The New Life Sprouting Forth

bright new world eraoflightdotcomWe are in a dramatic surge of energy now, which is truly lifting us beyond anything known before. We need to now step totally out of the known Into the unknown! The Unchartered waters of the New Earth.

I genuinely love this – for indeed in the last few weeks and months, I have been systematically brought to see what I never could see before, and access what I could not have accessed before, as more and more jigsaw puzzle pieces start slotting into place, and I am being shown what is happening and why.

During this immense time of transfiguration and indeed rebirth into a totally new life and new beginnings (for those who are ready and have left the Old Earth totally behind them), we will indeed start to experience the eternal, the infinite, and indeed with it, all will be energetically on a much higher vibrational frequency band, dimensional frequency band, that of the 5th and 7th now.

Yes, the 7th is making itself felt and start becoming aware of how the number 7 is making itself manifested into form and being on all levels now. It is the number which repeats itself more than any other in the Bible. And note that much of what was considered sacred and indeed magical contains the number 7.

The Great Pyramid indeed holds the number 7. 360/7 = 51.42 (the Slope of the Great Pyramid). Indeed it is not only there, as I have been shown, but indeed hidden everywhere in sacred ways.

7 invokes the Qualities of: The All-Creative Forces (Divine). The Divine Source and Soul. The Unknowable. The Search and attainment of Enlightenment and Illumination.

Now, this is not by accident but by grand design. When I was indeed seeking the hidden meaning I stumbled across more and more knowledge, as it was revealed to me.

The number 7 also holds ceremony and magic – but not in the sense that we tend to understand it, ala Harry Potter, but in the sense that the 7 holds a Key to the Christ Consciousness in ways we are yet to unravel and indeed the New Earth. Yes, the 3, and 9 etc. in Tesla’s equations, play an equal role, and I am not a numerologist – I am merely now trying to get the concept across, that these numbers have been integrated into the sacred sites, as well as Crystalline energy grids, which I work with and in what I am being shown and what is revealed to me.

The 7th Dimension has always been known as: “The 7th Heaven!” It was the original state of Paradise on Earth! It was the state of Unity and Oneness and thus AS ONE with the Divine Source.

We are thus now busy being lifted from the 5th into the 7th.

Again, to me this is of immense importance – for indeed the Gateways of Heavens are opening up. This has not ever happened before – since humanity always managed to fall from the 7th Heaven into the lower dimensional states! For the first time ever, we can now RISE into the higher Dimensional State once more!

Now this will not just happen instantaneously, but over the next years, as we need to adjust to the New Higher Dimensional frequency bands, as all which is within us, which is still of the Old disintegrates and is left behind forever.

Indeed, some already have left this behind and have stepped into the New Earth and will do so more fully in the next months and years.

As we step into the New Earth, we indeed are now the Pioneers – the ones who will be co-creating the New Golden Age, in the Age of Aquarius!

We will indeed be able to energetically be so filled with the Divine Source energy, as ONE, that we will be able to shape-shift easily, to teleport, to communicate telepathically, and to energetically link from the heart-soul center directly to those of others. There will be no miscommunication anymore, and no need for computers and such-like technology, as we remaster how to work with energy and energy fields, and indeed with the highest ways of using light and sound frequencies.

We are entering inter-stellar space. We are resuming our true cosmic heritage.

I am inspired.

It is time to step beyond time into the eternal Oneness and with eternal possibilities to co-create a totally new humanity in a totally new Planet Earth!

Judith Kusel


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