Sananda: Responsible for Your Life

Do your best, work for the living and for peace.

Every project and every person who promotes the luminous today will be supported from the spiritual realms.

The Ascension means turning to the Light and to peace, means acting out of true compassion and out of true love.

The separation of worlds happens first in your consciousness. Through a finer and finer perception and through more and more love flowing from your heart, you become a part of something new.

Those who remain trapped in old ways of thinking, who serve old patterns and do not want to break away from outdated beliefs, remain unfinished trapped in the structures of this world.

The ways of the Lord are unsearchable, the scriptures say. Take responsibility for yourself and leave everything else to God!

This is the path of return and the bridge into the light.


**Translation to English by

**Channel: Jahn Kassl


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