Sirian 7/7 Portal

sunny era of light dot comBeloved Ones,

We are immersed today in the 7/7 Sirian portal, a wisdom one that introduces the energies of the Lions Gate. A portal whose main codes descend from Sirius, although as Guides shared there are many other benevolent forces and beings helping Earth, at this transitional time.

This is a threshold for us to connect deeper to our Illumined Selves, descending the guidance, clarity, and all the information required for us to create the next steps of our journey.
No one can know the unique human path that we when we were on a soul level, traced for ourselves. No one can make a choice that is only for us to make. This is a wonderful time to retrieve through DNA reconnection, the soul memories, and the many souls and galactic connections, that can help us expand into our evolutionary journey.

These energies are a continuation of the liquid plasma integration ones that we have been embodying for two months now, as I previously shared, as this began with the Pleiadian portal. Plasma is what builds the light body, although this process, as well as the mechanics of ascension, goes further than what we can humanly understand, for it is a complicated one.

In a few days, on July 9, we also have a New Moon in Cancer that sextile Uranus and that will help us change, from within, all that is not aligned, and that needs to be liberated, emptying ourselves to continue receiving, for all is in truth a constant dance of embracing and letting all go.

We have many benevolent energies helping us at this time, this is why it is pivotal to move inward for authentic information. When we are in further stages of our ascension path, the need to co-create with others is essential, for we all need confirmation and support. However, we all come from a unique lineage, we all have a unique soul history and galactic or earthly one, and no one can compare or know better than us how to specifically work with our light bodies, as well as mental and emotional ones.

Guides can always help us going further but if we do not do the inner work of reconnecting, consciously our human self with our God One, there is nothing that can come from the outside that will help us evolve.

This week and day are vital for those who are working on clearing, as preparing the physical body for what is yet to come, is pivotal to enter into the next phase replenished and stronger, for this is just the beginning of a very intense summer.

We are finally building our original Adamic sixth dimensional angelic DNA, the pure, undistorted one that was seeded by our Sirian/Lyran forefathers at the beginning of humanity, and the one that many tried to manipulate and corrupt.

Now we remember that we are the only ones with the power to awaken these codes and rebuild our DNA again, connecting every layer, consciously, to begin ascending in the physical for the first time in our human history.

Now is the only time for us to begin acting as the empowered, sovereign beings that we were created to be, and that we continue to be. We just have to have the devotion to overcome challenges and the strength to immersed ourselves fully into this process of reconstruction.

Are you ready?

I wish you all a loving integration phase, Beloved Ones,

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba