune and Uranus will assist us in healing our emotions, releasing all emotional burdens, and understanding that our sense of Home, protection, and nurturance is only within.

This is a soothing and loving Moon amongst the current planetary turmoil, energies that will give us a break with the intensity of the energies that surround us and that will continue to increase with the Lions Gate.

On July 11, Mercury will too join Cancer. When the Planet of Communication resides in loving and intuitive Cancer, it is a wonderful opportunity for stopping all the mind noise and being to communicate with our feelings, with our Soul, and begin to learn how to lovingly communicate, first with ourselves, and then with others, with empathy, and compassion. Mercury will help us to express our feelings fluidly, as many times, especially to those who are natural empaths, we tend to withdraw so much that we forget how important it is to communicate what we feel.

If we left behind Mercury retrograde, for those who resonate with this collective belief, now we too have other retrograde planets, as Pallas and Chiron going retrograde on July 13 and 14. As previously explained, these planets, as the essence of this month, is also for us to go inward and take the proper time to heal, discern, create, as we all are in different phases.

What is important is to generate the energy, the joy, the hope, and all we believe is outside, from within. The healing work that we may have to do at this time, will be assisted by Chiron also retrograde And while Pallas has a more feminine essence, Chiron, especially in Aries, has a more masculine one. Again, we are seeing how this month brings infinite opportunities for us to set a balance between both, as well as the correction of the imbalances that we may have accumulated for years regarding both essences.

With Chiron, we look deeper at the wounds/aspects of ourselves that we try so hard to hide but are still dwelling, in pain, within us. When we consciously desire to align with the frequency of a certain Planet, star, or asteroid, if well directed we can connect with the consciousness of this certain stellar body and integrate its healing frequency to assist us in dissolving what is still fragmented, and that is not allowing us to experience our true soul path and potential.

On July 21, we have Venus entering Virgo. Venus has been traveling all month into Leo, together with its opponent Mars. Venus is the feminine aspect of us, the aspect who creates from the womb and who gives birth within Divine love and compassion to All. Mars, on the opposite, is the masculine essence within us, the one that puts into the tangible what the feminine first creates from within.

A wonderful opportunity until almost the end of the month to continue working on polarity integration, using Mars driving force to go after our soul desires, that is to say, after what we truly love and desires to bring into fruition for the betterment of not just our lives but the Planet too.

Since the 21 of July Venus will leave Leo to pass to Virgo. This is a wonderful energy for those who are beginning to make of their passion, their living as well. Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance in Virgo is going to teach us how to put all we desire to create, in the tangible, in a way that not only serves others, for we all are here on a unique mission to assist one another but in a way that sustains us, for we are also meant to live within infinite abundance, which comes when we finally live within Divine Love towards all Creation. This is about grounding our soul desires and goals in a way that we too nurture ourselves in the physical, at the same time that we are in service to All.

On July 22, the Sun will enter into Leo. With the Sun in Leo, we can embody this fierce essence to empower ourselves and to express our hearts by standing firm in who we are, sharing our unique Divine Spark, at a time when freedom and the right to express ourselves is essential.

If we direct this frequency properly, we could be courageous and bold in following our own path. On the contrary, an excess of this fiery frequency could lead us into arrogance, which is why balance, as always, is the key, to be able to discern for ourselves if we are using these energies for self-empowerment or just for our egoic desires to feel superior.

On July 23, Full Moon at 1 degree Aquarius. This Moon and especially at 1 degree is what precisely sets the foundations, physically, of a new era, one that we have been minutely creating from within, by first holding a higher frequency, and that is finally blossoming into our physical plane. On a more individual level, as the Moon quincunx Venus, this will too challenge us to create balanced relationships, leaving aside the toxic and most of the times karmic ones that many used to experience in the old.

On July 27, Mercury will too join the Sun in Leo. Mercury in Leo is going to empower us to be more confident and use our energy from this month to express ourselves, our beliefs, and what we truly think, from a passionate state but without hurting or disrespecting anyone. The important thing is going for what we truly desire, expressing our hearts, and contributing by sharing our ideas, and personal creations, with the world.

The next day we have Jupiter retrograde entering Aquarius. Jupiter returns to this sign until the very end of the year on December 28. Jupiter in Aquarius as Guides explained is going to be this time about the conscious reunion of many who deeply resonate in a soul and mission level, for them to work in unison for the purpose of help earth’s healing, and for joining energies to bring more illumination and freedom, which is something that the collective needs and that the more that we show ourselves fearless the more that we will be helping them as well to liberate themselves from what keeps them a slave.

A few days later, on July 29, Mars will too accompany Venus is leaving Leo and moving into Virgo. We have the mighty force of Mars embraced by the loving feminine essence of Virgo. Virgo will calm down the impulsiveness and fierceness of Mars. However, we will continue acting on our goals but this time without the impetus that sometimes can be too impulsive of Mars. We will act from a devoted space of love and patient. We will act with motivation, knowing how important it is that in whatever we decide to do, we do it with a pure intention to assist, making our will to be of service tangible, as Virgo reminds us.

July 31 Ceres enters Gemini. We end this loving month with another invitation, to express our hearts and personal truth lovingly. Ceres represents the mother and all that it creates from a selfless space of unconditional love to All – abundance, nurturance, and care. When it resides in Gemini we are being reminded of the importance of expressing our thoughts and feelings, as it is of utmost importance with love and respect to everyone and their personal choices, especially at a time when many are yet oscillating in the fear that is being created, and hence, in the panic, it generates. This is about caring for others, in a way that everything that we put out through our words, acts, or in any other ways, is done through love and great care, independently of their’s choices.

July, a month ruled by Cancer, is going to be a month for us to work on self-nurturance, love and above all care towards our physical bodies, as they are the first ones in suffering the tremendous impact of the current energies. Cancer invites us to ground ourselves, create strong roots and pillars with Earth, and the human life we have created, remembering that Home is everywhere we choose to go, for it is always within.

July also reminds us of the importance of embracing our inner creative spark. When we embrace our inner creator, and personal power, which is what this month invites us to do, realizing that there is no one to blame for our current reality, and begin to take responsibility for where we are, is that the true path towards freedom and sovereignty beings, for we are now ready to confront our own shadows, creations, and empty ourselves of them to embrace higher truths.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed July, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love ∞

**By Natalia Alba