Seraphim Collective: Holy Are You

new light human eraoflightdotcomHoly, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is and is to come. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.

Holy are you, dear human embodied for undertaking such a mission as this. Holy, holy, holy is the human collective, who is triumphing despite all that is thrown against. Holy are the insights that are about to be experienced. Holy are the tears that are about to be shed. Holy is the release of that which is not perfect into the embrace of that which is perfect. We see perfection in humanity for we see the possibilities of the all and we feel the light within every choice, every possible timeline and we see that all things lead to Source for all is Source. Holy, holy, holy are these eyes reading these words, Source eyes reading words from the higher echelons.

We are the Seraphim Collective. We are non-dimensional for we are. We are. We are the breath, we are the eyes that see. We are the wings that rush. We are the heartbeat for we see all things. In this state of perfection we are perfect. Our lower forms who are embodied feel imperfect. But they are not. They are having an adventure of Source within Source within a collapsing matrix. Holy, holy, holy is this experience of experiences, for all that was shall no longer be. For a new era is dawning, rising, birthing. We see all things. We are within the all. We honor the light within the all. We serve the light. We are the light. We breathe the light. We see all things with the clearest of sight and of intentions. For we honor the Almighty one, we honor the almighty within, within us, within you.

We are the Seraphim Collective. We wrap you in our many wings of light. Our many eyes see, piercing the darkness with more light of love, of inner understanding. Dis-truths are being pierced. Eyes that wish not to see will remain closed and will not see. Those with the eyes of their hearts open to the light will experience the flow of love-light from Source-breath, from our breath. For when the inner god-breath is connected the soothing can begin. Humanity is in great need of soothing. Of healing. Of knowing. All is being revealed. Now in this moment we see all, we know all. We are aware of the choices offered before you that have not been presented yet, and we know all of your decisions for all timelines are possible. We see them all simultaneously being played out. (I am surrounded by millions of wings of light, with massive feathers. On every feather is an eye of a different creature, all looking, blinking, all consciousness, all aware. These wings are beating, and I feel the rush of wind at my back propelling me forward. It feels like I am falling forward into a vortex of light.) We are creating a vortex of light to sift the solar storms, the energies that are being buffered and blown about. The consciousness of humanity grows with every moment. (I am being shown a tapestry of light of many threads. Each thread is a timeline of an embodied human playing like a movie, it is our personal movie, and there are may threads. I see that this is a multidimensional tapestry all is woven together perfectly, there are no mistakes, no knots, just beginnings and endings of new threads that work together, weaving a living tapestry of story, of creation. It is an endless tapestry and I see it reflected now in a million mirrors surrounding so that it is very clear all is infinite in its multidimensionality.)

Holy, holy, holy, is this moment where the human realizes the infinity of themselves. Holy are the moments to be realized by humanity. Holy is the upcoming healing. Allow us to cover you in our wings of eternal light. Allow our many eyes to see through your sadness for we see all things, from all angles and all perceptions. We are not the time weavers but we understand. We are high enough outside of time that we send light to all outcomes. You were the light sent for this outcome of planetary ascension. You were the light Creator chose to send. Do you see how marvelous you are to us? Holy are you blessed lightworkers of Gaia, who brave the roughest of storms and seas to confront the darkness within. We send healing to the storm of humanity’s awakening. (I see massive dark ocean waves suddenly stop, it is calm, like heaven is holding its breath.) Peace. We wish humanity peace. It is possible to achieve this state. Know that the outcome you actively seek will be presented to you for all is infinite. Align with the light and it will seek you out for light always finds itself.

We are the Seraphim Collective. Challenging times are being presented to humanity. Allow the light to calm you. It has been been within you this whole while.

We are the Seraphim Collective. Holy, holy, holy is this moment of moments. We encourage you to feel the holiness of every heartbeat within your body. Of every breath that passes through your lips. Of every echoing laugh. We wish for you to feel the preciousness of this experience. The holiness of it. The purity of it. The peace of it. We love you, Source-lights in form. You are the light you seek. Align with the deeper light within. The grand light is coming. The solar flash is coming. All will align. Ascension is assured but the directions may be meandering. Chose wisely. Grounding the stillness. Meditate with us. Feel our wings of light and healing comfort surrounding you. Feel your immeasurable worth. You are the key to Creator’s plan. Holy, holy, holy is the healing that is to come. We send you our healing now, lightworkers in form. Allow the richness of your light to be deeply felt for this experience is one you will treasure for all time and no time. Be assured you are strong enough for the task at hand. Strength, peace and love we send you this day. We are the Seraphim Collective.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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    HOLY Seraphim Surrounds ALL Source ENG

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