Parisse Deza Response to Your Comments on “In Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post”

parisseFinal Comments on the Comments to In Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post

Hopefully, this will answer some of the questions and objections voiced in the comments below…

Light and Dark are complementary polarities, two halves of the Oneness. With a 5D perspective, which we all are capable of, even while living in 3D, we can see this and act accordingly. While using only the 3D ego mind, we cannot. The frequency of peace and unity is higher than normal thinking by a mega-factor and is actual power, not an abstract fantasy. Those of us who speak like me about peace as a way to change things are not on drugs, ignoring reality. We are very much aware of and feel the pain of the situation on Earth. Please stop dismissing the peace approach as if it were a hippie delusion. Our points about how powerful peace is are crystal clear, for those who wish to see them. To those who would rather hold onto their cherished beliefs and judgments so they can feel justified in their righteousness (even if it means not making it into 5D) I have one simple statement to make: Get Over It.

I have continually cited Mahatma Gandhi as an actual historical example of someone using peace power to change the world bigtime. What good does it do to pretend that this didn’t really happen? Martin Luther King did it as well. When meditators gather in groups to deliberately effect the behavior of people in cities, science studies have found that they lower the crime rate by significant percentages. This means one thing and one thing only: Concentration of our energy together on a higher level of vibration WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE, is powerful enough to stop people from committing crimes. No outer action. Just inner intention held focused by peaceful people. Shamans make rain like this too.

So for those who are wondering how we can stop the bad guys from being bad to us, that’s the only answer. Because the other “answer,” fighting them into oblivion, is not an answer at all. The psychological energies compelling the bad behavior are not alchemized, not transmuted, through fighting. They continue to exist until they get another chance to express themselves. Without an integration process, no real change happens.

So, again, all the out-playing of experience now is about our psychological growth, our maturing, and as we choose to act maturely, we change our world.

Gandhi’s non-violent approach was able to free India from British control specifically because the Indians rallied around the idea and acted as One. They call what they did “satyagraha,” literally, “standing up for truth”. The commenter, lightseeker, made the very important observation that, “All of humanity cannot agree ON ANYTHING. Even that the planet is a sphere. As such the collective consciousness of humanity is fragmented beyond such manifestation.”

This is the real lesson now. Humanity has to choose higher consciousness, unity, and peace over divisiveness and the joy of arguing, fighting, and winning. It is almost like we don’t want to grow up, but we must, or we’re dead.

As far as lightseeker’s question goes, “How do we take a physical stand against evil while maintaining a focus on a future where it does not exist?”, the answer is simple and in two parts.

Regarding taking a stand: You remove your energetic support from them. You stop paying them and you stop obeying them. You do this to the best of your ability without endangering yourself (and sometimes even when you are endangered), holding firm in your belief that you are literally creating a new world by not doing what they tell you to do, and following your own will instead. You, individually, and a lot of others too.

The evil few cannot control the many who refuse to obey them.

This is why the process in America has stalled. America is finding its will again. It has been lost for over a hundred years. When enough people throw their masks away, while great, strong beings like Reiner Fullmich and David Martin take practical measures to expose the evil-doers who planned the covid fraud twenty years in advance…

There is NO variant, Not novel, NO pandemic – Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich

…the Light of Oneness will transmute the darkness, consuming it for us, and peace will prevail on Earth – because we will have finally said, Yes! to it.

And as far as, “…maintaining a focus on a future where it does not [yet] exist…”, the answer is to imagine that it DOES exist, right here, right now, in complete feeling and presence. That’s what faith really is, and that’s the actual magical power given to us by the divine Source. You KNOW it’s here now, no matter what your brain is telling you about current reality. (THAT is when you ignore reality.)

As Jesus said, “All the things I can do you can do, and greater than these can you do.”

It’s all a matter of choice.

Peace and Blessings,

Parisse Deza

8 Replies to “Parisse Deza Response to Your Comments on “In Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post””

  1. Parisse Deza

    Thank you everyone, for a very engaging and helpful conversation.
    In Oneness, Parisse

  2. Teresa

    Thank you Parisse. Beautiful examples of the power of setting an intention.
    I understand the desire for others to find peace in their heart. It is always my intention, and I walk in the world with smiles and speak kind thoughts to others.
    I only have control of my actions and my responses to others. So if I am near an individual who has a different perspective about life, i don’t react at all. I just send them love and peace and joy.
    They might not know why they have a little better feeling or a bit of joy or a smile on their face, but it is a gift I freely share. After all, this is why I came this time around. It’s my ‘job!’ And I LOVE my job. 🦋

  3. Vincenzo

    Why you felt compelled to justify your words Parisse is a revelation in itself. It all reads much very much 3D. I sense the ego is talking. 🤔

  4. sea

    My question to you Parisse is why you feel so threatened by someone’s message? Unity Consciousness is about appreciating that we are all at different stages of our awakening. Everything serves the Light of God 🌟Acceptance of all that is is Unity Consciousness 🙏


      Parisse I am with you…I know you speak the truth…The dark ones’ time is up and they will be held accountable for all the horrors they cause humanity…This pandemic was indeed a PLANdemic with very ill intentions for humanity but Father/Mother God did not allow for their intentions to become a reality and have given the OK to the Galactics to alter the effects of the vaccines…Had this not be done humanity would have perished en masse….Let this truth be known and those that are asleep if they choose so to wake up…

      SEA you are missing the point…Parisse does not feel threatened in any way…How do I know this? Because as I read her answers I can know she speaks the truth…She is just passing on to you the TRUTH and this comes not from a lower ego frequency…This is an inner knowing that needs no explanation but she is good enough to take her time to explain it to you…Blessings…

      1. sea

        And you WEAREONE are missing MY point and, proving it at the same time – everyone has their own truth, you, me, Parisse and the man on the video in question. If you want to spread love, you have to BE love. That is all 🙏

        1. WEAREONE

          Yes indeed, everyone has their own truth, yet there is One Truth no one can deny…It is within us…Blessings


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