The 7 Gateways Leading to the Golden Gate

In the last few weeks, I have been called to do immensely powerful energy work, and this truly was brought to a point yesterday, where I experienced the highest insights and visions such as never before.

Indeed, collectively humanity is now standing at the splitting for those who will move into the New Earth and indeed the New Consciousness, and those who will be left behind.

I was reading the following a few days ago, which puts what I am trying to share in a nutshell: “The time it takes for the axis of the earth to complete one full conical movement – moving from the vernal point in the zodiacal circle right around its starting point again – corresponds to 25 920 terrestrial years. We call this a COSMIC YEAR. Divided by 12, this number gives us a cosmic month, mainly 2 160 terrestrial years, the time it takes for the vernal point to move through one zodiacal sign.

“The Vibrations from the cosmos have such a great effect on earth that they influence world history. The leading ideas in religion, science and art are the result of the radiation of a particular constellation in which the vernal point is moving throughout the course of a cosmic month. The incarnated spirits on earth – that is say humanity – must always achieve a NEW EPOCH by reaching a new milestone in human development and establishing in the ideas of the time.

“A nation is a group of spirits, the incarnation of certain concentrations of energy. Each Epoch brings to the earth a different group of spirits, a different race, and when this race has fulfilled its task of carrying out the new ideas and developing a new civilization for the space of a cosmic month, it leaves the earth in order to develop further on another planet. In every race, of course there are always individuals who don’t quite “make the grade” before the end of an epoch. These remain behind, like the dregs in the drink, and must continue to develop on earth….” (Elisabeth Haigh “Initiation”)

This sums up what I have been shown in the last few years and indeed profoundly lately.

You will find that energy now intensifies, and it is literally now either lifting the souls higher who indeed are shifting into the New Earth, and the lower stream is indeed sucking the souls deeper into the dissipating Old Earth, which indeed only exists in holographic form.

With the full anchoring of the White Flame, this is now intensifying as the Fires of Purification go very deep into the deepest bowels of the earth and indeed all her energy lines, as much as within the soul of every living person on earth.

The higher stream is being lifted beyond all that which ever has been before, and indeed they will usher in a time when science and metaphysics and indeed the highest soul knowing, will become one and same. The co-creation will be from the heart-center and indeed steeped in the Power of Love.

The lower stream will dissipate and indeed vanish, like all the old civilizations vanished and lie forgotten in the sands of time. The Pisces lives no more, as Aquarius rising, and ever rises in waves upon waves upon waves, of the cleansing and purifying waters pouring forth into the Earth.

I was brought to the Nile yesterday. I was shown the Nile, (manmade according to ancient African tradition and indeed the only river in Africa which goes the wrong way, which is north and not either east or west), and indeed was shown how sacredly it was created! I was astounded when I finally understood the highest meaning behind it all! More than this, I was shown that is anchors the Milky Way Galaxy into the Earth and all its energies. Thus it actually, becomes the Living Waters of Life and in the Aquarian Age, this will indeed become more and more obvious.

As above, so below.

Once there were 7 cataracts in the Nile. With the Aswan dam being built, they indeed closed off an ancient system which indeed was an ancient hydraulic system, long forgotten by humankind.

Yet, the Nile had 7 portals, 7 Gates, and they symbolized the 7 Portals a soul needed to pass before it could enter the Golden Gateways of Heaven.

We are now entering those 7 Gateways, the 7 Portals, and indeed this will bring about a mass lifting of the souls who are prepared to fully step into the New Earth.

Each soul however will be put through stringent initiations in the inner planes, to see if the soul is indeed totally committed to the highest pathways, and thus can enter the Golden Gate.

I will not elaborate further.

All I can say, is that indeed the energies will be so powerful which are now streaming in, as it will purify even more, and with the purifying process all is now dissipating which the Old Age of Pisces held and indeed all the old stories, the old personas, the old fears, falsehood, programming, etc.

We are in for wave upon wave.

Yet, when I indeed am shown this, and go through these myself, every time I am being lifted higher than ever before. There is a deep joy, and the Power of Love, indeed lifts beyond the beyond.

At one stage I felt myself totally disintegrating – even at SOUL level. I dissolved into infinite no-thingness. Yet, I indeed became ALL-THAT-IS! Within this seeming paradox, lies the Key to all Understanding!

Indeed, being brought back together again, brings an inner freeing, which goes beyond words, or expression!

This is what will be happening to all the souls who are ready for this.

More will not be said.

I will go into this a bit deeper during my webinar on Saturday, 10 July 2021.

**By Judith Kusel